Stop Pretending Like You’re Unlovable

The truth is, we all like to hide from what scares us most, from the fears that haunt us at night when sleep is nowhere to be found. We act like they don’t exist because it’s easier to do that than to have to face it than to question what makes heights so scary or what we think hides in the darkness.

You like to hide from love because loss is what you fear most. You’d rather be reserved than to have something to lose, than to have your heart break, than to have to commit to something more important than what cereal you’ll buy for the week.

You like to pretend that no one could ever love you as an excuse, but let me start by saying that I don’t buy it.

I know that you’re lovable because I find myself so infatuated with you. I find myself falling deeper for you every day that I get to observe, hear, listen and learn from you, every day that I get to hear that laugh of yours. I wish you knew that there is nothing to lose from letting me love you, only memories to gain.

I wish you knew that loss scares me too, because losing that bright smile and blue eyes would hurt, but the risk of losing you is worth having you, even if only for a minute.

Stop pretending like you’re unlovable. You’re just afraid of being loved by someone and getting hurt, which is understandable to an extent. You can’t allow your fears to control your life. Life is about living with no fears or regrets. Life is testing the waters and making the best memories possible. Life is about living for something bigger than the tiny fears that whisper to you.

Stop pretending that no one could ever love you. Maybe you’ll notice that someone already does.

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