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These 3 zodiac signs literally attract bad luck

These 3 zodiac signs literally attract bad luck

Unfortunately, some people don’t always go according to plan. They are often haunted by misfortune and experience bad things much more often than others. However, many things also happen from a negative attitude. Some people attract negative experiences through their negative energy. Bad luck seems to be very present for these people. 

The 3 zodiac signs, which are presented in this article, are, as it were, unlucky and have problems escaping this misery. Find out what the zodiac signs are and what you have to do to put an end to the vicious circle.


Capricorn is the perfectionist under the zodiac signs. He has big goals and will do everything possible to achieve them. Sometimes, however, he is too stubborn and simply has too high demands on himself. The pressure that he puts on himself, therefore, slows him down every now and then, making things go slower than he had thought. This is more than frustrating for him. 

He tries to force himself to work and discipline to make up for the lost time and every time he misses his goal, he punishes himself with extra tasks. This mentality attracts bad luck on its own. Due to their perfectionism, many ibex get into a kind of vicious cycle in which they can only see the mistakes and can no longer be happy about their achievements. They no longer appreciate all their skills because they expect too much.

You can do that: To reinvent yourself, you have to partially throw your old views overboard and redefine them. Just because you had a bad day doesn’t mean that you can no longer achieve your goals. You have to factor in these days and realize that you have to do your best every day. It doesn’t matter whether you achieve less or more than yesterday. You are not a machine, dear Capricorn, that just works that way. Treat yourself to a break, and you will find that the next day you can approach things with a lot more energy than usual.


Twins are considered very ambitious people. They like change and always strive for it. In addition, twins want to live an exciting life and try to establish exciting things in their everyday life. Unfortunately, their indecisiveness very often gets in their way. They are afraid of making the wrong decision and then having to face the consequences. That is why they often prefer to stay in their comfort zone and prefer to weigh themselves in safety. 

It is therefore not uncommon for twins to be unhappy with their lives. It is no wonder that they are often unlucky and that things do not go as expected. Sometimes twins feel that the whole universe is against them. You can try to do everything in your power, but that doesn’t guarantee that you will ultimately achieve what you want to achieve. Very often they feel powerless and think that they can’t change anything anyway, so they don’t try it at all. It is not always easy to be twins.

You can do that: take some time for yourself, twin. Try to find out what feelings are currently in you. But don’t make your emotional world your life’s purpose. If you delve too deeply into your emotions, you may feel that you cannot see the forest for the trees. You may also feel trapped in your own head. Try not to feed the evil trolls that keep you awake at night.


Aquarians are very often in the past with their thoughts. They love to think back on past moments or experiences and bring their feelings back to the surface. However, they focus very strongly on negative experiences. You can’t let them go and are stuck in the past. They rarely look into the future and are certainly not present in the here and now. Aquarius thinks much more about what he could have done better and how things could have been different. 

This circle of thought leads to a very negative attitude in Aquarius. He just can’t turn it off and at the same time, he feels badly treated by life. He thinks he’s just unlucky and that everyone around him is happier than he is.

You can do that: If your zodiac sign is Aquarius, on the one hand, you have the opportunity to dive headfirst into your own downward spiral and continue living in the past. Or you can finally put an end to it all. Mediations could help you to be more in the present and not to cling to the past. Just let go, Aquarius! Life is happening now. What has happened no longer defines you?

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