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Find out if and how romantic you are based on your zodiac sign.

Love is the most discussed and talked about feeling ever. Believe it or not, every person finds himself living on the basis of the love he has or does not have towards others and, above all, towards himself. There are different types of love you can feel in life, some of which are not necessarily directed towards other people. However, the best known and often the protagonist of novels and songs is romantic love, the one that pushes you to dream of a life for two made up of moments to share together and in which to feel happy. Obviously, falling in love is not enough to know how to live love to 100%, and even if involved there will always be both people ready to give themselves completely and those more reluctant and less inclined to abandon themselves to the feeling. This way of being may depend on the character and past experiences but, in large part, it is linked to the influence that the stars have on each of us. Today, we will find out how romantic we are and all based on our zodiac sign.

Horoscope: The stars tell you how romantic you are

Aries – Definitely Unromantic
Let’s face it, romance is not for you. In relationships you like to throw yourself headlong and mostly driven by the attraction that you consider the winning engine and able to give the strongest emotions. You have always given love a secondary role, so much so that, even trying it, you hardly tend to change your approach, always looking for an attractive component without which you cannot feel satisfied. For you, the relationship is a role-playing game in which you always want to be the winner.

Taurus – Romantic in a Practical Way
You still have a lot to work on romance. You do not lack the basics but they must absolutely be reinterpreted and made more compatible with the expectations of others. For you, being romantic is being there and giving support but seemingly useless thoughts also count in life such as an unexpected gift, a cute phrase or a sudden invitation to share a special moment together. All aspects that you miss and that while compensating on other fronts you should really learn to know and experiment, not only for the well-being of your love but also and above all for yourself.

Gemini – Romantic Only Occasionally
It’s not that you lack the basics of romance, the real problem is your lack of interest in practicing it. Your living things in a different way always makes you unpredictable and often able to surprise those around you. But amazement alone is not enough to fill certain shortcomings such as those of a romantic gesture made from time to time. Which, when you apply it, you can also do it great, making even more confusing any partners who, once they have experienced your romantic side, do not understand why this is so latent. In short, a little practice in this sense would do you good.

Cancer – Extremely romantic
As your sign suggests, you are a decidedly romantic person and always ready to indulge in effusions and pampering. For you, life as a couple is like a long movie littered with special moments to share. Too bad that often your idea of ​​love leads you to idealize things to the point of making you lose sight of the reality that in your eyes is not always beautiful enough. But what is real is undoubtedly more precious than what lives only in your mind. So try to free yourself from patterns and preconceptions and take love for what it knows and can give you at the moment. You will find that letting go without setting everything from the beginning can have some really positive effects.

Leo – The romantic who needs more romance
Although you are known as one of the strongest signs of the zodiac, your romantic side is definitely developed. When you meet the right person, you are ready to give yourself completely and make every moment unforgettable. For this to work, however, you need the other person to do the same and always keep up with you, giving you precious moments to remember forever. Only in this way will you be able to live your romantic side without problems and in total freedom.

Virgo – Medium Romantic
Your level of romance is average. In the early days, you surely know what the other person should not miss, to whom you know how to dedicate everything that is part of the romance “package”. Unfortunately, yours is a way of doing things that changes over time and that leads you to let things diminish until you lose any kind of externalization. A way of doing that you will absolutely have to change because it can put even the most serious relationship at risk. And since inside you do not stop loving, it is right to demonstrate it also with gestures, in order to keep the person most important to you close to you.

Libra – Romantic only if you feel safe
For you, romance is like a kind of weakness, to be shown only to people you trust blindly. When you feel you have feelings for someone, you tend to eclipse yourself or show yourself more shy. Yet, a small gesture from the other person is enough to let you go. Obviously, in the same way, one in the opposite direction is enough to extinguish all your enthusiasm. Learning to be more confident in yourself and your means could be the key to allowing you a broader vision of the love and romance that has always belonged to him.

Scorpio – Romantic but reserved
While one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, your ability to show what you are feeling is very limited. Sure, you can compensate a lot with passion but sometimes a romantic gesture can really make a difference. Too bad that your being reserved and difficult to understand often leads you to feel a prisoner of yourself. So, even if you are constantly formulating romantic thoughts inside you, in action you can only put 20% of them into practice. A little practice can come in handy, allowing you to extend your limits by at least a few points.

Sagittarius – Romantic as long as you are in love
You do not miss the romantic side and you are also able to express it without any problem. To do this, however, you need to be more than convinced that you really love the other person. Once the feelings have faded, in fact, your need for sincerity will push you to immediately distance yourself, even at the cost of appearing brutal. Certainly not a pleasant aspect, but in the end it is better than a deception. Perhaps you should learn to manage times and ways better, so as not to make people believe that past gestures are the fruit of a fiction.

Capricorn – Romantic but not too much
You are not among the most romantic signs of the zodiac but you are certainly a person capable of feeling love and who, from time to time, does not even disdain some romantic gesture. However, these are small parentheses between which you prefer to maintain an almost detached attitude. Be careful, because to others you may even seem disinterested. If you find that you really love someone, then, the advice of the stars is to show more participation.

Aquarius – On the Other Side of Romance
The romantic aspect of love is something you just don’t care about and barely understand. When you feel transport for someone you know that it is mostly physical and even when there is affection, you can’t add anything else. Your need for personal space obviously doesn’t help. And, most likely, there aren’t many ways to bring out something that just isn’t part of you. For this reason you will have to rely on your knowing how to be passionate to hold on to the person you are interested in.

Pisces – 100% Romantic
Yours is one of the most romantic signs ever. For you, love means filling your days with romantic gestures and continuous proofs of love. Like the protagonist of a love story, you like to fantasize about every possible implication, imagining yourself with the person you love in a thousand and more situations. A way of being that you know how to express with gifts and romantic thoughts and with a way of doing that often pushes the other person to want to give you something. In short, love is certainly one of the feelings you can best manage.

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