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Do you think you are a rebel? And how much do you think you are a rebel? Our ranking of the most anarchic signs of the zodiac will reveal it to us!

Are you a true rebel or , when no one is looking at you, do you put on a wool t – shirt and use cough syrup (Er… not that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that: but anarchists have this reputation for beautiful and damned so we thought we would ask you these things).

Today we have decided to draw up the ranking of the zodiac signs that are among the most rebellious of all. Think you have what it takes to be one of them ? Well: let’s find out the first five positions together .

The most anarchic signs of the zodiac: here is the ranking of today’s horoscope

Rebel rebel sang someone we know.
(And, in case he’s not familiar with you, we’re talking about David Bowie – take a look at him and then, just in case , come back and read this article!).
Do you think dear David would have recognized you as a true rebel ?

Think about it : did you always go wrong at school (when you did), did you always choose clothes you don’t confirm and did you go against all the rules of society ?
Well done! Then you are definitely in the ranking of today ‘s horoscope , the one on the most anarchic and rebellious signs of the whole zodiac !

Or maybe… aren’t you there?
Let ‘s find out immediately what are the top five positions in the ranking of the most anarchic signs of the whole zodiac . You certainly do n’t want to look like the …  non – rebel , do you?

Aquarius: fifth place

To our great surprise, in the ranking of the most anarchic signs of the whole zodiac we find those born under the sign of Aquarius . Hey, weren’t you calm and kind people , quiet and cutlery?

Apparently, however, Aquarius is a truly ” free ” sign. He is not afraid of the judgment of others and behaves exactly how he wants and when he wants. Aquarius
is not an anarchist sign in the “classic” sense that generally imposes itself at the end: it does not destroy cars or shop windows but simply lives according to its rules . A true rebel !

Gemini: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Gemini are real anarchists : did n’t you know ? This sign, in fact, does everything to go against the tide (sometimes too much, admit it!). By dint of ” pretending ” to be a rebel , Gemini often ends up really becoming one: life from the “dark side ” often bewitches Gemini !

It is not strange, then, that at a certain point in their life the Twins abruptly abandon the path of the anarchists , to rejoin the ranks of the ” normal “.
However, their path is always tortuous, made up of twists and turns until the last : with Gemini you can never be really calm . They are true anarchists !

Leo: third place

Give a Leo an indication for a place and ask him to reach it and he will tell you that he  will absolutely not be able to obey .
Because? But simply because Leo is one of the most anarchic signs in the entire zodiac!

Leo is a very strange sign… or perhaps we could simply say a little self- centered .
For Leo , in fact, the rules do not apply and should never apply when it comes to him: he is capable of exploding with anger if someone tries to make him adhere to the regulations!
When, however, the Lion needs the rules to be put into practice to his advantage, he is absolutely not ashamed to demand that they be respected in a loud voice.

In short: Leo is an anarchist … in his own way !

Scorpio: second place

Scorpio is also a decidedly anarchist sign . How? Did you think that this sign, leader in his field and definitely able to lead a “crew”, was a true lover of the rules ? But then you don’t know Scorpios well !

Those born under this sign, in fact, do  not need to follow the rules or respect the procedures .
No, for Scorpio everything must be done in his own way and immediately: it is not a question of taking shortcuts, but of making  it clear who is in charge .

And who is in charge, in your opinion? But simply those Scorpio anarchists ! Those born under this sign simply ” flourish ” in situations of chaos, where they are able to take over and assert themselves. For them, anarchy is the best situation to be in!

Pisces: first place in the ranking of the most anarchic signs of the zodiac

Well yes: those born under the sign of Pisces are the true rebels and anarchists of the zodiac.
Didn’t you believe it? Yet it is just like that: it is they, with their kindness and their calm and calm attitude, who win the palm of rebels .

Incredible, right? Yet Pisces , much more than many other zodiac signs often considered rebellious simply for their aggression , can be among the most radical and anarchic of all! Pisces , in fact, have always had a very particular vision of life: their eyes are always captured by the unfortunate and strongly feel injustices.

Their anarchy is all born from here: Pisces are extremely sensitive people, who really don’t care about the judgment of others.
They are true precursors , who do what they want because it is right to do so and certainly do not waste time asking for permission ! They live decidedly anarchic lives – we should all try to live like Pisces !

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