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Find out which emotion you find it hard to express and why based on your zodiac sign.

Emotion is something profound, which involves entirely and which in addition to giving us a greater knowledge of ourselves, if well communicated, helps us to make ourselves better understood by others. Knowing how to recognize and express them is therefore something important both to be able to live better and to have satisfying interpersonal relationships. Sometimes, however, it happens that some people are unable to express themselves to the maximum or that they even have great difficulty in expressing certain emotions.
This may depend on the way of being, on sometimes traumatic experiences of the pastor, more simply, on the influence that the stars have on each of us.

When it comes to emotions, therefore, the topic becomes particularly delicate and it is only by facing it with sincerity and the desire to understand each other fully that it will be possible to stem any possible fear. And this is because we all have at least one emotion that we struggle to express. And since knowing your own can be a good starting point to get to know each other better, today after seeing why the various signs of the zodiac always think the worst and what is the quality to show to please the other zodiac signs, we will know the emotion that each of us expresses with difficulty based on your zodiac sign. Being emotional, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant to have a more precise picture of the situation.

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Astrology: the emotion you struggle to express based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Insecurity
Although it must be said that for you feeling insecure is something that rarely happens, sometimes you too find yourself not sure of your means and fear the evolution of a certain situation. When this happens, you end up feeling fragile, at times lost, and in need of support. Unfortunately, however, the solidity mask you usually wear prevents you from expressing what you feel, creating a void around you that ends up amplifying your emotions. This is a problem that you could avoid “simply” by forcing yourself to show yourself to others even with your frailties. It would take just one person, whom you trust, and to whom you can entrust what you hold tightly in your heart. Doing so would give you a lightness that you do not imagine and that over time would make you even stronger and more confident.

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Taurus – Fear
Sometimes you happen to be afraid of something. These are mostly emotions that are difficult to define and turned towards the unknown rather than towards precise situations and of which you know the contours. This feeling of insecurity makes you feel vulnerable and at times at a loss. As if not knowing how to name your fears is something to be ashamed of. This prompts you not to tell others about it and to be confident under any circumstances. The truth, though, is that you can often appear nervous for no reason. A way of being that in the long run could lead you to problems communicating with the people around you. Learning to express what you feel and asking for help to decipher the possible causes of your fears, would instead be a good way to get closer to others and to feel less alone.

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Gemini – Anxiety
One of the emotions you hate to feel and don’t like to share is his anxiety. The problem is that when you live it, you struggle to manage yourself, especially if you are with other people. In order not to make it clear how you feel, you try to wear a mask that most of the time does not bring out the best in you. The risk is that of being grumpy and unpleasant without others understanding why. Trusting at least in those whom you consider friends would instead be the wisest choice and able to make you understand on one side and lift you on the other. A way like any other to feel more in harmony with others and at the same time alleviate your anxieties that often really need a word of comfort from those who know you well.

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Cancer – The fear of abandonment
Your biggest fear is the fear of being abandoned by others and this is a difficult emotion for you to both life and communicate. When you find yourself experiencing it, you end up becoming insecure and nervous and this pushes you to show aspects of your character that you usually keep well hidden. Unfortunately, without expressing this fragility of yours, you end up risking making things worse, pushing the people you would like by your side, and fear losing to distance themselves. The only right choice to make would therefore be to express how you feel and to express what you consider a weakness but which if stated in the right way, can lead others to understand you better and even come to meet you to reassure you about their intentions in yours. comparisons.

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Leo – Jealousy
It is difficult for you to communicate emotions that you consider negative and among these, there is certainly jealousy which, combined with envy, can be one of your Achilles heels. When you happen to be jealous of someone, you tend not to say it but to appear tougher than usual. This, of course, only creates confusion in others, leading them not to understand the reason for certain attitudes of yours. Instead, it would be enough to admit that you care a lot for them to make your emotion turn into something positive which, among other things, would help them understand you better. Trying and succeeding would certainly be a good way to make progress in interpersonal relationships and to feel more confident in yourself and, of course, in the people around you.

