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Find out if and how much you attract energy vampires based on your zodiac sign. The answer of the stars, sign by sign.

Very often we hear about energy vampires. That is those people who with their often pessimistic and defeatist way can take away the energy of others.
If learning to recognize them is a good way to defend yourself, their “power” should not be underestimated. Energy vampires are somehow attracted to very specific people they approach because of their need for energy. Sometimes this happens because of the presence of personalities so positive that they attract them like moths to the light. Others are particularly empathetic people who in some way tend to stand out among the others.

An aspect that in many cases can also concern the zodiac sign of the people involved. Today, therefore, after having seen which are zodiac signs that need to improve the relationship with one’s image and which signs of the zodiac are potential web stalkers, we will discover which zodiac signs attract energy vampires the most. The advice is, as always, to also check the profile of the ascendant. Which is very useful to understand if you are doubly predisposed to attract this kind of people.

The zodiac signs that attract energy vampires

Aries – Those who only attract them at first
Those born under the sign of Aries are active and full of life people. This way of being theirs usually has a certain attraction for the so-called energy vampires. At the same time, however, the natives of the sign are not at all inclined to give rope to those who cling too much on them. And this is a natural way to quickly break all possible forms of connection. If at the beginning of an acquaintance they can end up attracting these people, then everything is destined to last a short time. And, in most cases, they won’t have to do anything.

Others will understand that they have chosen people who are not suitable for them to get away quickly. What if that doesn’t happen? In this case, those born under the sign of Aries don’t have much trouble. They are always ready to dissuade any attempt to do so from outside.

Taurus – Those who attract them enough
The natives of Taurus are people known for their inner calm and the sense of relaxation they can give in a short time. These characteristics often attract energy vampires who can relax and find some peace in their presence. The downside? In doing so, they take away a lot of energy from the natives of the sign. And they are not as willing to offer precious things like their energy to the first one that passes. It can therefore be said that although they can attract a certain type of people, the Taurus also know how to get rid of them. And all without having to do much more than being direct. Something that he does very well and for which there are no problems whatsoever. Which certainly makes life difficult for energy vampires but makes it much easier for them.

Gemini – Those who do not attract them
Those born under the sign of Gemini, despite being vital people, manage to stay out of the radar of energy vampires. This happens because their way of being among others is very particular and mostly dictated by their needs. An aspect for which they do not attract those who need attention and people ready to spend themselves to give them some. Nevertheless, sometimes, it can happen to them too to cross some of them on their path. When this happens, however, it takes very little to recognize them quickly and to distance them just enough to make them understand that it is better to go elsewhere. A way of doing that generally works, making them among the signs of the zodiac that have fewer problems in this regard.

Cancer – Those Who Attract Them A Lot
The natives of Cancer are sensitive people and who love to get to know others to get inside their square meter. For these reasons, they tend not only to attract energy vampires but also to be attracted to them in some way. The type of co-dependence that occurs at the beginning of the relationship leads them to feel somehow special, pushing them to deepen things. Unfortunately, when the true personality of the people with whom they relate emerges, it is always too late and the separation is rather unpleasant. Fortunately, the natives of the sign can always count on people who are by their side. And who, knowing them, try in every way to protect them. Which they do even in the presence of the so-called energy vampires.

Leo – Those who strangely do not attract them
Those born under the sign of Leo are people who show themselves to the world as super solar. Nonetheless, they hardly ever attract energy vampires. Strange as it may seem, the reason is related to their always wanting to be the center of attention. Taken as they are from their own life the natives of the sign have great difficulty in noticing others. And they do even more to give him the right attention.

A way of doing that tends to distract energy vampires. They need people who are always able to support them. People who can listen to them and help them in case of need. Although looking at them one might think that they live surrounded by this kind of people, therefore, in reality, the natives of the sign are practically immune to them.

