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According to the stars, each sign of the zodiac is combined with one or more practically perfect sweets.

Today lovers of sweets will have bread (indeed cakes) for their teeth. The idea is in fact to explore the world of pastry and beyond, through the horoscope. Previously we have already seen which taste of pizza suits us best , so why not focus on dessert and find out which according to the stars is the most suitable for each sign?
After all, desserts are something that is hard not to appreciate and, unless you fall into the very narrow range of people who just can’t stand them, you may discover some new flavor to try. Or who knows, maybe you could even change your mind by launching yourself with the recommended dessert and discovering that it is not as bad as you thought. Are you ready?

Aries – The cream puff
The dessert that suits you best is the cream puff. Its soft consistency and soft filling are a sweet call you just can’t resist. And if the cream is cream based, even better. Just like you, the cream puff is a practical dessert that is fully revealed only after the first bite and that goes well with your ability to be fleeting but at the same time concrete. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should give it a try. It won’t let you down.

Taurus – Sacher cake
For you who love good food, Sacher is definitely the triumph of taste. Full of chocolate and with an unexpected element like apricot jam, this cake represents you in full. It goes without saying that every dessert is worth eating for you and among the many even the seven veils are perfect for your palate. Sacher, however, remains that unique experience that is always worth repeating as often as possible.

Gemini – Assorted pastries
Predisposed to boredom as you are, the perfect dessert for you is one that changes constantly. What is better, then, than a series of pastries to choose from, varying each time? The only problem may be your difficulty in choosing. Being small, however, these treats are also helpful in this case. In fact, you can enjoy more than one without worrying too much about the shape. Just the perfect desserts, right?

Cancer – Grandma’s cake
For you the best dessert is the one they prepared for you when you were little. A simple dough with genuine flavors, able to transport you into the past bite after bite. Perfect for you are the classic breakfast donut or the margherita cake, simple but good, especially for those with a palate that knows how to appreciate the genuine flavors offered by nature.

Leo – The Cupcake
There are different desserts that can fit your tastes. The cupcake, however, seems to be the one that best represents you. A simple dessert that becomes king thanks to the cream and the decorations that characterize it. Something to eat alone or in company but which always knows how to get noticed, both for the many colors and for the rich and always different taste. A valid alternative can be that of a sweet rich in flavor such as tiramisu. In comparison, however, the cupcake always wins. Unless you find one with a tiramisu flavor, of course.

Virgo – The tart
For you a good dessert is such beyond its shape. If you really have to choose, however, better bet on something simple but always able to change. The tart, in this case, is an excellent solution. The shortcrust pastry base will enchant your palate while the always different cream or jam will give you the opportunity to taste always new flavors and all without ever leaving the comfort zone that you appreciate so much even when it comes to cooking.

Libra – Macarons
Let’s face it, for a beauty lover like you, even the dessert must have its own charm. Macarons are therefore the perfect sweets, small, round and in pastel colors. They represent a form of elegance that goes well with an afternoon tea, thus representing a truly successful combination of elegance and beauty. Just what is right for you who appreciate the delicate flavors and presentation of the kitchen on which you can sometimes be really demanding.

Scorpio – The chocolate cake
Although all desserts are similar to you, a chocolate cake with a lot of soft filling is just the dessert for you. The one capable of making you experience absolute peace of mind. Everything becomes even more special if the ingredients include chilli pepper, pisacchi, tea matcha (not all together, of course). Elements able to give an extra touch of charm to your dessert, giving it that aura of mystery that only the first bite will be able to reveal.

Sagittarius – The fruit cake
Those desserts made of fruit and cream, sunny like you and always able to give joy both for their colors and for their incomparable taste, suit you very well. A dessert also suitable because it does not weigh down like others and because it changes according to the seasons, somehow maintaining the contact you are always looking for with nature.

Capricorn – The strudel
For you, in the kitchen, the classics always prevail. Why not keep this idea for dessert too? According to the stars, in fact, the perfect one for you is the strudel, apparently simple but able to surprise you with its filling. Not just apple strudel, then. Green light to any taste you feel akin to. Each time it will be a different experience of which to keep an excellent memory.

Aquarius – Chocolates
An assortment of chocolates is ideal for you, especially if they have different tastes and origins. Eating them, in this case, will in fact be a bit like traveling without moving. What if chocolate is not your taste? Then an ice cream cake with fruit can replace it worthily, giving you that dose of eccentricity and novelty you always need, without risking any nasty surprises in terms of taste.

Pisces – The cup full of ice cream
For a romantic woman like you, ice cream is the perfect dessert. Not a simple cone, though. What suits you best is a cup to discover with each spoonful. Even better if enriched with biscuits, cake crumble and chocolate grains. In fact, ice cream is apparently simple but if well managed it can give the same satisfactions as a complex dessert. Everything is in creativity and that, as we well know, you just don’t miss it.

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