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The Darkest Women Of The Zodiac

We all have a dark side that stirs in our souls and that we often can’t even decipher, but there are a few women who have made it a real trademark. And today we are here to talk about them, from every point of view.

If you are curious to know more, all you have to do is continue reading this interesting article that we have prepared for you. Here is the first, or rather, the first on the list.


We can say that the Sagittarius woman is very creative and independent and can make others understand, in no time at all, a series of things that sometimes it is difficult for others to express. When all goes well, then, she gives birth to the more optimistic side of her, but there are cases in which she does not want to show a series of things that perhaps are part of her personality but remain in a certain sense indecipherable. If you know her, you know very well what we are talking about.


The Gemini woman has a very complex soul, and often never decides. She goes from states of great euphoria to states of enormous sadness and fails to bring out the best in her. This is because she can’t handle her multiple personalities.


And we close with the last sign, Libra, a woman who is adorable, and admirable, for her great optimism, but can never make a clear choice in everything she does. Sometimes some people work hard to understand what is hidden inside her, but it is certainly not easy. If things go badly, the Libra woman usually shows her full potential, which until recently had remained in total darkness.

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