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The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs In March

Jealousy is a very common feeling and can play really bad tricks on you. In fact, in a couple, jealousy can be the main cause of many quarrels, above all because very often it can be unfounded and leads one’s partner to exasperation.

Summer is a beautiful season, because it allows us to spend much more time with our partner, but also with our friends, and for this reason, it can be a rather difficult period for those suffering from jealousy. Let’s find out which signs will be the most jealous in March:


Scorpio is known to have always been among the most jealous signs of the zodiac, and this month in particular will be full of challenges. For the Scorpio, there won’t be a moment of respite, as he will feel much more insecure than usual and will feel the need to know where he is and what his partner is doing when he is in the company of his friends, as moved by sensations anything but positive. Scorpio lovers, equip yourself with a lot of patience because it will be a rather complicated month!


Virgo’s possessive and jealous side will come out in all its forms this month. You love exclusivity and feel that lately, something is wrong in your relationship in this sense, and for this, you will be moved by feelings of deep jealousy that will make you lose your mind and imagine things that, in reality, do not exist, but only happen in your head. Try to live your life as a couple more serenely, otherwise, things will go very badly.


Those born under the sign of Taurus, as we know, do not like to share, and that is why during this month you will die of jealousy, since you will find yourself spending a lot of time with your partner and his friends, without having the opportunity to spend alone. This thing will often make you angry, but you have to enter the perspective that no one really belongs to you, and the beauty of relationships is also sharing moments with your friends, without alienating yourself too much.


For Capricorns, respect and privacy are paramount. This last month of holidays will be really hard, as your partner will put you to the test as he will spend a lot of time with other people with whom he will also talk about you and your relationship and you don’t like this. Try not to lose your head over this and be more carefree.

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