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Love Horoscope For The Week Of September 25 – October 1, 2023

We are officially in Libra season, from September 23, 2023, immediately after the autumn equinox. The effects of these two phenomena will be felt throughout the week.

Also, the love horoscope September 25 – October 1, 2023, also announces a square Venus (Leo) – Uranus (Taurus), which brings freedom in relationships. In addition, the Full Moon that will take place in Aries, also called the Harvest Moon, on September 29, 2023, makes us end the month with changes in the love plan.

It is a week of Full Moon in the sign of Aries – pioneer, leader, initiator, and a true warrior. Aries is, par excellence, “I”. He is self-oriented, confident, and individualistic.

You can take advantage of this energy now! You can regain your strength in the next period. Bloom and develop from all points of view.

Considering that the Aries-Libra axis governs the me-you polarity, relationships of all kinds will be under the spotlight this Full Moon. Keep in mind that certain connections can change suddenly and be irrevocably modified. This can be liberating.

Let’s see what the astrologers announce for your sign, in the love horoscope.


This week is suitable to focus on the development of your love relationship. Spend time with your life partner and smooth out any possible dissatisfaction that may exist between you. You have good energy and power to convey to others the message exactly as you want it to be received. So, take care to bring the important discussions to the end of September. Put the dot on it, especially in friendships, where you may have suffered lately.

If you are single, don’t rush into a new relationship; let things develop naturally.


For the last time this year, on Friday, your ruler, Venus, and Uranus, meet in a square aspect. This energy lasts for several months, dramatically changing your personal life and the dynamics of your family or couple. Change is never easy for you, but this time it comes with precious gifts from the universe. You enjoy a week full of passion and intimacy. It’s the right time to make romantic gestures, so let your imagination run wild and be creative about the surprises you give your partner. You will get the same treatment back.

If you are not in a relationship, you will meet someone special at a social event.


The week begins with a Mercury-Jupiter trine on Monday and ends with a Mercury-Uranus trine on Saturday. This is wonderful news for you, considering that Mercury is your ruler and is in the sector of foundations and home life. These are subtle aspects, but very effective. They will help you put an end to a situation, or several situations, that might have felt a little stuck lately. The universe shows you a way out. The Full Moon from September 29 also contributes, which pushes you to make a radical decision regarding a relationship (of love or friendship).

If you are alone, you discover a new love somewhere you don’t expect, so it would be good to keep your heart open.


You are quite sensitive in the next period, especially towards the end of the week, when the Full Moon shows its fangs. It will shake you quite seriously because you are deeply connected to the energy of the moon, which is the ruler of your sign. This means that you should be more attentive to the signs that the universe gives you regarding certain relationships that you are not sure about. It is also advisable to analyze your expectations towards your partner because the tendency to feel any emotion more intensely could cloud your judgment, thus leading to conflicts.

If you are not in a relationship, pay attention to the details. This can lead you to the path of love.


Love is an essential aspect of the week for you. All things seem to matter less, while your relationship comes first. Certain unpleasantries from the past occupy your mind now and demand to be resolved urgently. Or you are at the beginning of your relationship and want to take full advantage of the time you spend with your partner. Or, another option would be that you want to make up for lost time with your lover and now you want to be together as much as possible. Whatever option applies to you, it is important to follow your heart and love passionately, because your feelings will be more intense than ever.

If you are not in a relationship, it is time to take the first step if you are interested in someone.


There may be some conflicts in the relationship this week. It is important to be patient and listen to what the other has to say, avoiding excessive criticism. You will need to show more patience in the first three days of the week, and from Thursday the waters calm down for you. At the end of the week, Mercury in Virgo is linked to Jupiter and Uranus through a trine aspect, bringing a lot of happiness into your life. Make sure you spend the weekend with your loved ones.

If you are alone, an ex-boyfriend may reappear in your life with whom you can resume the relationship or fall in love with someone from your entourage.

Libra love horoscope

The sun has just entered your sign and is shining brightly, and together with the Full Moon that is forming these days, it puts you in front of some major changes. What do you have to give up? A behavior? An ex-boyfriend? Or is it about someone you’re with now, someone you realize doesn’t necessarily have what you’re looking for in your life? Fear not, not every breakup is a disaster. This energy has been accumulating for several months and now is the culmination. Now, you have to choose. If you feel it’s time to end the relationship, don’t look back. Surely it’s for your good.

This week brings romantic opportunities. You could meet someone special at work or in your circle of friends if you don’t have a relationship yet.


The Venus-Uranus square brings the opportunity to evolve and transform yourself. The universe works its magic in the plane of your feelings. You discover things deeply hidden inside your soul, things that will bring you happiness. They could be related to almost anything: your passions, your relationships, dreams, and hopes. This week is one of rediscovery and you don’t have to start this journey alone. If you have a life partner, it is recommended to allow him to accompany you and allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of him. This will strengthen the relationship. However, if you do not feel the need to do it, it is possible that he is not the chosen one. Ask yourself questions about your relationship and your soul will make the right decisions.

If you are not in a relationship, find a way to spend time around as many different people as possible. Knowing different patterns, you will find what you are missing in your love life.


Jupiter, your ruler, gives you an excellent start to the week. You are full of expansive ideas – ideas that could take you far, professionally. Nothing is too difficult at this point. You will have flashes of genius and inspiration will help you stand out in absolutely everything you set your mind to. Relationships with those around you are flourishing and you gain a lot of useful information from everyone you interact with. It’s a week with only good news and achievements for you.

If you are single, take advantage of new experiences and don’t limit yourself to the usual patterns regarding men, because love comes from where you don’t expect it.


You are focused on your personal and professional goals this week, which can bring some tension in the relationship. Make sure that you give time to your partner and that you share your dreams and ambitions with him. It’s not the right time to drive the loved one out of your life. It is even possible to receive his support in certain situations. Important events also take place for you with the Full Moon of September 29, 2023, which brings new opportunities in terms of love. You and your loved one get the chance to take it from scratch, wiser and braver.

If you are alone, most likely a friend or someone from your entourage will steal your heart.


For too long, your relationships and personal life have been up in the air, constantly changing, because you’re a free spirit and it’s hard to make firm decisions. Now things can no longer continue like this because the end of September comes with a Venus-Uranus square aspect, which forces you to see your relationships with different eyes. The universe gives with one hand and takes with the other. You get lessons, but you also have to give something in return. Communication, choice, seriousness. The relationship you are in must be fulfilling enough, otherwise, the separation is close. For many natives of your sign, separations and ruptures follow, with the aim of evolution.

If you are alone, it is not an opportune moment to start a relationship, but it is recommended to spend time alone to find yourself.


The people around you are a source of inspiration this week. On Monday, in particular, a collaboration, a contract, or an interesting conversation can be born that pushes you toward a common goal. The contribution of others helps you achieve certain things you never dreamed of. The climax comes with the Full Moon in Aries (the central event of the week) on September 29, which asks you to find a better balance between “me” and “we” when it comes to the material side of things. All these things come with great joy to you. In a love relationship, it would be good to be less dreamy and to anchor yourself in reality.

If you are alone, an unexpected love could be born.

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