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Love Horoscope For The Week Of October 2 – 8, 2023. Scorpios Go On Romantic Dates

Change is in the air because the cosmic energy is in full transformation.

The love horoscope October 2 – 8 is guided by these astrological influences and shows the effects felt by each sign.

Worth noting is the opposition that Mercury (still in Virgo) makes with Neptune (in Pisces) on Monday and Tuesday when we will get clarity regarding certain feelings that try us. From Thursday, October 5, Mercury arrives in Libra, making us love passionately, but also chaotically. At the end of the week, Venus said goodbye to the Leo sign, heading towards Virgo, a fact that will make us perfectionists in love.


This week is intense, as far as your relationships are concerned. There is an imbalance between the roles you and your partner fulfill. Your leadership attitude is activated, but be careful not to go to the extreme, because he might feel inferior.

If you are alone, you might have butterflies in your stomach towards the end of the week.


Venus urges you to give free rein to your feelings so that you will become more loving with all the important people in your life. From your colleague at work to your parents, friends, or life partner, everyone will feel a special closeness that comes from your direction.

If you are not in a relationship, it is time to go out on dates, because someone special is waiting for you.


You become creative in expressing your feelings and want to show your lover how much he means to you. Organize a romantic dinner or prepare an escape for two. It is a favorable time to become closer to each other. Be careful with your friends, because some will hurt you.

If you are alone, you have a chance to meet an interesting person, but it is possible that your relationship will not bond.


The meeting between Mercury and Neptune at the beginning of the week makes you see the manipulations of others, with extraordinary clarity. Toxic people in your life or those who only say they want your best are now exposed and it is for your good to see their true interests.

If you are not in a relationship, there are chances to start one, but only if you give free rein to your feelings.


You will have special moments with your loved one. Venus allows you to fully enjoy all the love you receive. It is a really special week, in which you can explore your feelings on a new level.

If you are not in a relationship yet, you meet someone who conquers you from the first.


With Venus moving towards your sign, you start looking at your relationship with critical eyes. You may want to make certain changes that will lead to better connections with your partner. For example, you could spend more time together or find a common hobby.

If you are alone, there are high chances that a man will offer you his help, but also his heart.


Your life partner may not support you in a certain situation, and this will give rise to arguments. Communication will solve, as always, this problem. Arguments are hard to avoid and hidden feelings come out.

If you are alone, you can fall in love with someone from your entourage.


You love passionately and, together with your partner, you have many romantic encounters. Take advantage of every moment you are together to show your love, and this charges you. You are happy and you deserve to live these moments to the fullest.

If you are alone, you start a beautiful love story.


You experience joy from the family, you receive good news from someone close to you. In the couple’s relationship, things are not as delightful, because you may receive or transmit certain reproaches. The situation will be tense, especially on Wednesday and Thursday.

If you are not in a relationship, it is possible to be drawn into a situation that you do not want. It cuts the evil from the root and does not allow any kind of manipulation.


Your heart struggles to find the balance between all the things that bring you happiness. You want to spend time with your life partner, but certain professional challenges require your energy. You want to reconcile your friends, but the family needs you. It will be a hectic week, even exhausting, but at the end of it, you will manage to be at peace with your decisions.

If you are not in a relationship, you are starting an adventure that takes you out of your comfort zone.


The universe is testing you in terms of love. A former partner might come back into your life or the current partner changes his attitude. A friend could be more than a friend. All kinds of such situations will raise questions. The answers are in your heart.

If you are alone, you enjoy the special attention that a new man in your life offers you.


Mercury and Neptune form an opposition that will cause you suffering. You discover that someone close to you is trying to control your play with your feelings your life partner may be the one who betrays your trust.

If you are single, it is not a good time to go out on dates.

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