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We hope you are not one of the most irascible zodiac signs of the horoscope; the reason seems clear to us but perhaps it is better to explain it with today’s ranking!

There are people who really can’t do without it.
They get very angry, immediately and in a frankly a little scary way.
There are no ways to contain their anger once it has been unleashed : fortunately, however, the outbursts are short -lived .
Who are we talking about? Let’s find out now!

The most irascible zodiac signs of the horoscope: here is today’s ranking

Hey, let’s face it. If you are hot-tempered, not only will you be on the leaderboard but you will be ready to get angry about it !

Obviously we can’t do anything about it; stars and planets decree the qualities of the zodiac signs and, for this reason, it is impossible for us to lie!
The most irascible signs of the horoscope are those people who, as the adjective says, end up getting angry always and in any case and in a very short time.
There are some things that irritate them and immediately make them angry: fortunately, however, these ” explosions ” never last long!

So: are you ready to find out if you are in today ‘s ranking ? Let’s get started right away!

Taurus: fifth place

The Taurus , in fact, tends to get angry immediately, right away, even before thinking about a situation.

Fortunately, after a moment of calm, those born under the sign of Taurus almost always manage to recover their savoir-faire … fortunately! Sure, Taurus are short-tempered but they are never reckless!

Scorpio: fourth place

We must tell the truth: those born under the sign of Scorpio do not get angry often but when they do it is really something scary … for everyone!

Scorpios , in fact, have a very strange way of doing when they get angry.
They catch fire immediately, as they are really short-tempered!
Out of the blue that person who seemed to be always calm, always calm and always ready to react in the best way to problems … is furious like never before!

Cancer: third place

Those born under the sign of Cancer are absolutely in the ranking of the most irascible zodiac signs of the horoscope .
Don’t be fooled by their kind and cute ways… most of the time!

When a Cancer gets angry there is really no escape for virtually anyone. Cancers , in fact , behave as if any small wrong is a giant mountain, to be climbed with infinite anger and resentment.

Capricorn: second place

Yes, dear Capricorns , you are in second place in the ranking of the most irascible zodiac signs.
You are absolutely not a person who keeps calm even if you go out of your way to fake it!

Capricorns are people who can get really angry in no time. They take it out for so many things but the very fact that they tend to ignore it is what makes them so short-tempered!
As soon as the Capricorns let themselves go to anger they immediately become real bombs ready to explode.
In short, don’t blame Capricorns  if, out of the blue, they start to get really short-tempered. They’ve bottled up their emotions as long as they can and now they need to explode!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most irascible zodiac signs of the horoscope

Finally we come to the first place in the ranking of the most irascible zodiac signs of the horoscope ; dear Leo , did you know it was you?
Obviously, as soon as you have discovered it you are already a little irritated: we do not want to know how you will react in front of this ranking!

Leos are people who have a very short fuse and are  particularly  short- tempered.
Even if you cut their way with the car they could tie it to their finger and follow you to see who you are and why you cut their way ! Leos
are not bad but they are certainly short-tempered: be careful not to (literally) cross their path in an irritating way!

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