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The 3 Zodiac Men Who Don’t Like Courting

It is not always easy to adhere to the courtship ritual to conquer a partner who potentially interests us and for this reason, today, we have decided to tell you about all those male signs that just can’t put a well-done flirt on the plate.

If you are curious to know better who we are talking about, you need to read the article we are offering you to the end. You’ll see some beautiful ones. But let’s go in order.


It is a sign that does not want breakups, of any kind, Since he was little he has learned to manage his ups and downs with great autonomy, and especially when he is addressed with great concern, he could go all out the furies. Well, he doesn’t like receiving attention from his partner and he doesn’t like giving it, even if he feels a great love within himself that he doesn’t struggle to bring out every day, day after day, in his way, in his inscrutable ways.


He is a man accustomed to great freedom, but others often see his great desire to be free as something particular, as a form of escape and betrayal: but there is nothing more wrong, and indeed, it is the best way to end a healthy relationship prematurely. We should have more patience towards him and understand his real way of behaving so as not to create more than useless tension.


And the scorpion? Well, it’s a sign that he loves hanging out with friends and likes to think only of himself. When he goes out with a potential partner it is as if he is more than bored, but after a while, if the situation is to his liking he loosens up and can become one of the best flirters.

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