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Love triangles? Here are the best sign by sign 2k22

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There are more than two people involved in a love triangle. Are you experiencing such a situation?

The love triangles of Aries

L ‘ Aries is ruled by Mars, planet of war but also the wild and uncontrollable passions. Based on the transits, this sign could also enter the vortex of a love triangle , looking for a counterpart who can complete it as they would like, also to satisfy their need to vent all the energy they accumulate.

Capricorn could correspond to this , who being a perfectionist like him, would place himself in a sphere of continuous challenges to those who do best in the couple, creating a stimulating antagonism.

To slow down the race in the love triangles of Aries there is often a Cancer , who manages to soften his impetuousness, especially between the sheets, where he will find all the tenderness he seeks.

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In the love triangle of a Taurus

While it is true that Taurus loves being on their own, it can be the other way around when their attention shifts to multiple subjects in love .

It is evident that in order for him to take this path, it must be “special” people, such as Libra , who will make him foretaste the pleasure of love and charm, even if only with a look.

There is often a love at first sight between these 2 signs, which can keep parallel stories even lasting.

Such sweetness, however, could tip the balance towards something more intriguing, such as a Leo and his ability to dominate, but making him feel important and unique. Keeping up such a love triangle is challenging, but the Taurus with his proverbial tenacity and patience does it in a masterly way.

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Never without love triangles: Gemini

It is true that Gemini does not enjoy a great reputation as regards the theme of fidelity , but it is in their nature to go in search of continuous confirmation and this need, dictated by insecurity, often pushes them into love triangles to the limit of the spy-story.

With artfully crafted lies and an infallible memory, Gemini can have multiple families if they wanted to, and sometimes it happens, because they have no intention of making anyone upset.

He could do so, at his own risk in peril, with another Gemini , who paradoxically is faithful based on his astral chart and ascendant in Scorpio or Cancer.

From here it is easy to conquer a Sagittarius , which despite being its opposite sign, is a stimulus to center his unstable love balance and make everything pleasant.

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Cancer in the rare love triangles

It is rare for a Cancer to let go, for this reason they live rare love triangles , as it is one of the most faithful zodiac signs, but love is known to have no restraints.

This is why he could have an official relationship with a Sagittarius , who can realize his dream of family and home, while the transgression to find someone who favors his being shy, is represented by a Pisces who would guarantee him the feeling of safe harbor and welcome. that he misses. Cancer, in fact, only betrays when they see themselves neglected.

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In the love triangles of Leo

For Leo it is life to feel courted so his love triangles almost never end up having a long life, because he feels the need to change partners.

A rewarding achievement for him is certainly that of a sign like Aries , which has pride and a desire for constant gratification in common, so they could do it each other.

In an unstable love balance, an exuberant Gemini could act as a counterbalance , who with his jovial and very passionate personality responds to the need for escapes of love in distant places, but only occasionally, without continuity. In this the Gemini can be complicit , because he does not like regularity and above all he easily changes his mind.

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The Virgo and the love triangles

The Virgo is drawn from complex situations, tangled and seasoned with a certain amount of risk, which in this case is to be discovered. Precisely for this reason he could find the partners of his love triangle in the circle of friends , because he does not like to move and make flights of fancy to live a love affair.

The answer to this need could be found in a sign like yours, while a “safe” lover is Cancer , with whom to live secret nights of transgression. The problem, however, is that he soon regrets his love triangle and feelings of guilt assault him .

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Libra: elite love triangles

It is not a question of aiming exclusively for money, but it is a need that Libra has to surround themselves with extremely beautiful things, therefore luxury.

His partners as lovers of love triangles will have to be not only aesthetically remarkable, but also wealthy. She usually has a stable relationship with a Pisces , with whom she feels an elective affinity, but if she is disappointed she goes to look for those who can move her love life like a Leo or a Scorpio , worthy companions of crazy nights of love and fun travels.

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The love triangle of a Scorpio

The Scorpio has the reputation of being an inveterate traitor , so he will find the perfect lover in a Gemini , who will also be able to stimulate his desire for culture and knowledge, as well as an intense dialogue.

In everyday life, however, he will probably betray a placid Cancer or a Taurus , who will not suspect anything, because he is a master at keeping secrets .

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Looking for a love triangle with Sagittarius

It is difficult for a Sagittarius to be in a love triangle and, if it does, it is because he has been heavily betrayed and disappointed in turn.

For this he will do it with a Gemini who will perfectly respond to his desire to travel, perhaps meeting the third protagonist in one of these trips. It is clear that they will be fleeting adventures, perhaps with an Aquarius , who with his aura of mystery will be able to whet his infinite curiosity .

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A Capricorn who accepts love triangles

Capricorn is faithful and if he cheats, he only does it for short escapades , which he then regrets having done. In a love triangle it could be the betrayed counterpart who imagines nothing, but suspects.

If the traitor is he will still look for something undemanding like an elusive Pisces and a placid Aquarius, definitely “cold” almost as much as he is.

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The Aquarius of love triangles

Not even Aquarius is a sign that he loves to betray, but he would do it at most out of spite.

It could be matched in this by the Libra’s fascination with a delicate and sweet love, while perhaps it would continue to be in an all too static relationship with Virgo .

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In the love triangle of Pisces

The Fish surrender to a love triangle because they can not resist temptation and very easy to do, but not with the intention that a Lion. For this reason, not wanting commitments, they will find a worthy lover in another sufficiently ambiguous Pisces , while they will remain in the tiredness of a couple with Taurus , which in any case will give them the security that they have always lacked.

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