Find out how each zodiac sign tends to deal with life’s adversities.

Life, as we know, can reserve difficult moments that come to put a strain not only on patience but also on courage, the ability to cope with adversity, and the resilience essential to make every problem a new resource. As often happens, the way of reacting to various negative experiences can vary from person to person and be, at least in part, influenced by the stars.
Today, therefore, after having seen how each zodiac sign experiences anxiety and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each sign of the zodiac in the workplace, we will try to understand how each of us faces the various difficulties of life and everything based on the zodiac sign. If possible, it is advisable to also check the profile relative to the ascendant as it is indicative of a good part of the resources that are usually put in place.

Horoscope – This is how each sign of the zodiac experiences difficulties

Aries – With annoyance
Those born under the sign of Aries do not like to deal with difficult times in life. For them, every single day should be fun and able to fill them with enthusiasm. When faced with unpleasant situations, therefore, their first reaction is almost always negative. Over time, however, they manage to get over it and find solutions that can lead them to solve or at least try the problems that come before them.

Taurus – With Grit
If there is one thing that pushes the natives of Taurus out of their stupor it is the need to bring improvements in their lives. Thus, as in the face of situations that they consider interesting, even the desire to return as soon as possible to a moment of peace can act as a spring, pushing them to give their best until the goal is achieved. In the face of adversity, therefore, they always behave with determination, proceeding with commitment, organization and determination and proving more than capable of achieving their goals.

Gemini – Alternating
Dual as ever, those born under the sign of Gemini face adversity differently based on how they feel at the moment. If they are in a good mood they tend to take everything positively, striving to find the most creative solutions and even coming to find valid and useful ones for the purpose. When they are down in the dumps, however, they end up getting depressed even in an extreme way, limiting themselves to complaining about what is happening and all without taking action. Fortunately, it is a phase that at some point loses its intensity leading them to want to eliminate any problem as soon as possible to be able to return to their usual life.

Cancer – Whining Cancer
natives are unable to handle setbacks and unforeseen events and when these occur, they end up falling, starting to vent on the people around them. It is their way of releasing tension while waiting for someone to suggest the most suitable way to act. When this does not happen, even after a certain reticence, they surrender to the evidence, rolling up their sleeves and looking for solutions that often turn out to be good. Too bad for all the time they waste in the beginning by focusing on the problem instead of the solution.

Leo – With tenacity
When something is wrong, those born under the sign of Leo are committed to making it better. Having setbacks is not something they like and they always feel the need to bring light to their days. Whether it is a job issue or something that affects everyday life, their reaction will therefore always be decisive and strong and everything to be able to solve everything so that it does not recur in the future. Because if there is one thing that the natives of the sign really cannot bear it is having to face the same problem several times.

Virgo – With pessimism
The natives of Virgo are among the most negative signs of the zodiac. In the face of adversity, therefore, they end up getting angry first and getting depressed immediately after. This causes them to lose sight of the situation, thus lacking the right clarity to solve the problem. Fortunately, if they have someone by their side who can advise them, they end up being convinced, slowly looking for solutions, and getting to work to put them into practice. In general, however, they are not very good at dealing with adversity which, for the most part, lets them be knocked down.

Libra – With Careful Reflection
When confronted with something they identify as a problem, Libra natives always pause for a moment to take stock of the situation. From their point of view, almost every problem has a solution and their task is, therefore, to find it and put it into practice in the best possible way. When they do, they feel so good that they even get charged with new energy so that in the eyes of others they end up appearing as people who, instead of being disheartened, always experience everything with extreme positive, coming out of it as winners.

Scorpio – With determination
Those born under the sign of Scorpio usually face any adversity with extreme strength. For them, it is essential to have the certainty of a peaceful life full of prospects and this leads them to react in an absolute way even in the face of the smallest problem. For them, every slightest adversity is a reason to feel at war and always ready to attack and therefore they always choose to do so using the maximum of their energy to guarantee victory as much as possible. Sometimes, perhaps, they can be excessive but certainly, this way of acting takes them one step closer to achieving their goals.

Sagittarius – With annoyance
The natives of Sagittarius loathe all kinds of obstacles. Eager to spend their life having fun, they tend to perceive even the smallest problems as enormous, often making a tragedy for situations that are even simple to solve. After having vented, in general, they always manage to get on track, applying themselves to find solutions and in doing so they always seek advice and practical help from the most trusted people, thus certain to be able to deal with the matter better. Too bad they sometimes forget to return the favor …

Capricorn – Trying to Minimize
Those born under the sign of Capricorn don’t have a good relationship with problems and when they run into something wrong they almost always tend to minimize it, telling themselves that everything will be fine and that things are not that bad. It is a mockery that often leads them to waste precious time that, instead, they could spend looking for a suitable solution to the problem. Fortunately, even if after a long time, when they are cornered, they surrender to the evidence by organizing themselves to solve all kinds of problems and even succeeding in them well, which makes the initial attitude even more senseless, which in the end is a form of defense which they do not need since they have all the necessary tools to deal with the various problems.

Aquarius – Ignoring Them
Those born under the sign of Aquarius loathe problems and when they come across something wrong they prefer to avoid seeing it, simply passing by or changing path. If they can then, they avoid facing adversity altogether, certain that sooner or later they will vanish on their own. When this does not happen, albeit reluctant they get to work but limit themselves to doing the bare minimum and thus risking finding themselves faced with the same problem shortly after. A situation they prefer to have to commit completely to the moment.

Pisces – With a commitment
Those born under the sign of Pisces do not love adversity at all but when they are faced with them they know how to make the best of a bad situation by showing infinite resilience and putting themselves into the game with a commitment to solve them and ensure that present again. Their approach, although they often do not realize their potential, is therefore functional and useful to guarantee them a fair margin of success. The same one they aim for to have a better life made up of only pleasant moments. Which is their hidden desire.

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