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Horoscope – The zodiac signs that never lose hope.

Hope is a feeling that is difficult to explain and can always take on different shades that change according to the object of hope and the situation that those who find themselves hoping live in. One certain thing is that it is something that not everyone can keep constant, which sometimes mounts almost by surprise while others suddenly go out, leaving those who tried it with a feeling of discomfort. For some, it is like a sixth sense, for others the desire to always keep in the game hoping, precisely, for the best, for others something harmful because it can feed the wounds every time it is ignored. What is certain is that hope is something that not everyone has and that often cannot even be controlled. It may depend on the character, the current situation, the experiences lived, and, of course, the influence that the stars have on each of us. For this reason, after seeing what are the truest people of the zodiac and which are the funniest ones, we will discover which signs never lose hope and which ones, on the other hand, struggle to cultivate it. Since this is a topic that has to do with the feelings and emotions that are felt deep down, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a more complete picture of the situation.

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The signs that never stop hoping and others that have a hard time even starting

Aries – Those who hope but with little effort
It cannot be said that those born under the sign of Aries are not people inclined to hope. When they are about to do something new they love to fantasize about it and in doing so they also set in motion a form of hope that makes them positive about the evolution of things. On the other hand, they do not blindly believe in dreams or in things that they cannot grasp with their hand and this means that theirs is more a form of fantasy than of hope, so much so that they rarely bother to cultivate it, often losing it along the way. . Accustomed to counting on their luck, they are not inclined to rely on luck even if they sometimes use amulets to feel more secure. A little contradictory on the subject,

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Taurus – Those who hope enough
The natives of Taurus are used to dealing with every event in life with calm and attention. For this reason, between one thing and another, they also allow themselves the opportunity to hope. In doing so they continue to commit themselves to reach the goal but are supported by the serenity that comes from the ability to hope for the best beyond how things seem to go. Rationalists like few, of course, never make fun of themselves and always know what risks or dangers they face. Nonetheless, perhaps more to find a way to relax than anything else, they always try to find an escape that is based on positive thoughts and able to give them energy. A way of doing things that helps them to nourish hope as best they can, even when things don’t seem to be going the right way.

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Gemini – Those who hope intermittently
Those born under the sign of Gemini are too “moody” to keep the flame of hope alive. Of course, when they are in a good mood they do their utmost in positive thoughts and load up a thousand relying on the hope of succeeding and having luck. At the first obstacle, however, they tend to break down like few other people in the world, especially if they feel in a bad mood. This makes them unable to keep hope even in difficult times and makes them more prone to demoralization than they would like. Luckily in their good times, they know how to listen to a wiser part, lulling hope and taking back the dreams set aside for a while.

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Cancer – Those who do not know how to cultivate hope
The natives of Cancer live on hope but do not know how to cultivate them and turn them into a drive towards the desire to grow their dreams. Thus, they very often end up just hoping without doing anything concrete to help events get going. Not aware of this, if they don’t reach the finish line easily, they end up breaking down, putting an end to all forms of hope, and just sulking and stopping, waiting for no one knows what. Their way of hoping is therefore too superficial and certainly not inclined to resist the shocks of life, under which their dreams tend to vanish a little too easily and then return in better times but always in the same way.

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Leo – Those who hope and who continue to hope … at least for a while
Those born under the sign of Leo are people who never lose heart and, at least in part, this way of depending on the hope they place in their means and luck that they always hope to have on their side. Even when they are faced with some hitch, before giving up, they continue to hope for a solution. If this does not arrive, however, their tenacity tends to collapse, leading them to become more negative and to give up hope. For this reason, despite being tenacious people and always ready to hope, they cannot be considered as those signs that never lose hope but as those who do not lose hope if things are resolved within a certain number of attempts.

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Virgo – Those with very little hope
Virgo natives are so pessimistic that they are almost afraid to hope. Nevertheless, now and then they give in and choose to abandon themselves to dreams, only to feel wrong immediately afterward. For them to hope in a way like any other to have illusions and they much prefer to give space to reason, looking for practical solutions to be put in place for every situation that comes before them. This means that they are not at all among the signs that they never stop hoping and that it is already difficult for them to start doing so. A way of being that is unlikely to be able to change is an integral part of their way of being.

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Libra – Those who can always cling to a pinch of hope
Those born under the sign of Libra are particularly confident and love to fantasize about everything that concerns them. This way of opening the doors to the hope that they always try to keep steady and instill in anyone they know. For them, hope is essential to move forward and have faith in better days even when things are not going so well. This means that they are among the signs that never stop hoping because even in the most difficult moments they always try to keep a glimmer of hope on which to leverage to cheer themselves up and to find new energies to draw on.

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Scorpio – Those who sometimes get down but always hope
The natives of Scorpio usually live life differently from others. For them, every moment is good for hope and at the same time, they work as hard as they can to get what they want with their strength. A combination that almost always turns out to be a winner and that when it is not, they can rely on their ability to recover and on the strength with which they impose themselves never to lose hope. This almost always happens, except for some sporadic cases in which, too tired, they tend to lose hope for a few moments, only to recover it to try to follow it, as if it were a sort of light at the end of the tunnel and able to show them the way. . Even though it is one of the signs that never stop hoping, we need to consider some moments in which they tend to put this aspect of theirs on stand-by,

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Sagittarius – Those who hope but with little resistance
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are good at hoping when things are going well. If they get worse, however, they tend to break down faster than you might think when looking at them from the outside, and if that happens it’s easy to find them depressed and downcast, just like you find yourself when you completely lose hope in things. For them, believing that everything is fine is something that works when embarking on a project. However, they lack the strength and tenacity necessary to ensure that hope remains alive even in the darkest periods. A detail that distinguishes them in always different ways and that sees them sometimes more resistant and others less but which therefore does not make them signs able to hope always and in any case.

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Capricorn – Those who keep hoping in their way
Capricorn natives are people who place their trust in their hope and this sometimes leads them not to lift a finger at situations in which they may be working to change things. For them, hoping almost means waiting for things to go well and this leads them to see their expectations very often disillusioned. Nevertheless, after each fall they get up more hopeful than before, simply changing the subject of their thoughts and promptly falling back into the same mistake. A problem which they struggle to realize and which therefore makes their way of hoping a little shaky and lacking the right basis to be considered solid. In a hypothetical ranking, they would therefore be in the middle but only for trust.

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Aquarius – Those who don’t rely so much on hope
Those born under the sign of Aquarius don’t usually rely on dreams and hopes. They like to fantasize about things from time to time and sometimes they do bigger projects than they do but rarely find themselves hoping things will go well. Due to their way of being they are more used to observing events to grasp their progress and move accordingly and this leads them not to run the risk of losing hope but simply for the slight initial investment. It is therefore quite difficult to define their hypothetical ability to never lose the ability to cling to it while it is easier to evaluate them from the point of view of tenacity and the ability to rely only on concrete hopes and therefore capable of being fulfilled.

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Pisces – Those who never lose hope
In the first place of a hypothetical ranking of the signs that never lose hope, there are the natives of Pisces. Linked as never before to the world of dreams, the natives of the sign are very anchored to the hope that represents the engine capable of giving them strength even in the darkest moments. Tenacious and resilient like few others, they know when things go wrong and try to do everything in their power to make things better. Nevertheless and even in moments of despair, hope always remains present in their hearts, sometimes it changes and grows with them, it shows itself in different aspects but it remains a beacon to aim at even when they have to get out of the tunnel. A strength that allows him to get up again and again and not to lose that love for life that has always distinguished them.

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