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Zodiac signs can tell us a lot about personality or characteristics of all of us. It is well known fact that Cancers are sensitive and emotional and that Gemini is all over the place. With some exploring we can find out how to fall in love with the right person, what hair color to choose or how to scare your loved one according to your Zodiac sign. Every sign has different way to refuse the one they love so let’s start from the beginning.

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1. Aries – This sign doesn’t have any problems with falling in love. They tend to be scared when things become serious. It means that they are okay with going out and attending parties but when it comes to some sort of commitment they are all shaking. Real Aries is all over the place and they never want to settle down because that scares them off. They will make sure that their partner sees that signs and they will refuse them by doing that!

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2. Taurus – This sign is a perfectionist. They will scare away their loved one by not giving them space to make mistakes. Your worst characteristic is that you never forget about the problems even you already talked about them with your partner. It is very difficult for you to leave past in past and that can scare away your partner.

3. Gemini – It is very difficult to be in a romantic relationship with Gemini because they want their partner to decide everything about their life. For some people that is very good because they can control their life but in most cases it makes people drained out. We all have our own problems and the last thing you need is to think about problems of other people. This is one way how you can scare away the one you love.

4. Cancer – You always act overprotective so you would like to tell your partner how they need to feel. You would be the happiest person in the world if you could just project your own feelings on to your partner. In this situations people get scared. They think about their relationship in the future and they are imagining all that torture. That makes them feel scared so in most of the cases they leave their partners.

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5. Leo – Your main goal is to control everything. Sometimes you forget that love is something you can’t control because you two need to discuss things together. Even you are a perfectionist that is not the case in your love life. Your partner wants to breathe and if they don’t have enough space they will simply leave you.

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6. Virgo – You scare away the one you love by scaring yourself first. Even things function great between two of you are overthinking the whole situation. If you tell that to your partner he will be scared off you and he won’t have any other option than leave.

7. Libra – You scare away the one you love by letting them compete with others you for your attention. I know it is great to have a ton of friends but you need to drop the line between your friends and your partner. If your loved one needs to fight for your attention every single day, he can get tired and leave. In most situations, things like this happen but Libra is not still quite sure what they did wrong.

8. Scorpio – You are such a pessimist. You are always trying to sabotage your happiness. Even some good things are about to happen you think about the worst scenario. Anxious is your middle name and you can’t shake that feeling off. Instead of enjoying in your relationship and all the good moments you two have, you are constantly thinking how much your relationship will last.

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9. Sagittarius – This sign is too passive about their relationship. I know it feels great to relax a little bit when you are in a long relationship but letting your partner decide every moment of the day is not an option. You also need to express your opinion about certain things or you are risking your partner run away from you. Just think. If you have a responsibility to think about two lives every day, about their problems and ways to handle them you will get so tired soon. That’s why people get tired and they don’t have any other option than to go away.

10. Capricorn – You scare away the one you love by assuming the worst. Even you two are walking down the street you are thinking about the scenario where someone could rob you. There are always some pessimistic thoughts going through your head and you can’t get rid of that feeling. You are very focused on your life and your career but doing the same thing with love is impossible.

11. Aquarius – You think only about yourself and that is why your partner is scared. You can never have a long-term relationship because you are too egoistic. There is no man nor woman that can put up with that for their entire life. Thinking how you are going to get a lot of money is more important than true love. You don’t have any problem to admit this to your loved one and when they hear it, they are so scared away. So in the end it is up to you: you can find your perfect match but you can also end up alone!

12. Pisces – Your problem is that you are not serious about your relationship. We all know how people have fun when they first get to know each other but after some time they should become more serious about their relationship. You are not this kind of person and you tend to live in clouds while your partner handles the most difficult issues regarding your relationship. I would say that most of the time you act like a small child that needs care and attention. You shouldn’t forget that a relationship is about two people and if you don’t put any effort into it, your partner will simply go away!

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