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Signs That Are A Tenderness But With A Bad Character

They say that we must be patient, put ourselves in the place of the other, because we never know the demons that he hides. There are signs that are patient, but after giving a thousand chances they can show the worst of their sides. Believe me these signs are the ones you never want to argue with, because they have the ability to come out victorious and really tear you apart. Yes, there are signs that are cute but with a very bad character. Does it sound familiar to you?There is a very fine line between seriousness and bad humor. Sometimes the face of few friends can be a deception and in reality they are very sweet people. However, there are those who catch fire quickly, they are walking fire and there comes a point where they lose control of their emotions. That’s when they have negative reactions and it’s best to step aside.

Signs with very bad character 

There are those who can fall into the insults and hints of anger and it does not always take something very serious to unleash it. Sometimes, they are internal struggles and end up affecting third parties. The problem is that most of them are very perfectionistic signs and when things don’t go their way, they lose control. Let’s see.

5.- Aquarius 

It’s funny, it seems that Aquarius concentrates on his world, his dreams and that peculiar way of seeing life. However, beyond his comprehension there is also a weak side, the one that screams when it wants to be heard. Aquarius has arguments that you cannot imagine, he discusses intelligently, he is the person who will leave you quiet and reflecting for three days.

4.- Scorpio 

Indeed, Scorpio is that sign they call the God of intensity, it is Mars who governs it, the planet that honors war. So messing with a Scorpio is worse than selling your soul to the devil, when someone hurts them they don’t touch their hearts, they can become really vindictive. That puts the people around them in a very vulnerable situation, because you may have them in the palm of your hand just by revealing a secret. The good news is that Scorpios will only do it with those people who hurt them.


A Gemini it shows bad mood even in the way your hair falls, they are very transparent when it comes to their emotions and seek no reason to look good with the other. Geminis have a cold and distant personality, there are few people who manage to know their weaknesses, but they have the gift of being told everything by other people, which can be a double-edged sword. If you mess with a Gemini be prepared because he will not stay with his hands crossed. 


Another sign that is ruled by the unstoppable force of Mars . The truth is that the Aries temperament is not for everyone, it is a zodiac sign that does not shut up what it feels and cares little if it affects people or not. Aries prefers a thousand times to stay with only one person, than with those who talk about him behind his back. When it comes to arguing, they don’t give it much thought, their anger can betray them and leave the person with a nervous breakdown.

  1. – Virgo 

Behind a personality full of tranquility and perfectionism, hides an impatient human being, who can make you tremble with just one sentence. They will not tell you what you want to hear, they have no fear or desire to pretend. Virgo discussions are deep, devastating , they remind you of the weakest of your things. And he doesn’t plan to leave until they come to a conclusion.

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