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Virgo – The fear of losing everything
Your biggest fear? That of losing everything you have and what you care about. If on the one hand, this depends on your negative way of seeing things, on the other, it is also an emotion that you find difficult to accept and even admit to yourself. It is obvious, therefore, that the moment you find yourself living it you end up showing yourself nervous for no apparent reason. This is the very first step to losing who you love while when it comes to things, talking about it with others could help you. Many times you experience unfounded fears which, if not expressed, tend to grow larger. Fear that, if shared with others, they can reduce themselves, leading you to feel more serene and light and, obviously, more open and available to others.

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Libra – Anger
For you, life is about expressing only the good things and bringing out the best aspects of yourself. For this reason, you always try to show yourself above everything, offering kindness and elegance that are also your trademarks. Unfortunately, being human, you too tend to have negative emotions and among these, the one you struggle to express is anger. When you try it you fear the image it can give of you and for this, you try to keep it. Doing so, however, only leads her to grow and to be accompanied by as many negative emotions such as nervousness. The solution? Try to be more spontaneous and show yourself even in moments of greatest vulnerability. Feeling anger is human and will simply bring you closer to others. Being perfect doesn’t mean you don’t have human emotions. And even if it were,

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Scorpio – Love
For many, you are a cold person, detached and unfamiliar with feelings. This image of you comes from your behavior and in particular from your difficulty in expressing feelings such as love. Although with deeds you are always ready to give and give as much as you can to the people you love, when it comes to using words or simple gestures like a hug, you start to close in on yourself. Communicating love makes you feel helpless and somewhat weak. By not doing it, however, you appear decidedly different from how you are and you risk not being fully understood by others. Since you are much more sensitive than you think, perhaps you should start working on this aspect and understand that loving is a strength and certainly not the other way around.

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Sagittarius – Joy
If there is an emotion that you always struggle to externalize, this is joy. Although you are greedy for positive emotions that you look for in practically everything you do when you find yourself experiencing happy moments you are gripped by an inexplicable fear that leads you to fear losing what you are experiencing something positive for. Because of this, you tend to show yourself less and less happy than you are. By doing so, however, you risk making those around you think that you don’t want to spend time together or never be satisfied with anything. Trying to express positive emotions a little at a time could unlock you a little at a time and allow you to be more yourself both with your old friends and with those you have recently met.

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Capricorn – Euphoria
In the eyes of others, you are an extremely stable person and not very used to emotions. This depends on your need to always show yourself serious, poised, and not prone to important utterances. The truth, however, is that you often feel euphoric about something, and showing it to others too would be a nice way to share a positive emotion and to be better understood by those around you. Not doing this risks making you appear cold and distant, which you are not at all. Beyond situations where it is normal to maintain a certain demeanor, therefore, try to be more spontaneous in showing yourself how you feel. Your relationships will certainly benefit and your life will be much easier and more fun to live.

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Aquarius – Bitterness
If there is an emotion that you just can’t express it is bitterness. When you live it you feel defeated in the first person and the last thing you want is to let others understand what you feel. The problem lies precisely in your way of judging what you feel inside yourself. Feeling bitterness is human, it indicates the presence of emotions and feelings as well as dreams and ideals. Always appearing cold and impassive is not something that gives you and risks isolating you from others who, not understanding how you are doing, may think that you are a person without feelings. Instead, try to express what you are feeling, to admit your disappointments and what gives you bitterness. In addition to understanding others, you will be able to release tension better and feel more in control of yourself.

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Pisces – Sadness
The emotion that you find hard to express and share is sadness. When you try it you can’t help but think about how others would feel towards you. And since you can’t help but think about the emotions of others, in order not to make those you love feel bad, you prefer to keep everything to yourself. This, however, means that others do not understand what you live and that they cannot support you. At the same time, your mood, however different from usual, risks being perceived in the wrong way. Just trying to say how you feel, admitting that even you can be sad sometimes, will be a way to unload yourself a little and connect more with others. In fact, for relationships with others to be complete, it is important that there is a reciprocal give and takes and not just a constant giving.

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