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The City In The World Where You Will Be The Happiest, Depending On Your Zodiac Sign

Do you have a dream destination where you would like to live? See if the astrologer thinks it is the most suitable for your sign.

According to astrologer Ms. Charlotte, quoted by Bustle, there is a city that best suits the way of life of each zodiac sign, maybe even the city to which you feel spiritually close. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick getaway, or whether you’re ready to move your life elsewhere, below you’ll find the city where you’re most likely to thrive, according to the stars.

Aries – Rome, Italy

Known as the warrior of the zodiac, Aries feels at home in Rome. “The brutal history of Rome and its warlike culture are close to the soul of an Aries, who will connect with the art, food, and nightlife there,” says Ms. Charlotte. “Rome is the place where an Aries will relax, and enjoy late nights, warm weather, delicious food, and ancient ruins. There is always an adventure to live in Rome, and Aries wants that to the fullest.”

Taurus – Milan, Italy

If there’s one thing Tauruses love, it’s luxury. And what better city to do luxury shopping than Milan?

“Since Milan is the fashion capital of the world, it would be a Taurus’ dream to make a shopping trip here,” says the astrologer. “With a long history of clothing production, Milan has become the city of trends. Fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Missoni, Miu Miu, Prada, Valentino, and Versace are based in Milan.”

Gemini – Berlin, Germany

Geminis are known for having two contrasting sides or personalities, just like Berlin, which once had two sides, separated by a wall. “Although the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, this city still preserves its cultural and aesthetic differences. The dichotomy between the east and west sides of Berlin will keep Gemini busy with its rich history and varied architecture,” explains the astrology expert.

Cancer – Sydney, Australia

If you are a Cancer who wants to be near the ocean but doesn’t want to give up city life, Sydney is the right place for you. “With year-round sunny weather, beautiful beaches, rare wildlife, and a healthy, family-friendly atmosphere, this is the perfect place for a Cancer,” says Ms. Charlotte.

Leo – Cairo, Egypt

Leo is believed to be the king of the zodiac, and Cairo is the perfect city for this ambitious sign.

“With its brilliant landscape and ancient history, there is something regal and dignified about Cairo. Leos are the kings of the zodiac, so it makes sense that they would want to explore and photograph this majestic place,” says Ms. Charlotte for Bustle. Not to mention that the city is also “completely Instagrammable”, which is always a plus in the minds of Leos.

Virgo – Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’ve always wanted to travel to Amsterdam, dear Virgo, consider this your sign to book that flight. THX. Charlotte believes that this earth sign would never get tired of exploring the city, because “Virgos love organization, intellectual stimulation”, but they also like a slightly more… wild approach.

“It is a beautiful city, known for its elaborate system of canals and art. Virgos like to be active, so exploring the city by bike is ideal… Amsterdam is a clean place, where Virgos will feel at ease”, says the astrologer.

Libra – Paris, France

Libra and Paris just make sense together – and Carrie Bradshaw would agree. THX. Charlotte says the city not only satisfies this air sign’s “romantic nature but also brings to the fore its love of knowledge.” A Libra will never get tired of “posing in front of the Eiffel Tower in the most elegant outfits, exploring the Louvre and enjoying the finest croissants”.

Scorpio – New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

THX. Charlotte believes that the magic of the city of New Orleans in Louisiana will attract the mystical Scorpio the most: “New Orleans is a city rich in culture, tragedy, survival, and rebirth. With its French and Spanish architecture, distinctive music, and nightlife, this is the city for a Scorpio to disappear into.”

Sagittarius – Miami, Florida, USA

Sagittarians are always ready for an adventure, and Miami is full of opportunities to let loose and let loose. “Sagittarius is always looking for a hedonistic escape from reality, and Miami offers so much in terms of food, drink, theme parks, and art,” says Ms. Charlotte. “Because of its proximity to the Caribbean and Latin America, Miami offers a Sagittarius the opportunity to lose themselves in so many cultures in a short amount of time.”

Capricorn – London, UK

Capricorns know how to stick to a budget, so they’ll love London, thanks to all the free museums, lush parks, and pubs the city has to offer. Having said that, Capricorns also love to pamper themselves from time to time, and London will offer them opportunities on this side as well: fine tea shops, shopping at Harrods department store, and expensive hotels with a royal appearance.

Aquarius – New York, USA

Aquarians are always up for a challenge, and New York City has a reputation for being difficult and competitive, but rewarding. It is a mix of cultures and diverse opportunities, which this air sign will appreciate.

Pisces – Jerusalem, Israel

“Jerusalem is the spiritual center of the world; both a place of prayer and war”, explains Ms. Charlotte. “It is called the “Holy City; and is sacred to Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. With Pisces ruling the 12th house of God and spirituality, this is where they will want to make a pilgrimage. It is beautiful and sad where the beginning and the end meet”, adds the astrologer.

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