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Find out what is the aspect of life that makes the various signs of the zodiac uncertain. The opinion of the stars, sign by sign.

When dealing with everyday life it is easy to have a mix of certainties and insecurities. The latter usually depends mostly on the way of dealing with things and on the ideas with which one goes forward day by day. Thus, even the safest people may have one or more uncertainties. These can be on their way of acting, on the choices made, or even on their person. Usually, these are uncertainties that you prefer to keep to yourself and that you hardly decide to share. And all because you are ashamed or, in some cases, you prefer not to verbalize them to make them less true in your eyes. This way of acting can depend on various factors.

Among these, one predominant is the influence that the stars have on each of us. For this reason today, after having seen which are the zodiac signs that can hold on to and what is the superpower of each zodiac sign, we will find out what makes the various signs of the zodiac particularly uncertain. An aspect for which it is advisable to also check the profile of the ascendant to have clearer ideas on how to best act to improve yourself.

This is what makes the various signs of the zodiac uncertain

Aries – Comparison with others
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who always love to show themselves strong and courage. Active like few others, they have a constant need to confirm their abilities. This leads them to love challenges and easily compete with others. Their problem is that they are not ready to lose and for this reason, they always try to compete with people they consider below their potential. If they think they have misjudged things and suspect that they risk losing even one challenge, they end up feeling bad. This leads them to fear comparisons in general and always look for excuses to avoid those with people they consider potentially dangerous. A problem that they could solve simply by working on their opinion of themselves.

Realizing that they are valid even in the event of a “defeat” would give them great freedom. Exactly what he needs to stop feeling unnecessary anxieties and to grasp the positive aspect of every challenge. That is to measure oneself with oneself.

Taurus – The possibility of having to change things
The greatest uncertainty that the natives of Taurus have is that due to changes. Habitual and lovers of routine, they experience every little variation as a problem to be solved. This is a problem that makes them very stressed and often leads them to lose concentration. It is a problem that they live exaggeratedly. And this is because they have all the qualities to be able to face any possible change. The patience and clarity with which they know how to deal with every problem make them people capable of always making sensible decisions. Understanding this aspect and focusing on their way of doing things and on the many times they have managed to better live the changes would be very useful. They may understand that theirs is an unfounded fear.

Gemini – Having to plan life
Those born under the sign of Gemini have a very particular way of living their life. Needing to feel constantly alive, they hate anything that can lead them to a routine or something that even remotely resembles it. For this reason, they are not used to making long-term plans and when they feel compelled to do so, they are seized by a great sense of uncertainty. Their fear, however, is based on the fear of meeting a destiny already written. And this pushes them not to consider all the variables of the case. Including those that involve the many adjustments that can be made over time. Learning to work on the fear of boredom given by having to always repeat things and understanding that even the most consolidated projects, if desired, can be modified, would help them a lot. So,

Cancer – The fact that others change
The greatest uncertainty of Cancer natives is not based so much on themselves (at least not in appearance) as on others. Dependent on the people they love and who choose to have at their side, the natives of the sign live in fact with the constant fear that others may change and that, in doing so, they end up not loving them anymore. This constant uncertainty makes them particularly nervous and often in a bad mood. Especially because most of the time it is a fear that pushes them to act aggressively. Which is sometimes the trigger for problems they have with others. Learning to have a little more self-confidence and realizing that changing something does not mean questioning the affections, it would be of great help to them. In this way, in fact,

Leo – Not knowing what others think of them
Those born under the sign of Leo love to show themselves as strong and independent people. In reality, however, they need the attention of others so much that they depend on those around them. For this reason, the thing that makes them more uncertain is never knowing what others think of them. As long as they receive approval, they feel safe and calm but even a single glance that is difficult to decipher is enough to make doubt take over. This is a very big weakness because sometimes, to please others, they change their way of doing.

Working more on yourself and learning to feel important even without constantly being in the spotlight is a good way to get out of this form of captivity. In this way, they could experience new ways of being and savor a form of freedom that is unknown to them.

