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It will happen at the end of this November. According to the stars, these 3 zodiac signs will succumb to the charm of their ex.

Sometimes they come back and this is also worth the love! According to the stars, 3 zodiac signs are about to get back together with an ex, it will happen just by the end of the month. For them, at Christmas, the tasting of a heated soup is expected.

adorn along with an ex is a complicated matter. Even if it is a person who has loved himself a lot or who still loves himself, we know that when a story comes to an end it means that something has gone wrong. Unlike a new love, a new beginning, coming back with an Ex seems to be a movie you’ve already seen.

We know what we are getting into. Expecting people to change is a gamble yet these 3 zodiac signs seem to be willing to risk everything for love.

These 3 zodiac signs will give their exes a chance by the end of this month

All the fault of the arrangement of the stars, the moon is about to enter the sextile Uranus today 23 November 2021 and this will greatly affect the various zodiac signs which will feel a particular fluidification of communication and interactions at the couple level.

From this evening all the zodiac signs will feel a renewed energy within the couple that will also push many signs to reconcile with their partner and to want to overcome problems and difficulties. In particular, 3 zodiac signs will want to put a stone on the past and reconcile with an ex. The moon in Uranus will bring a great sense of peace, hope, and serenity.

Many stormy relationships will feel the effects of this astral disposition and some couples will decide to give themselves a second chance and bury old hostilities and bitterness.

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This change of perspective will particularly affect these 3 zodiac signs:

  • Cancer

Cancer is a hypersensitive sign, if the partner has hurt him he will have suffered a lot and will hardly have forgotten that suffering. Cancer is also a very empathic sign and this empathy has allowed him to fully understand the reasons why the relationship has come to an end.

Cancer will feel the influences of the moon in Saturn and will tend to take their share of the blame and feeling responsible for the rupture will dissipate much of the frustrations experienced.

Cancer will meet their ex by chance and will entertain chatting with him. He will have the feeling of being able to communicate better with the ex than in previous months and this will instill in him the desire to try again.

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  • Virgo

Virgo is a precise and demanding sign. It is not easy to bear this sign with which conflicts are often generated. His worst flaw is that he demands a lot of others. When Virgo ends a relationship, it is unlikely that they maintain a peaceful relationship with their ex.

The Moon in Saturn will be able to make Virgo retrace its steps, against all odds this sign will be able to see beyond resentment.

Virgo will feel the desire to put an end to all the negative things experienced during the relationship and will understand that she sees a glimmer of recovery of that love and will strive to find a way to make a fortuitous encounter happen.

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  • Capricorn

Capricorn usually does not forgive. When he breaks up he is very bitter and while he suffers he prepares his plan of revenge against his ex-partner. Capricorn may have let rancor devour him from within and with the influences of the Moon in Saturn he may be surprised to have the sensation of feeling inner peace, the one he hasn’t felt in a long time and that did not allow him to go forward in the right way.

Capricorn will no longer pursue the goal of revenge but will feel the desire to make peace and find a meeting point with the ex, what he was not willing to do before and which could have avoided the final breakup.

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