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Horoscope For The Week Of July 31-august 6. Scorpio Ends A Relationship

Starting this week we will enter a new period of the year marked by introspection and a slower pace.

The focus will be more on processing emotions and accepting new situations than on action. The full moon in Aquarius, on August 1st, inspires us to think differently and choose our path.

On the same day, Mars in the practical sign of Virgo forms a trine with Jupiter in Taurus and allows us to move on and make realistic plans.

Discover the horoscope for the week of July 31-August 6 for your zodiac sign:


The full moon on August 1 illuminates your friendship sector and reminds you how far you have come in forming a community where you can feel good being yourself. This week also brings you the opportunity to ask for a salary increase, to treat yourself to a dinner in town, or to feel, in general, a state of peace and stability. The abundance that you manifested since the spring has finally become a reality.


This week will show you how much you have evolved in your career and public life, from the beginning of the year until now. It’s never easy to change your path, but all the hard work has finally started to pay off. This week you will have a reliable bust, which improves your romantic and creative life. It’s time to share your dreams with others.


The full moon in Aquarius, on August 1st, illuminates your education and travel sector and shows you the way to your new great adventure. Whether it’s a specialization course, a vacation, or an interesting new book, this new adventure asks you to look inside yourself and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In the end, you will feel refreshed and ready for any challenge.


For you, the full moon in Aquarius, on August 1, will bring to the fore a sensitive topic, which you work on alone or together with your partner. Because it will be in your sector of common resources and debts, it is time to organize your accounts and balance your emotions. You feel the need this week to connect with friends and colleagues to get more support. Even if you are more sensitive than usual, you are not alone. Ask for the help you need.


The full moon in Aquarius, on August 1st, will take place in your partnership sector. This can bring one of your closest relationships to a climax. Maybe it’s time to sign another contract at work, get back on the same wavelength with your life partner, or have a delicate discussion with your flatmate. No matter what relationship it is, you will end this week feeling a different level of closeness. It is a change that will help you feel more confident.


For you, this week will be one of the busiest weeks of the year. The situation is chaotic and you feel that everything is happening at the same time, whether it is responsibilities at work or different situations at home. You have to make sure that you also reserve time for rest, even if you want to do them all and solve as many as possible.


The full moon in Aquarius, on August 1st, will bring to your attention one of your hidden desires. You have spent a large part of the last years cultivating your talents and skills and you deserve to be rewarded for your passion. Also, you feel the need to free yourself from a secret that burdens you. It’s okay to ask for help, and friends are always there to offer it.


The full moon on August 1 draws your attention to matters related to home and family. You have reached a turning point in your private life and even if you feel that something is coming to an end, remember that it is also a new beginning. If this ending means breaking up a relationship, be it romantic, business, or of any other nature, recovery will be easier than you thought.


August 1st, when there will be a full moon in Aquarius, is excellent for a trip or a long walk. Reserve time to celebrate what surrounds you and truly appreciate what already exists in your life. The situation is improving at work this week, after a somewhat more difficult period, and you will have some holidays.


Since January, you have set some clear goals related to your budget, and the full moon in Aquarius, on August 1st, will show you how well you followed the plan. Whether it’s a success story or room for improvement, this week will be about reevaluating your ideas about security and success. You will also find an opportunity to earn more.


The full moon on August 1 will take place in your sign, which means that you will be the center of attention. Usually, in the Leo season you focus on others, so you will feel like a burden on the attention you are receiving now. You may feel sensitive or overwhelmed. Although it can be more difficult to stay in the center of attention than to hide, you are strong enough to face the situation.


The full moon on August 1 is an opportunity to take a step back and meditate. You set some goals in January related to your personal space and more time for yourself. Spending time with your loved one or friends is also important this week, but don’t let them steal too much of your precious time if you prefer to be alone.

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