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Love Horoscope For The Week Of May 22 – 28, 2023. Lionesses Attract Men Like A Magnet

It’s one of those weeks where it’s possible for things to feel a little stuck and hard to achieve. However, the love plan is favored for most signs.

The love horoscope announces good news for Leo, Capricorn, and Aquarius. But the other signs will also have pleasant moments.

The square between Mars and Jupiter urges us to action. Jupiter is the planet of luck, and Mars is a symbol of transformation. Important changes are coming for many natives, and their emotional life will reach another level. However, this astrological event can ignite the fire (we are not talking about the bedroom here) in terms of conflicts. So we will have to pay more attention to how we react to what our life partner tells us.

Mars entered the sign of Leo on May 22, which means that we will want to be seen, and our actions have the role of attracting the attention of others. If you are not ready for a relationship, it would be better to avoid going out in the city, because you will inevitably be attractive to men.

Also, the Sun entered the Gemini sign on May 21 and a month focused on communication awaits us. The language of love will be that of dialogue, so we must learn to listen to each other, before expressing our opinions.

The Sun and Saturn also meet in a square on Sunday (May 28, 2023). It is important to know our limits without beating ourselves in the chest or painting a distorted self-image. In other words, it’s important to be authentic, because people like us for what we have in our hearts, not for what we want to show.

Here is the love horoscope for weeks 22-28:


Mars, your ruler, meets Jupiter in an energetic square this week on Tuesday. As such, it is possible to have all kinds of creative plans and ideas. You have confidence in your strengths and you might get involved in a personal project that brings you a lot of joy. However, your loved one may feel neglected, because your energy is not directed towards your relationship. Conflicts or even separation are possible if your problems get worse. If you are alone, it is not advisable to enter into a relationship, because you might act too quickly, without real feelings involved.


Venus, which sits in your communication zone, squares the wounded Healer, Chiron, this week. Because Venus is the planet that governs you, you will be the only sign that feels this transit, quite discreetly. There may be hidden wounds that you are not fully aware of, but that come to light when you communicate an idea or talk to someone you love. You can get fired up more easily and you might be more emotional. Talk openly and from the heart with the person you love, because he will provide you with the trust and love you need. If you are single, be very careful who attracts you, because you might choose the wrong person.


Feeling a little insecure? Self-criticism? It is a period when confidence in your strength decreases and you begin to question your actions. Rely on the loved ones around you for support and comfort. This is not the time to hide in a bubble, but to spend time with friends, family, and life partner. The sun has entered your sign and, gradually, it will help you soothe your insecurities. It is a period in which it would be good to communicate openly with the person you love and to solve any problem you have had recently. If you are single, you might know a man who has potential.


It is a week in which it is advisable to be vulnerable. The stars support you to heal your wounds from the past and bring out the best in your soul. Open up little by little. The more authentic you are, the more respect you will gain and inspire others to do the same. There are exciting opportunities that abound in love, work, and friendship. You only have to reach out and grab them, so that they don’t pass you by.


The love horoscope has named you the lucky sign for the week of May 22 – 28, 2023! With Mars in your sign, you are ready for action and you are ready to take your fate into your hands! The Sun, your governor, is in Gemini and will influence you in the area of ​​communication. You have the words with you and you can convince anyone to do what you want. You can get what you have dreamed of for a long time from your life partner. Things are going smoothly between you and you are going through a really happy period. If you are single, you benefit from charm and charisma, especially at the weekend, when the Sun and Saturn meet. You become extremely attractive, and men will be attracted to you like a magnet.


Many frustrations that you have buried deep in your soul come to light. It seems that there is stored energy that you have probably repressed or kept inside, and it could all come out in a fight. Perhaps this is entirely necessary to clear things up. Don’t be shy to call things by name. Your life partner can give you exactly what you need, but you have to ask to receive. If you are single, it is an excellent time to go out into the world or to enter dating applications, because love is present in your zodiac map.


When something hurts too much or is too hard to face, we all tend to deny or project the problem. This week, your partner, friend, or someone close could do this to you. It will make you guilty of something you didn’t do. Fortunately, your mood will be one of calm and relaxation. You are not affected, because you know your value and you know what you offer in your love relationship. You will be the balance stone in your couple’s rocking chair. Stay in position and everything will go as it should. If you are single, it is not a very good time to enter into a relationship.


Mars, the god of war in your career sector, squares Jupiter in your relationship sector on Tuesday, revealing a potentially tense situation developing in one of your primary relationships. If you feel attacked, your aggressive side will come out. You are intimidating when you want to be, and this week you will need this trait of yours to defend yourself. Whether it’s a friend, family, or co-worker, you don’t have the time or inclination to deal with someone else’s drama. If you are not in a love relationship, something beautiful might take shape with a person from your entourage.


You will be in an argumentative mood and you will contest the ideas of other people, especially those close to you: friends or partner/spouse. What may appear to be aggression may be a cover for insecurity and fear. When you look more closely, you may discover that your heart longs for validation. This armor that you wear against the opinions of others is, in fact, a cry for attention. Be very careful, however, because you are walking on thin ice. It is possible that the partner does not accept this attitude and does not have the patience to continue your relationship. The breakup is in the books, so analyze your words carefully. If you are alone, you might enter into a relationship that will make you reborn.


Your ruler, Saturn, in the area of ​​communication in your natal chart, is linked on Sunday to the Sun, which has arrived in the sign of Gemini. You will express yourself freely, very clearly, and categorically. Finally, you can say those things that pressed you and that you wanted to avoid, for fear of conflict. Fortunately, now is the time to tell them and be understood clearly, without hurting the feelings of the loved one. Your relationship becomes stronger and you gain more trust in it. If you don’t have a life partner and you want a new relationship, the chosen one might be closer than you thought.


With Mars in your relationship zone, you are enjoying an excellent week! The love horoscope announces that love will be omnipresent in your life. Someone from the family makes a nice gesture that impresses you, your boyfriend or husband is waiting for you with a surprise after a hard day’s work. These little things that make your heart beat faster will bring immense joy. If you are single, you can meet your prince on a white horse sooner than you think.


Lately, you feel that you’ve been on the right track, but on Tuesday comes quite unpleasant news for you. Mars squares Jupiter in the area of ​​communication and brings a regression in terms of dialogue in your relationship. You will feel misunderstood or maybe you will receive reproaches from your partner for not paying enough attention to him. You simply do not manage to be on the same wavelength. If you had problems and insecurities regarding your relationship, you might now make a radical decision and call it quits. For many natives of the Pisces sign, a break is predicted that will lead them on a new path. If you are single, it is not the best time to enter into a new relationship.

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