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5 Zodiac Signs Always Have To Overdo It

Some people just can’t find an end. At work, they simply sit at their desk longer than their colleagues, when it comes to love they want everything at once and when they get up to exercise there is no end to it. The list is endless and must be defined differently for each person. However, the fact is that some people are more susceptible to it than others. Did you know that your zodiac sign also plays a role? Five signs keep overdoing it and therefore need to be a bit more vigilant.



It’s no surprise that success-obsessed Capricorns are here. Although the Earth sign is responsible, it also quickly caves in times of stress. If their life doesn’t run smoothly as usual, Capricorns compensate for this with cell phone games, endless scrolling on Instagram, TikTok, etc., or with sugar. However, you need to be careful because it could turn into a serious addiction. Instead, swap your smartphone and chocolate vouchers for soothing self-care rituals that will help you cope with stress.


Otherwise a superpower, their emotionality does not benefit Pisces when it comes to addictive behavior. Whether it’s heartbreak or terrible losses like a death in the family, the water sign immediately falls into a deep hole. And because Pisces feel so intensely, they want to numb these strong emotions so as not to suffer even more. They tend to develop compulsions during difficult times in life. To counteract this, try to find your methods to cope with the pain. Meditation can help here, but so can psychotherapy or exercise.


Aren’t scales always completely balanced? Ideally, this may be true, but crises and stress quickly create an imbalance. The air sign is then impressionable and carelessly gets involved in things that distract them. In such phases, Libras don’t care about themselves, their relationships, friends, or family. Unfortunately, the zodiac sign is also good at marginalizing their small and large quirks. Armed with this knowledge, you should always look critically at behavior that suddenly becomes more intense.


Aquarius has a hard time giving up doing things that they enjoy. It starts with eating and drinking but sometimes culminates in a week full of party nights. Conversely, there are Aquarians who have discovered mindfulness, retreat to a retreat in Bali for months, and then train to become yoga teachers. In short: No matter what he does, Aquarius can hardly find the right dose of anything.

5. LEO

The lion usually only knows full throttle! He doesn’t do things by halves and wants to finish everything the way he wants. However, with his eagerness and perfectionist nature, it can quickly happen that the fire sign loses its way and is no longer able to judge what is going too far. He is then in a frenzy and wants to show everyone and prove that he can do it. The Leo should therefore always be careful when an ego boost is imminent.


While some zodiac signs always have to overdo it, others know their limits very well. This includes, for example, the earth sign Taurus, but also the water sign Cancer. They tend to be of the leisurely variety, but therefore often live a healthier life, both mentally and physically, as they make the most of their potential but don’t constantly go overboard. And the zodiac sign Virgo also knows exactly what she can and cannot do. As is typical of the perfectionistic earth sign, she skillfully uses her strengths. Conversely, Virgos also know exactly when they should stay away from something.

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