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Find out what is the perfect look to better enjoy your summer by choosing between skirt and pants. The advice of the stars for you.

With the arrival of summer, the desire to change your look and renew yourself goes hand in hand with the need to lighten up and wear lighter and lighter clothes. For this reason, it can sometimes happen to find yourself undecided on the look to adopt in order to feel fresh, at ease and able to like yourself at the same time.

For women, then, the choice between tight but warm jeans and wide and fresh skirts but sometimes far from the look they are used to can represent a real challenge. Challenge that today we will make it easier based on the ascendant that the stars have on each of us. So, after seeing how every woman is more or less stubborn , today we will find out which look to choose between skirt and trousers to better enjoy the summer .

What to choose between skirt and pants? The council of the stars

Ariete – A wide trousers
If you want to feel fresh and elegant at the same time, you can bet on trousers that are wide enough to make you feel as fresh as you wish. A nice way to make your look always special and, above all, able to get noticed. Just match the right shirt and take care of the accessories to go from sporty to elegant in a short time. And all while fully enjoying an aspect that you will love and that will make you feel cared for like never before, even on the hottest days of the year. A look you will love even before you start wearing it.

Taurus – A wide skirt below the knee
For the summer, the choice that suits you best in terms of matching is that of a beautiful wide skirt that reaches below the knee and which at the same time gives you a jaunty and fresh air . Obviously it can be both a skirt to combine with a tank top or a dress, even better if vintage. A nice and sparkling way to meet the hottest days of the year with a smile on your face and with a great desire to be around even if in the sun there are more degrees than you think you can bear. A look that with the right reinterpretations will also go well in the evening and for special occasions. In fact, it is enough to change shoes to go from simple to elegant with a snap of the fingers.

Gemini – The shorts that look like a mini
You know those shorts that pretend to be a miniskirt without being one? It is the perfect middle ground that allows you to feel fresh and at ease without having to spend hours and hours choosing what to wear. The comfort of the shorts is in fact combined with a more charming look and that when you feel like it will make you feel feminine without having to give up comfort. Exactly what you need for a piece of clothing to wear all summer long without ever getting tired. Especially if you learn to combine it with different garments every time, creating imaginative and never repetitive looks. Which you are certainly more than capable of doing.

Cancer – Denim shorts
When it’s hot, the desire to feel comfortable and fresh takes over everything. And what’s better than a pair of short denim shorts to wear with all kinds of tops and tank tops. With the right combinations you can be both sporty and elegant, showing yourself even more than feminine. Shoes and accessories will do the rest. And all while allowing you to always feel fresh and at ease and therefore in a good mood. Which is extremely important in the hottest months of the year, especially for you who tend to change moods very easily, right?

Leone – Tight pants
Even in the height of summer, looking after your look is the most important aspect for you to take care of. This means that tight pants remain a part of your wardrobe. By choosing very light ones and combining them with ultra thin tank tops they will always make you feel at the top without making you die from the heat. And all for a look that you will like to the point of almost regretting it with the first cold weather. One more reason to enjoy it as long as you have time.

Virgo – Cotton trousers
A good way to feel comfortable even on the hottest days of the year? Wear a nice pair of cotton trousers, even better if hand-made or with special designs that can embellish them. In this way, by themselves they will give shape to a look in which you will feel perfectly at ease and that you can complete each time by choosing the right combinations. In fact, a matching tank top or a particular shirt is enough to give life to a particular clothing able to reflect your style.

Libra – The long skirt with
a petticoat A long skirt with a petticoat is the garment that suits you best in the summer. A simple and fresh way to keep your elegance intact and to always dress in order to be perfect both for everyday life and for a little more mundane occasions. It is an item of clothing that should never be missing in your wardrobe and that you can always combine with your taste in a different way. And all enjoying something fresh and able to make you feel good both with yourself and with the image that the mirror sends back to you.

Scorpio – The below-the-knee pants
Whether it’s capri, leggings or jeans to wear below the knee, tight pants are for you. Especially if they stop first or mid-calf. Fresh at the right point they go perfectly with sports shirts but also become perfect for other more elaborate and perhaps charming and feminine. A look that certainly knows how to get noticed and that goes perfectly with your way of being particular. What matters is to always make combinations that are able to satisfy you and never chosen at random. In this way, in addition to feeling fresh you will also be perfectly at ease and in a great mood.

Sagittarius – Shorts
When it’s hot, the thing you love to wear the most are shorts. No matter the fabric or the pattern, what matters is that they are light enough to give you the freshness you need in the summer months. A way of dressing that will always make you feel at ease and that you will like to alternate with sweaters and tank tops of all kinds. Maybe not very elegant for the evening but surprising others is something you’ve always liked. Reason why it is not excluded that you choose to do it for pure fun. And why not, also so as not to suffer too much from the heat, of course.

Capricorn – The miniskirt
When the summer arrives, the thing you like best is to wear miniskirts that are comfortable and at the same time beautiful to look at. It is a way to feel more feminine, enjoy some fresh air and play with fashion. After all, always changing combinations is something that you enjoy and that makes you feel good. And what’s better than showing off a mini skirt with always different shoes and sweaters? Whether it is day or night, you will always feel at the top and more than ever happy with your choice.

Aquarius – The long and wide
skirt A long, wide and perhaps floral skirt is what most represents you in the summer months. It is in fact a simple and charming way of dressing. Perfect to feel comfortable and at ease without giving up your femininity and particularly suitable for giving you that extra something that you like to show off when the summer season arrives. Combined with the right tank tops or t-shirts it will always give you a different look, making you feel both sporty and elegant and allowing you not to have to worry too much about your appearance. Another thing that you particularly like.

Pisces – The short and wide skirt
As a romantic person you are, in summer you like to wear short and wide skirts. Whether alone and combined with the right t-shirt or in the form of a dress, they will make you feel comfortable and feminine enough. A way to face the hottest months of the year with the right mood. And above all with the freshness you need to feel light and in line with the season. Even better if you opt for easily modular clothing. Garments able to make themselves suitable for both day and evening with a simple change of accessories. A mode that will make you feel even more at ease.

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