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Predictions Today, The Truth Above All: 3 Signs Are Authentic, None Are Like Them!

Forecasts today and beyond, we come to the showdown: summing up is not enough when there is big news in sight!

Attention to the sky today, there are quite a few new things that upset the life of the zodiac signs. Today’s forecasts feel like a breath of fresh air, without forgetting however that some “accounts from the past” are returning, or rather… they have never gone away! Talking about authenticity is not easy, especially when most of the personalities in the field have difficulty expressing their truest self. Society wants everyone to be beautiful, pint, and tidy, but everyone has secrets that they manage to hide up to a certain point…especially after today, everything comes out! Here are the transits that favor this condition.

We speak of two transits because we have two very important astrological situations that coincide perfectly. After almost a month, the planet of Thought, Mercury, moves regularly again: and the retrograde cycle ends. Indeed, it gave the illusory impression of going “in reverse” precisely following the opposite motion, but in reality, it only moved more slowly. Today it returns to being the same as always, and everyone’s ideas and reasoning also become more regular.

If throughout this period we have felt lost and a little confused, now everyone’s priorities and conditions are clearer. There is awareness of one’s abilities, one feels unique in the whole world: then one wants to express it! This situation becomes more and more necessary also because of the Mars-Neptune trine, stars of War, and Illusion, both of which turn all their energies towards self-realization and expression. Right now there isn’t a dream that seems unattainable!

Here are the friends who feel these energies are powerful and put themselves on the line.

The forecast today, everything goes as it should… finally!

When Mercury returns to its place and satisfying transits such as today’s Trine follow, expect the best. It is essential to remember that it is true that energies are favored, allowing everyone to express themselves without any type of confinement. But what must be taken into account is that everyone must get involved, with the fear of taking risks, but also with the awareness that every sacrifice made has its value. If April has opened up new astrological and intimate connections, today there is room for the best relationship that can exist. As already mentioned, the most “lasting” is the one with oneself. You can’t feel good with the whole world if your person is deeply wounded. That’s why, according to today’s predictions, freedom of expression combined with creativity can do great things!

The forecast today, Aries, there is no one more warrior than him!

Stubborn and impulsive he has often made some trouble, especially recently. Being an impatient personality, he ended up having a crisis whenever the situation seemed complex to him. Let’s say it’s a fairly common reaction, but it exploded over trifles. Today he feels better, the thought of him is more regular, and above all he has confidence in his abilities like never before. Advice: continue on this road, there are other deceptions and obstacles, but sooner or later all these gears will rotate in a constant, continuous, but above all satisfying cycle. There are good results to come.

Pisces takes its path, has courage, and above all good chances of serenity!

Dreamer and abstractionist par excellence, he often got confused among his ideas, especially when they were posed as inconclusive. Since he usually thinks and doesn’t act, the most recent standoff has created anguish and discontent in him. Now that everything seems more understandable, he has found the key to facing everything, showing great resilience and fighting spirit. Advice: being ferocious and less kind is not a symptom of malice, showing that you bare your teeth also to grind them and not just smile, is part of life, especially if you are dealing with certain people.

Sagittarius, dream and do it big, there is someone important to keep him company!

Deluded and visionary, a combo that often manifests itself like a time bomb: how many can he combine? Since this is a friend who is sometimes a little crazy, someone is needed to put a stop to his madness. Someone’s closeness, affection, and constant love lifted him especially when he felt more alone and emotionally broken down. Advice: becoming more active, perhaps choosing to do some physical activity, is the healthiest habit that could be undertaken at this moment in which there is so much need to unload the adrenaline.

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