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Find out which are the most brutal zodiac signs of all and which ones are not at all.

When dealing with others, it is always a good idea to try to be courteous and able to put everyone at ease. However, this is a quality that not everyone has and that for some it is really difficult to put into practice. Thus, it happens that some people may be more direct than others and that some have socially underappreciated ways of doing things that are classified as brutal. Although the way of dealing with others is often linked to the character, experiences, and circumstances of the moment, at least in part, whether or not being brutal depends on the influence that the stars have on each of us. For this reason, after having seen what is the advice of the stars to better enjoy Christmas and what are the reasons why it is nice to have a Sagittarius by your side, today we will discover which are the most brutal signs of the zodiac and which are not at all. Since this is an aspect extremely linked to the way of being instinctive, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant of the sign that you want to investigate, to have a broader idea of ​​the situation.

Horoscope: the most brutal zodiac signs and those that are not at all

Aries – Those who are quite brutal
Those born under the sign of the zodiac are certainly among the most brutal signs of the zodiac. This happens because direct as they are, they rarely bother to test the ground or measure their words, saying what they think without creating problems. Most of the time we cannot speak of wickedness, when of a form of superficiality that leads them not to think about others and not to worry about the possibility of being able to hurt them. When they feel in competition with someone or are dealing with people for whom they have no sympathy, however, they can use this way of being to hurt or make the person in front of them feel uncomfortable. . An aspect that in some cases can be more or less mitigated by the ascendant.

Taurus – Those who are hardly brutal at all
The natives of Taurus, when they can, always try to use good manners, especially when they find themselves relating to others. This leads them to be mostly kind to those in front of them, always establishing a friendly atmosphere. If they take it for something or consider the person in front of them as an “enemy”, however, their attitude can change suddenly, and almost without realizing it, they become more direct, omitting certain filters that they use in everyday life. A difference that is immediately perceived and that can lead to a certain discomfort precisely because you would never expect certain outputs from them. Fortunately, this is a way of doing things that rarely occurs and only when they feel judged, hurt, or particularly under pressure.

Gemini – Those who know how to be brutal when needed
Those born under the sign of Gemini do not particularly like having tense relationships with people. Friendly by nature, they prefer the opportunity to meet as many people as possible and in doing so they always try to establish a peaceful relationship. If they happen to be in a bad mood or dealing with someone they just can’t seem to like, their attitude can change dramatically, making them appear even more brutal than expected. After all, the natives of the sign certainly can say what they think and do it by hurting others. It is a weapon that they rarely use but which when it enters the field is forgotten with extreme difficulty precisely because of the discomfort it causes. For this reason, it is always better to treat them with grace and try to understand what mood they are in. The results,

Cancer – Those who are brutal when they get angry
It is a general opinion that the natives of Cancer are extremely sweet, kind, and polite people. Dealing with them is usually a pleasure, especially if you are simply an acquaintance. The real problem arises when the relationship becomes more confidential, letting some traits of their character emerge that is difficult to imagine. Although they love to show themselves to others by always giving their best, natives of the sign tend to take it out on every little thing and when this happens they can become decidedly bitter. Saying things that hurt becomes their weapon, with which they are ready to fight more than having won on the issue. When this happens, they give the worst of themselves so much that they can even be among the most brutal signs of the zodiac. Fortunately, it is something that happens very rarely, so much so that there are people who are lucky enough to avoid such a situation, enjoying only their sweetness even though they have known them for some time. The secret? Never oppose them. That’s where they show off extreme brutality.

