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The type of sushi most suitable for each of us is based on the zodiac sign.

That going to eat sushi is an increasingly popular choice among people of all ages. If once it was considered an exotic dish and to be tried only once in a lifetime, over the years, thanks to its goodness and the wide choice of proposals, sushi has practically become at home. With the arrival of heat, then, the idea of ​​enjoying something fresh caresses the palate more and more making the idea of ​​a feast of sushi truly captivating. The only problem is the variety of dishes to choose from is really wide and often risks putting in crisis those who love the idea of ​​tasting everything and do not know how to move. Fortunately, in this case, the stars can come to our aid by indicating which choice could be the right one for each of us and all simply based on our zodiac sign (or ascendant). A perfect solution even for those who find themselves approaching this kitchen and do not know where to start. Starting with the right dish will make everything more enjoyable.
So, today we will discover together what not to miss the next time we go to eat sushi with friends.

The right portion of sushi for every zodiac sign

Aries – The nigiri
For you who love to take everything head-on in life, the most suitable dish is perhaps the most classic of all or the classic nigiri. A portion of rice topped with raw fish, to be dipped in soy sauce and to be eaten strictly in one bite. An experience that will delight your taste buds, making you appreciate your sushi dinner and this whether it is your first experience or if the nigiri is destined to be just the first of many small bites.

Toro – The maki with tamago
Your reticence to new things makes you perhaps a person unfamiliar with restaurants like this. However, this does not mean that there are no dishes that will satisfy you. A lover of good food as you are, in fact, you will only have to relax to discover that even among the many sushi choices there are some suitable for you. To start, for example, you could break the ice with a maki with tamago. That is a portion of rice topped by a tamagoyaki which is nothing more than an egg-based preparation. A simple but tasty dish with which you can start your dinner without too many problems. The only drawback? It is a bit difficult to find. Alternatively, you can request a goma wakame. It is a kind of seaweed salad, really very good and fresh. Almost everyone likes it, so

Gemini – Rice Leaf
Maki As familiar as you are with new things, chances are you’ve already tried and tested more sushi restaurants. For this reason, the best choice for you is that of a portion of maki wrapped in rice leaf. A way to change views and flavors, choosing a classic that instead of the usual seaweed dress will wear a more summery and unusual one. It’s hard not to appreciate it if you already have a sweet tooth for normal maki that you can still alternate so that you never get bored, even while having dinner with friends.

Cancer – Mixed hosomaki
For you a dish among the simplest, small mixed hosomaki to be enjoyed between a chat and another. Eaten with small bites, they will make you feel at ease and will give you the opportunity to try both the fish-based variant and the one with vegetables, excellent if you do not want to eat raw fish or if you feel the need to feel lighter for an evening. In the right restaurant, then, the ingredients may vary, giving you the opportunity to experiment with new flavors, discovering the one that best suits your strings.

Leone – L’ebi uramaki
Even at the table you know how to excel by choosing dishes that, like you, cannot go unnoticed. When it comes to sushi, therefore, the ideal choice is that of an ebi uramaki where raw or much more often fried shrimp are wrapped in the rice roll, often mixed with black sesame. A dish with a strong flavor that practically everyone likes and that brings joy thanks to the bright and vivid colors. Not to mention the scent given by the prawns, especially if cooked in tenpura!

Virgo – Maki with cooked fish
Needless to say, going to eat sushi is probably very difficult for you. Unless you have already overcome this obstacle by learning to appreciate this type of dishes, the advice is to start with something familiar. An example? The classic maki in the version with cooked fish, perfect for tackling one novelty at a time and without feeling overwhelmed. If they don’t do this in your chosen restaurant, you can always fold up for maki with cucumber or vegetables. A different way of eating rice but undoubtedly the most similar to the way of eating you are used to.

Libra – The vegetarian maki
Something beautiful that can conquer both your eyes and your palate? A nice portion of vegetarian maki. Inside you will surely find vegetables but also eggs and with a lot of possibility of tofu. A way to experiment with new flavors that will give you both freshness and flavor and that will present themselves in a guise that you cannot help but love. After all, who better than the Japanese knows how to make a dish beautiful and captivating?

Scorpio – Inarizushi
For you who, in line with your way of being, love mysterious things, inarizushi is the practically perfect dish. A small bag of fried tofu stuffed with rice that generally lends itself to having different toppings, thus changing flavor with each new taste. A dish that you cannot help but love and that the only difficulty is that it is not available everywhere. To remedy the problem, if you really don’t find it, you can opt for uramaki or temaki, where the fillings make the difference and will surely know how to enchant you.

Sagittarius – Temaki
Temaki is one of the great classics of Japanese cuisine, especially when it comes to sushi. Among the various dishes, it is also the one that probably best matches your character. A triangle of seaweed inside which there are different ingredients such as fish and avocado, fried shrimp or fish and mayonnaise. Finding your favorite among the many combinations will be like traveling to different countries in search of the perfect destination to linger for a while. A game that you will not be able to dislike.

Capricorn – Fried Maki
While experimenting is something you enjoy quite a bit, you always need some sort of comfort zone to rely on. For this reason the best choice is that of fried maki. Its particular flavor will make you feel like at a party and, if you are at the first experience with sushi, it will make you forget the presence of raw fish in other dishes, capturing you with its mix of rice, seaweed, fish and various condiments.

Aquarius – Chirashi
A good dish to take and enjoy while feeling an alternative? The chirashi. A bowl of white rice topped with many cuts of raw fish. It will be like eating maki and uramaki but in a different way and which is usually snubbed by others. But the flavor is incredibly good. Just don’t have any problems with raw fish and that’s it!

Pisces – The uramaki
Your romantic nature makes you the best person to appreciate uramaki, a roll of reverse maki where the seaweed is in the center and on the outside there is rice, often covered with avocado or fish. The interior, then, is always to be discovered and the choices, as well as the combinations, are practically many. A dish so good that even if made famous in the West, it is finding more and more success also in Japan where it can be found more and more often in the various sushi restaurants. Seeing is believing!

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