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The stars reveal that the month of the end of September will be particularly favorable for three lucky zodiac signs.

September is about to come to an end and to give way to the arrival of October. This transition will take place with Venus in the sign of Virgo . The planet of love in the most meticulous sign of the Zodiac will bring great security , especially in love but also on a professional level, especially to 3 natives of the Zodiac .

If you are among the signs of today’s ranking, September will end with joy for you. Before saying goodbye this month he will leave you at the mercy of luck, happy tidings and solve all your love problems.

Here are the luckiest zodiac signs of the end of September

Venus is in the sign of Virgo and from this position it is releasing an intense positive energy that will affect above all three zodiac signs, which are expected to great changes and even great upheavals. 

Here are the three lucky signs who will experience new opportunities and above all a lot of joy. This end of the month will be particularly abundant and at the same time peaceful for these natives. Also From September 23 the Sun enters the sign of Libra and this will determine balance and harmony for these lucky signs.


The natives of the sign of Pisces in these last days of the month will feel particularly happy and will want to share a lot with their loved ones. From September 18th the moon enters Cancer and this change will bring a renewed intuition to Pisces. Added to this is the influence of Venus in Virgo and the sun in Libra which cement Pisces relationships and will allow natives who are still single to find the love of their life. Pisces will feel they have to make decisions that won’t just involve them.


Also for the native of Aries the Moon in Cancer and Venus in Virgo will bring positive upheavals especially in love. The weekend will be particularly stress-free for this fire sign who will feel in a good mood and especially gentle. With the entry of the Sun into Libra, Aries will fulfill all of his wishes and if he is single he will meet a special person with whom he will want to start a relationship and enjoy a beautiful love story.


Virgo will feel particularly loved during the end of September. She will feel compensated for by her relentless need for attention and care and support. Virgo will also feel the need for more freedom during this time, something she doesn’t usually feel. She will also feel compelled to undertake new projects which will prove to be very rewarding. The Sun in Libra and Venus in Virgo will make Virgo particularly sensual and encourage new encounters. Virgo will not go headlong into this romantic adventure but she will take the time to get to know the subject of her love at first sight and understand what she really wants. She will let herself go in due course and this move will turn out to be a winner.

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