Virgo – Those who only attract them at the beginning
Virgo natives are so used to thinking about everything negatively that they have important points in common with energy vampires. For this reason, sometimes they end up attracting someone. Which they solve thanks to their ability to think first of all about themselves. Their avoidance of getting too involved with the emotions of others makes them immune. And all because just as they attract them, they tend to drive them away in a short time. One thing they do without even realizing it but limiting themselves to being themselves. After all, their way of always looking at the negative side of things doesn’t give them any kind of useful potential for energy vampires. And these, after framing them, prefer to spontaneously move away to look for more positive people who can make them feel better.

Libra – Those who attract them but move them away quickly
Those born under the sign of Libra have such a calm and proactive personality that they attract a lot of the so-called energy vampires. This happens because it is enough to look at them to glimpse the energy that animates them. The same energy that always leads them to find a constructive point of view suitable to make what they have around them better. The natives of the sign, however, are also strong people and able to understand those around them.

This means that when they are in the presence of someone ready to suck energy, they have the strength to push him away. And by doing so they also manage to close the door forever. Strengthened by their way of life and being able to easily reach every goal, the signs of Libra have no desire to waste time. Nor to waste energy on people who already know would not know how to use it.

Scorpio – Those who are attractive but also repulsive
The natives of Scorpio have such complex and mysterious personalities that they attract a lot of all types of energy vampires. Their charm manages to attract. Especially if mixed with the willpower and vitality of which the natives of the sign are more than charged. At the same time, however, in addition to attracting, they also manage to somehow scare. Their approach to life and the intuition that drives them to immediately recognize who they are in front of does the rest. Energy vampires, in fact, often feel uncomfortable in their company. And this makes them little motivated to forge relationships with those who seem to have them perfectly framed. It is therefore very difficult for things to go on. And, more than anything else, it is possible that there are pushes and pulls that in the end rarely lead to anything.

Sagittarius – Those who attract enough
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius, are used to being among people and striking up a conversation with anyone in front of them. So they almost always end up attracting a different number of energy vampires. Their way of being, however, also leads them to rarely be close with them, except for the first few times. Loving the fact that they feel special to someone, they are attracted at first. And this means that they are willing to make friends. When the time they spend with their new friends becomes more than they want to spend, however, the result is almost always the same.

That is a quarrel or any pretext to remove them and return to live their lives without any kind of interference. A way of doing that, to be honest, they have a bit with everyone but in the case of energy, vampires are rather daunting.

Capricorn – Those who attract them and keep them
Capricorn natives seem born to attract so-called energy vampires. Although they never have enough time for themselves, they end up dedicating every little cutout to them. Partly because unlike friends, energy vampires are content with what they are given. And partly because they are usually only asked to find solutions to the most disparate problems. Something that the natives of the sign love to do and for which they are always ready to give themselves. In addition to being among the signs that of all people most attract this type of people, they also bring their own. Those born of the sign are also among those who tend to keep them as present as possible in their life. Once the contact has been established it is difficult for them to sever it and in discussions or the like, they prefer to continue to give as much as they can.

Aquarius – Those who do not attract them at all
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are so busy with their life that they do not have time to think about that of others. An aspect so evident that it keeps energy vampires at a distance, rather than approaching them they prefer to look for someone more suited to their needs. Being able to interest the natives of the sign to the point of bringing them to give something of them is indeed difficult. And this is because a lot of energy has to be spent to succeed. Which energy vampires, as the name suggests, don’t like at all. For this reason, Aquarius is perhaps the sign that of all those of the zodiac attracts them the least. At the same time, he is also the one who in the event of accidental encounters would immediately know how to remove them.

Pisces – Those who attract them a lot but who in the long run know how to protect themselves
The natives of Pisces are people with sensitive souls. The empathy with which they are endowed also pushes them to attract a lot of energy vampires who see in them an inexhaustible source of energy. The natives of the sign are always ready to help others. And they do it by putting passion and fortitude, even going so far as to try to solve the problems of those around them. An aspect that often leads them to surround themselves with people who want to have them around because they feel better in their presence.

Fortunately, even if the instinct is always to help, the natives of the sign know how to recognize energy vampires at first glance. And once you give them a hand, they tend to move away, aware of having to think about themselves first. It can therefore be said that while attracting them, they always know how to manage the situation.

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