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The Zodiac Signs That Will Part In The Week Of April 10-16.

This week is a special one because the energy of the planet Venus brings changes in the love life of the signs. For the majority, this influence is very good, but 3 natives have problems in love relationships.

The signs that will part in the week of April 10-16 are Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn. Of course, these astrological predictions do not apply to all natives born in these signs, but there is only a certain influence that impacts them more or less, taking into account certain aspects of their lives.

This week brings us a unique cosmic energy. April 12 is a day when you can express your wishes and intentions. Also, the universe will give you an impetus to think more about your future aspirations and plans. If there is something that does not align with these, you will simply feel it. Both the good and the negative things in your life come to light.

There is a heavy and oppressive energy that comes towards us after April 14th, which makes us feel a little lost in the fog. If you will have this feeling of confusion, it can help you to talk to someone close to you and even ask for their advice.

Here are the zodiac signs with relationship problems this week.


A disappointment appears in your love life. This problem involves other people besides your partner. Keep your eyes wide open! There are many bad mouths around you and you will find out that some people are talking behind your back. Don’t cling to negativity, release it so that you don’t take it into your life. It’s their problem and not yours.

The conflict between you will not necessarily lead to separation, but a break may appear that will give you something to think about. Give your partner space to settle his thoughts and don’t pour gas on the fire.


Jealousy could be a serious problem for you. You are very attractive and have special energy during this period, and people swarm around you. This could cause the partner displeasure. Discussions and conflicts will not stop here. Your professional life and the attention you give to work could bring arguments in your love life.

You are about to make an important decision and the week of April 10-16 may bring a major change in your life.


Your relationship as a couple has certain problems, and many of them may come to light in the week of April 10-16. It will not be easy to manage them, because they will come as an unpleasant surprise in your life. Your life partner seems changed or you may notice certain things that you were not aware of in the past. If he gives you a reason that shows that he is not trustworthy, then the best option is to talk openly about your feelings.

You will be more attentive to details and all kinds of little things will displease you. Be careful if it’s worth giving them importance or not, because they could lead to a breakup.

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If you are born in one of these 3 signs, receive the astrologer’s warning as a sign to allocate more time to your feelings. Pay attention to what is happening in your love relationship and what are your needs to be happier and more fulfilled.

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