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Known for being one of the most unfaithful signs in love, it is also a sign that she never leaves her partner. The reason?

Unfaithful people are unfaithful for an infinite number of different reasons, some seek certainties that they do not have in their relationship, others out of a need to escape, others simply because they cannot resist temptation. In any case, cheating is a risk and can lead to the end of love. This sign even when discovered never leaves the partner for a very simple reason.

This zodiac sign tends to give in to infidelity but at the same time never leaves the partner. The reason? This too is linked to its astrological affiliation. The sign known for his infidelity is Gemini and is also a sign known for his duality in every area of ​​his life. The Gemini could lead a double life without feeling guilty, for this reason he does not give up on his partner or his lover.

Gemini, the sign attracted to a double life

Gemini is a solar and very sociable zodiac sign. With him it is impossible not to have fun. His radiance is contagious and it is also a very humorous sign. His only flaw is that of having a complex personality characterized by a strong dualism. This dualism could also occur in love and lead him to give in to infidelity and make him adulterous.

Usually the betrayal causes feelings of guilt but not the Gemini who instead will begin to feel a lot of curiosity about his double life.

Gemini is perfectly capable of loving two people and not feeling the need to put an end to either of the two parallel stories. Gemini is a type of lies for good and avoids truths if they are painful. The Gemini is a master liar, he is able to invent excuses and stories that are incredible and at the same time very credible. Also the Gemini is a great speaker and persuader, very proficient with words, if there is anyone who can convince anyone of anything this is the native of Gemini.

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