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Signs That Never Give Up on Love

For some of the signs, love is more than a need or a desire, it becomes the center of their Universe.

To love, to be loved, for whom is there greater happiness? Although it is said that no one can live without love, for some of us love is much more than a need, a desire, an ideal, an important part of life, it is literally the center of our own Universe. Do you feel lost when you don’t love and you don’t give up on love even when you break your head? The stars have their share of “blame”.

Top zodiac signs that fight to the end for love


It can be said about Cancers that they love… too much. And when they are wounded in love, they suffer intensely, atrociously. Between us, it’s not hard to hurt a Cancer. Tears, sleepless nights, lost kilos, worries, and thousands of tormenting thoughts cost natives a breakup. And with all that, he never stops believing in love or looking for it with inversion. For them, feelings are the cornerstone, and the sensitivity with which they are endowed prevents them from blowing into the yogurt, no matter how bad it was burnt with the soup. They invest all the emotions they are capable of in the person they adore and have a huge need for attention and support. Loneliness makes them isolate themselves and bear their suffering in silence. They are addicted to love like air and to leave Cancer after swearing eternal love is the greatest cruelty.


The characteristic passion of the zodiac can be found especially in the way of loving. A Scorpio knows no half-measures. It is given body, soul, and cell by cell. The loved one leaves his mark in every thought, dream, and breath of the Scorpio native. He considers himself the slave and master of the one who warms his bedding and brightens his days. He doesn’t hold anything for himself when he falls in love, he gives everything he has, and he sets off with all his resources with and towards the man he loves, without whom he can no longer live. If things don’t go well, the Scorpio clings with all his strength to the dream of a love that he wanted endlessly. Possessiveness prevents him from loving detaching, relaxing, or giving up in favor of another. Don’t give up until after hard fights. In fact, that’s what native love is: a battlefield.


It is a sign that one cannot live without a partner. Periods of loneliness are the cruelest nightmare for Gemini, there is no greater punishment for them. You better take his house and his clothes, but not his love. This does not mean that Gemini stays tied to one and the same person for a long time. On the contrary, they feel relieved if a union ends before the blasé intervenes. But the game of conquest, of giving, of discovering a new partner is what keeps you in the grip. For them, love is also salt and pepper, the fire without which they would wake up in the morning in vain. Anyway, the news is good for Geminis who haven’t found their soulmate – it seems that great love is waiting for them around the corner in 2017 and it comes their way when they least expect it.


They are not always the door to the Church, but even if they sometimes make mistakes, they are forgivable, they forgive. Pisces believes in biblical, divine love, in the love that forgives everything, hopes for everything and conquers everything. The reason that pushes Pisces to put an end to a love to which he still feels connected with his body and soul has not yet been invented. They sacrifice themselves without reservations or regrets for the happiness of their loved ones and go beyond everything, just to start it all over again with even more pathos. Pisces put their life on standby and their soul on the table to ensure the peace of another day, another season, and another year with their half. Breakups are dramatic for natives, pushing them towards the most thoughtless gestures. They feed on the sap of lost loves and risk throwing themselves into inappropriate, relentless passions. But as long as there is a small chance,

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