Virgo – The fear of making mistakes
For Virgo natives, one of the greatest uncertainties concerns their work. Perfectionists at their best are always careful to judge others in every respect. So when it’s their turn, the least they can do is aim for perfection. If in theory, all this makes sense, when they find themselves having to deal with practice, they always risk getting stuck. In many cases, a fear of making mistakes takes over which paralyzes them and leads them not to act. A way of doing that is wrong and that prevents him from improving. Starting to accept that no one is perfect and forgiving others for such a lack would help them have a better relationship with themselves. Exactly what he needs to change his perspective of life and embrace a more positive one focused on the beauty of always having new experiences.

Libra – Having to manage setbacks
Sometimes, those born under the sign of Libra have uncertainties which, however unfounded, risk complicating their life. Moderate by nature and accustomed to seeking beauty in everything that surrounds them, they have very quiet life management but which is largely based on planning. When something ends up changing, their natural confidence begins to falter. This is because they feel unable to handle setbacks. So when they find themselves facing them, they immediately break down. And although, despite the fear they try to do what it takes, they always end up limiting themselves. And all without realizing it. The truth is that because of their innate wisdom and the calm with which they usually face life, they would know how to manage everything better.

Realizing this is exactly what they’re missing from embracing a life that can go big. And everything both when everything is fine and when there are setbacks ready to change things.

Scorpio – Not being able to express oneself at best
Yes, one of the points of greatest uncertainty for the natives of Scorpio, concerns the fear of not being able to express themselves at best. Rich in the potential of all kinds, the natives of the sign need to always express themselves and do it according to their times and ideals. Failing to do so makes them feel stuck leading to a tension that slows them down. In reality, however, their creativity is such as to allow them to express themselves in any context. And to succeed even more precisely in the event of problems or apparent limitations. Something they do often and they are surprised every time. And all because they tend to simply forget about it. Realizing this and basing your ideas on this extraordinary ability is the first step towards a more peaceful life. A life in which to best express their infinite potential.

Sagittarius – Everyday Problems
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius appear to everyone as extremely positive people. And, in fact, in some ways they are. The problem arises when things start to go differently than they had planned. Their greatest uncertainty is linked to the fear of being faced with problems that they always fear they will not be able to face. A fear that leads them to become nervous and intractable and all for every little change. Learning that life is constantly evolving and that problems can be solved is certainly what he needs to feel more confident and able to live for the day.

This way even the biggest variations will be greeted with a smile instead of a nervous breakdown. And this is certainly a positive aspect that can improve both their lives and that of the people around them.

Capricorn – Having to manage emotions
Capricorn natives are people with a practical sense that borders on excellence. When it comes to organizing things like everyday life or work they are flawless. On the contrary, they turn out to be rather uncertain in the way of acting when they find themselves having to manage emotions. While they love to show themselves as capable of doing this, they are often found uncomfortable. This is because they always aim to please those in front of them. And that means most of the time having to lie. Achieving greater security in social relationships could help them get out of this problem and experience emotions with greater flexibility. An improvement that would help them to a better life both personal life and one that involves other people.

Aquarius – The way they handle the need for solitude
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are known to everyone for the need for privacy they have. Although they enjoy being among people, they always try to carve out a space just for them and in which they try not to let anyone in. This choice, however, ends up affecting their life more than they would like. Others are not always ready to welcome their restrictions with joy. Aware of this they often feel uncomfortable and this leads them to act strangely. All with obviously negative results. Working on themselves and their need for privacy could help them find different methods and be able to find greater consent from others. Exactly what he needs to be able to experience both realities without any problem.

Pisces – contact with reality
The natives of Pisces are great dreamers. This is their strong point as it allows them to have empathy. And this allows him to enjoy limitless creativity and imagination. Every so often, however, this way of making them uncertain about how to manage reality. Their fear is that of not being able to put a line between two dimensions that are real in the same way in their eyes. Fortunately, they are flexible enough to be able to fine-tune their way of being from time to time. And this helps them manage themselves better.

Working a little more on this aspect to gain more and more confidence may be the right choice to make. And all to ensure that their ability to dream becomes more and more strength. Thing able to support them in the real world and never the other way around.

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