Leo – Those who know how to be deliberately brutal
Those born under the sign of Leo love to have jovial relationships with everyone. Thus, at the first meeting, they will almost always be kind and available to the point of putting anyone in front of them at ease. Unfortunately, their way of leading them to always want to be the first in everything and when this does not happen, or worse, they find someone who manages to attract attention better than them, they can take it to the point of becoming deliberately brutal. Now at war against what for them is in effect a rival to be killed, they will play every card to win and if they have to hurt to do so, no problems of any kind are created. Such an aspect becomes even heavier in the workplace, where they believe they can be brutal for the sole purpose of obtaining the desired results. In short,

Virgo – Those who are unknowingly brutal
There is nothing to be done, Virgo natives are people who often speak without thinking or who, to be more precise, do not bother to think about the weight of the words they use. This often leads them to be brutal to the point of hurting those around them. If they are angry or in a bad mood about any problem, then dealing with it can become extremely difficult because they will not miss an opportunity to tease or point out the flaws of those in front of them. Even making him notice the thing there are not many hopes that they will change because even if they try to control themselves, sooner or later, they would end up relapsing into the same error. This is why, if you have to deal with them, the only alternative is to make the best of a bad situation and ignore three-quarters of what they say.

Libra – Those who are never brutal
Libra gods can be said to be straightforward and often prefer to tell a bitter truth rather than gild the pill. Despite this, their way of doing things and the care they always put into their choice of words makes them people not at all inclined to be brutal. Beauty seekers from every point of view, after all, could never act brutally towards someone, and even when faced with people they don’t like, they prefer to hide behind an icy coldness than to use words born to hurt. A means that from their point of view is neither pleasant nor elegant at all and that they, therefore, choose not to put into practice, preferring a cold war made of silence to thorny words.

Scorpio – Those who are brutal when they want to hurt someone
The natives of Scorpio are people who when they can love to live in the most peaceful way possible and this means that they always try to keep relationships with others positive beyond all limits. However, they have very strict rules that lead them to feel easily betrayed or hurt by others, and when this happens their attitude changes completely. If they feel at war, the natives of the sign become stinging and brutal at the right point, that is, what is indispensable to hurt those in front of them. Generally, their yardstick is to make others feel how they feel, and considering that they are extremely sensitive people, it is easy to understand that their ways will never be soft but always decisive and charged. To good connoisseurs a few words, in short.

Sagittarius – Those who are often brutal
The problem of those born under the sign of Sagittarius? They tend to always say whatever comes into their mind and this without ever thinking that those who listen to them might disagree or be hurt by their words. Among the things for which they use direct ways are also the thoughts they have about others and their way of life, which they do not hesitate to communicate, be surprised if the other side takes offense. Unfortunately, making them understand it would lead them to take it personally, not to feel free, and therefore to put tension on relationships with others. An attitude that happens to them frequently and that is often the main reason for the end of their social relations or friendship.

Capricorn – Those who are rarely brutal
Of the natives of Capricorn, it can be said that they try never to be brutal and that when they can they use ways and words to convey their message without ever exasperating it. Even at work, which is the field that matters most to them, they know how to assert themselves without using strong words but trying to establish personal relationships with colleagues and collaborators. Only when they do not succeed in their intent, they end up stiffening a little but always without using brutal words or words aimed at hurting. Doing so creates discomfort first of all to themselves. It must be said, however, that they know how to be particularly cold and that when they feel they have been wronged they tend to distance themselves, initially almost imperceptibly but increasing to the point of being able to conclude even important relationships.

Aquarius – Those brutal in their way
As always over the top compared to the other signs of the zodiac, those born under the sign of Aquarius prefer to avoid confrontations with others, staying on their own as long as they can. If prodded or forced to get involved, however, they end up being brutal and do it without posing any problem about it. After all, they don’t usually care about the feelings of those around them and this leads them to think first of all of themselves and only afterward of the few people they care about. Needless to say, though, they can be brutal with them when needed and all because they don’t like to pretend for what they are not for the sole purpose of looking beautiful.

Pisces – Those who are never brutal
The natives of Pisces, among the signs of the zodiac, are by far the least brutal of all. Empaths like no other within the zodiac, constantly care about the well-being of others, and for this reason, they always strive to be kind to anyone around them, avoiding in every way using words that can hurt. Even if prodded or in the middle of an argument, they will always try to moderate their tone, and this even when they have evidence or phrases that they know can hurt. It is a quality that they put into action almost without thinking about it and always and only so as not to make anyone suffer. The resulting sense of guilt would be too much for them.

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