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The Best Time Of Year To Get Married According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Perhaps you always thought you were a summer bride, but the timing of your wedding for June did not work out optimally or had to be postponed. Or maybe your venue is fully booked well into winter and you can’t find a replacement. 

You may now be stuck in an either-or situation and have to choose between your dream setting and your dream dress. Or should you just get married at a different time of year? And how do you know when is the best time? Ideally, this post will help you discover the best time of year for you to get married.

Astrology can possibly help you there!

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This is the best time of year for your wedding according to your zodiac sign


This sign might be better off getting married in the fall as it likes things traditionally. The later in the fall, the better it is for the Capricorn.

Since this sign tends to seek grounding and balance, it should be set on a dreamy wedding close to a forest or under an autumn tree. But a wedding on an old farm or at a beautiful castle could also be something for the Capricorn.

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As the most unpredictable sign of the zodiac, Aquarius has an unusual element. He’ll choose something fancy for his wedding and maybe even invite his wedding guests to an eco-adventure wedding.

There are no rules for this sign. He doesn’t care what other people think or what the standards are. He designs his wedding the way he wants it. That is why there is no perfect time in the year for this sign.

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Pisces will be able to enjoy a wedding at any time of the year, provided it is by a natural body of water, either the ocean, a lake, or a river.

However, it would suit the Pisces best to get married during their season, towards the end of winter. The fish would love to use the first rays of the sun as the opening of spring for their wedding.

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This sign should best plan their wedding for the beginning of summer, so May or June would be a good fit. Or how about a wedding on the summer solstice, on the longest day of the year.

This would go perfectly with this dynamic character. He likes being outdoors and enjoying the sun. This is the perfect time to tie the knot with your sweetheart.

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Taurus prefers spring for a wedding because it is closer to his birthday month and because he loves the colorful diversity of nature. So this time would be ideal for a romantic wedding with flowers and bright colors.

Sweet little details and, above all, a celebration with all his loved ones is entirely up to the Taurus’ wishes and will surely satisfy him.

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Twins may be attracted to their wedding to a specific destination where they can maximize the socializing with their guests during their wedding week or over a weekend. You wouldn’t mind a little luxury either.

However, if you want to get married in your home country, then you should definitely prefer a warmer time of year as they like to be outside. How about July, for example?

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Cancer is probably most comfortable in the summer to tie the knot with its partner. That is why a beach wedding with loved ones would best correspond to this sign. It can be a bit simpler because cancer hardly needs any frills.

He just wants his family and closest friends around him. When all his loved ones come together, it makes him infinitely happy.

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The Leo can combine the summer and the Leo season and marry later in the summer, from late July to late August.

Whatever Leo does, it is sure to be a fun party because this sign loves to be entertaining and to be the center of attention. Good music and a few crazy games are definitely a must at his wedding.

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Virgo, of course, wants to plan her wedding perfectly. The weather has to play along with her because nothing can thwart her plan if she wants to cut the wedding cake under the willow at 2 p.m. sharp.

It shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. That is why late spring or late summer is perfect for the Virgo wedding. 

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Libra will likely go for something a bit more classic and glamorous for their wedding. Hence, an early fall wedding would probably go best with this sign.

She likes things organized and tidy – and she wants to offer her guests an unforgettable experience. She also wants a pompous appearance with all the trimmings. Therefore, she might want to celebrate her wedding in a large hall.

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The serious Scorpio goes best with a winter solstice wedding on the darkest day of the year. He could also think of a winter wedding at sunset by a beautiful lake.

Since Scorpio values ​​their privacy, it could even be a wedding without guests. He can certainly imagine spending the ceremony along with his partner and then celebrating with his loved ones.

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If Sagittarius is looking for a good date for his wedding, he could choose any time during the summer months and enjoy the warmth of the fiery sun. However, as a constant traveler, he can also plan his wedding in winter to travel to an exotic place with warm temperatures.

Above all, he would prefer an adventurous wedding with an exciting backdrop, such as on a cliff in front of the open ocean or under a waterfall. The more exciting the better!

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