We are in full Scorpio season and you are probably already feeling the effects.

Being a fixed water sign, Scorpio urges us to make difficult decisions with care and attention to all the details. It is especially valid regarding the expression and manifestation of emotions.

Because Scorpio’s influence is to protect one’s own person, each sign will want to keep their secrets as best as possible. Although this tactic is beneficial for some people, some zodiac signs will feel this energy differently. For this reason, November will be a difficult month for three signs.

Scorpio season is the time of year when each of us struggles to maintain as much control and authority as possible. Even if in some cases it can bring success, it could also cause problems regarding the ability to be open and vulnerable in relationships with others.

And the signs that are most strongly affected by the Scorpio season are usually the active, open, and bold ones. Their traits conflict with the influence of this season.

Here are the three zodiac signs for whom November will be a difficult month:

Aries: You will be asked to set clear boundaries

Scorpio season brings to the fore the relationships with those around you and the limits you impose in these relationships. The month of November will force you to evaluate the role you play in the lives of others and if you are involved too much or not enough. It is an area of ​​your life where you like to exercise emotional control. But because the sun is passing through the eighth house, you will have to deepen these themes. Does the fear of emotional vulnerability prevent you from creating real connections with others? If it is valid in your case, then you will have to face these feelings in the next period.

Gemini: Your habits will be restructured

This season, the sun is in your 6th house of work and health. It will urge you to look more carefully at your daily rituals and habits. Maybe it’s time to make some radical changes. Are you happy with the way you spend your days? If not, then it’s time to give up the old routine and choose one that will help you. It is never easy to give up old habits, but it is the only chance to evolve.

Sagittarius: Your main priorities are rest and introspection

In the Scorpion season, you will be forced to look more carefully inside yourself and analyze the issues that affect your mood. Now is the perfect time to analyze what you do behind closed doors and how you spend your time when you are alone. If you have been involved for too long in habits that do you more harm than good, it is time to take a step back. Don’t be afraid to take a break from those habits that seem to give you addiction. Give up social networks for a while or skip some outings in the city with friends. You need more rest than ever, especially since your season is coming u when you will socialize to the fullest.