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Find out which type of man is best for you, based on your zodiac sign.

Each of us has in mind an ideal partner or a series of characteristics that put together can give life to the perfect person, the one able to make the heartbeat, to make you feel attraction, and to give life to a feeling certainly different from simple friendship. These are predispositions that are difficult to control, often inexplicable but which work incredibly. So you just need to meet someone who has more than one and who knows how to show them off at the right time to feel immediately attracted and all with the risk of even losing your mind.

But how would it work if only one feature was attractive? Let’s try to find out together what is the most important aspect a man must have to attract every woman of the zodiac. In this way, you can understand many more things about yourself and, obviously, about your tastes. After having seen what are the characteristics of those born under the sign of Libra and which are the signs of the zodiac that never stop hoping, today we will discover which type of man is most suitable for every woman of the zodiac. Since we are dealing with feelings, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant to understand which characteristic is more important or if there are similarities between them.

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Find out what kind of man you should be with based on your zodiac sign

Aries – The enterprising man
You like to live fairy tales and you have always been attracted to men who can hold their own, who are confident enough not to fear your whims, and who appear enterprising and with a great desire to do. When you meet someone who has these characteristics you tend to lose your mind, forcing yourself to appear on top to please them and thus aiming straight for their heart. Remember, though, that this type of man demands a woman like you naturally are. So, be more confident and avoid changing to please him. You would risk having the opposite effect by appearing unsure of your means, which you are not.

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Taurus – The man full of attention
Your romantic streak leads you to lose your head for men who are sure of themselves but at the same time romantic and ready to spend themselves for the person they love. You are probably among the few who still appreciate a courtship done properly and for this reason, when someone approaches you with these intentions you can only feel excited, aware of how much it is now a very rare thing. Your ideal man is therefore the one who knows how to take you and who knows how to wait to get in tune with your times which, you know, are not that fast. Despite your difficulty in opening up to others, however, such a man could make a difference, leading you to dream uniquely and thus making his way into your heart. Being yourself will be the best thanks you can give him.

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Gemini – The witty man
When it comes to characteristics, it is difficult for you to stay on the same idea for more than two days. The ideal man, therefore, should change so rapidly that he is not human. Fortunately, there are aspects that you may not yet grasp but that can be among the stable characteristics and able to make someone the person able to make your heartbeat. An example? The witty man. By his side you feel confident and aware of the fact that at any moment he will be able to grasp the ironic side, helping you to escape both boredom and any unpleasant moments. This is a quality you cannot be indifferent to, especially if you think about your desire to share special moments with someone who knows how to appreciate them. And what is better than someone who always knows how to find the funny or ironic side of the situation? These characteristics combined with your wit and the desire to have fun that you carry inside will make you two people able to complete each other.

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Cancer – The Reliable Man
What attracts you most in a man is not so much his physical appearance as his reliability. Knowing that you have a person next to you whom you can trust in every context and who cares about you and your happiness, is more than enough for you to make your heart beat faster. Your ideal man, therefore, should already be in love with you and full of attention able to excite you and lead you to give him that minimum of trust, which is essential to allow him to enter your private world. Complicity and the desire to meet you will do the rest, making you feel like a princess and allowing you to experience a feeling different from the usual and in which to let yourself be pampered, exactly as you like it.

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Leo – The self-confident man but able to give attention
For you who are so sophisticated and complicated, the ideal man cannot have a single characteristic but a mix of those that you consider most important. If on the one hand, you want a man who puts you at the center of his world by filling you with attention, on the other you need to have someone by your side who can be considered your equal, who is fascinating, and who knows how to deal with others but above all with you. This means that he will have to shine but leave you the space to do it more than him and that when that happens he will have to admire you and make you feel like a princess. A man is certainly complex and difficult to find, but in order not to be satisfied you are also willing to wait, right?

