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Signs Of War And Signs Of Peace

From a mystical point of view, in each of us are the four elements of nature (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water), but only one of them makes its presence felt more often, that is, it dominates our personality.

Two of the four elements oppose each other as a force, but at the same time complement each other – Fire (spiritual level) and Water (emotional level). Zodiac signs governed by the first element are impulsive and passionate, while the others are sensitive and romantic. Which of these are signs of war and which are signs of peace? Who instigates and who calms the spirits?

War signs


Aries natives are ruled by the planet Mars, whose name comes from the Roman god of war. It’s no wonder that they see every situation in life as a battle that they have to win. Impulsivity and passion are the characteristics that lead them in everything they do.

The representatives of the zodiac get involved in body and soul on all levels and cannot bear the idea of ​​defeat. Compromise is not a good way for them, which is why they show a lot of stubbornness. No matter how hard you try, you can’t pull it off with them. In the end, you end up fighting a war just to prove your point. So, if you enter into a heated discussion with them, be careful which weapons you choose, because you might have something to lose. The natives of war do not know how to lose.


Another war sign that is not good to mess with is Sagittarius. He will do anything for the last word to be his. You will hardly be able to convince him that he is not on the right path, because he has the impression that he is always right.

It’s hard to live with this sign, especially since the natives always seem to be looking for reasons to fight, but it won’t be any easier without them either. Once they get into your heart, it’s hard to get them out. Explosive temper is their signature style that they stamp everywhere they go. No one can erase the traces they have left, especially if they are of intense and passionate fights.

Signs of peace


The natives of this astrological sign are lovers of peace and harmony, so you feel like in Heaven with them. Water signs, always manage to calm even the most heated spirits. Where there is an intense struggle sparked by a sign of war, you can count on one of these representatives to settle the conflict.

Those born under the sign of Cancer are always cautious and balanced. They feel the need for safety and tranquility, so they cannot live in an environment that does not inspire these characteristics. They are considerate of those around them and often jump in to lend a helping hand when asked.


Pisces are some of the wisest natives of the zodiac, so it’s no wonder why they seek out peace. They have the power to calm heated arguments and bring harmony to an environment with negative energy.

Their greatest desire is spiritual enlightenment, so they will always seek throughout their lives to achieve it. Although these natives are sensitive and seem weak at first sight, they are the best at getting out of critical situations. They know how to negotiate well, so they even manage to prevent the unleashing of a war of interests.

Although Water and Fire are opposite elements, their combination in the world is essential to achieving balance. The signs of war and the signs of peace make a good team when they join forces, managing to motivate and temper each other when spirits are heated.

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