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Virgo – The cultured man
If there is one thing that has always fascinated you this is intelligence and the ability to speak and express yourself correctly. The man who can get your heart racing needs to be confident and always have the right arguments to get involved with. To this, he must also combine certain rationality and properties of language, essential to give you the certainty of being able to spend quality time by his side. Because if there is one aspect that just does not transience it is the presence of mind, which attracts you much more than other things, going together with your intelligence and desire to discover things you do not yet know. But remember to give the same in return because a man of this type always wants an interlocutor who knows how to be at his height and will certainly appreciate your ability to analyze and criticize,

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Libra – The elegant man
For you who love everything harmonious, what could be better than an elegant man who knows how to grasp and appreciate your always composed ways and your style? The fact that in turn, he too knows how to expressways of doing out of the ordinary is certainly something that can attract you to the point that it can even make you lose your mind. You are probably the only one still able to appreciate it but a man who knows how to show ways of yesteryear and who takes care of himself to always be pleasant both in appearance and in the way of being is exactly what you need. And then, for you who love perfection, paired with him you would be simply enchanting, another thing not to be underestimated, right?

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Scorpio – The sincere and passionate man
Your nature is too complex to be able to research a single trait in a man. For you who live in contradictions, the ideal person must also have contradictions and these must be directed positively towards you. The right man for you is therefore the one able to show you passion both towards you and for life itself and all by showing himself sincere like few others and able to establish a unique connection with you and able to make your heartbeat with only one gaze. Falling in love with him must be consequential and lead you to feel at the center of his world as he would be in yours. A perfect love made up of complicity and understanding and where, despite everything, passion reigns supreme. A hard man to find but you do not give up easily and with your personality, you will certainly know how to find him.

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Sagittarius – The funny but solid man
Life for you must contain beauty and safety, madness and the unknown and, above all, the possibility of continuing to explore and discover it, day by day. Your ideal man should be like this, fun and able to dive with you in as many adventures as possible but at the same time able to give you certain stability, especially emotional. A companion on adventures and a port to return to – that’s how you imagine it, and that’s exactly how it should be. Do not think, therefore, to be satisfied, because time would lead to escape from what you do not love. Better to wait to find the right person than to live in doubt of how it would have been acting differently.

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Capricorn – The ambitious man
For you who love to dream big, the man who knows how to make your heartbeat must surely be one able to have a vision for the future and a desire to get there with all the right tools to achieve success. An ambitious man, who dreams big and who knows how to push you and accompany you in your projects will surely be able to excite you. His way of being, in your eyes, is simply attractive, and together you can strike up interesting speeches, making plans without one ever overshadowing the other. All for a stimulating relationship able to make you grow from a personal point of view and why, no, also professionally.

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Aquarius – The autonomous man
For you, love is a feeling to be lived on an equal footing, sharing special moments but without closing yourself off to the world and all that it can offer. Your ideal man is therefore the one who can be autonomous and who is at the same time a free spirit, capable of guiding you towards new horizons and enriching those that instead, you will be exploring. Being together must be fulfilling and relaxing, making you feel at ease like in no other situation but without giving you the feeling of wanting to bond with him. With a man like that, you might even dream big, making plans that go beyond time. Be careful not to overdo it, however, because he too will have the same needs as you and as you well know, it is preferable to come together and hand in hand to build castles in which to live.

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Pisces – The man of dreams
Yes, your ideal man is the so-called dream man. Someone who knows how to make your heartbeat, who makes you feel destined for him already with a single glance, and who knows how to woo you and make you dream with words and deeds. A man almost impossible to find but who is in love at the right and romantic point at least like you could exist and positively surprise you, showing you that, at times, fairy tales can become reality. It goes without saying that by his side you would feel so complete that you immediately dream big, thinking about the future and seeing him only with him. Remember, though, that sometimes, you also need someone who can get you out of some dreams, which is why, to be perfect, your boyfriend must also be able to keep his feet on the ground.

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