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Will you be among the best kissing zodiac signs? There is only one way to find out: with our horoscope ranking for today!

Didn’t you think knowing how to kiss could be a subject of zodiac signs?
Well, get ready for a nice surprise: today we decided to ask the stars and planets to give us some advice regarding your next flirt.

Instead of asking him what music he listens to or what he likes to do in his spare time, get him to understand his zodiac sign.
From that, we will be able to determine whether or not he kisses well: yes because there is a ranking and there are five signs that are the best of all. Will you be in the top five?

The best kissing zodiac signs: we hope you are in today’s horoscope chart

Who hasn’t happened to kiss someone who, unfortunately, absolutely didn’t know what he was doing?
If you’ve never had this experience before, we may have some bad news for you: yeah, you might be the one unable to kiss!

How to tell whether or not you are an expert on kisses? But of course thanks to our horoscope ranking today!

We asked the stars and planets to tell us what are the five signs of the zodiac kiss better and we found that there is a true and own ranking.
Ready to find out if you and your partner or your next flirt are at the top of today’s rankings? So let’s immediately discover the best signs of kissing!

Libra: fifth place

In the fifth (and subsequently fourth) of our ranking today we find a sign ruled by VenusLibra!
It is not strange, of course, that the planet of love has two signs in the ranking of those who know how to kiss well: certainly they do not need to explain what passion is!

The Libra is very expansionary and aimed to try to do the best for others. Their emotional ” empathy “, with which they aim to always give others exactly what they want, often translates into professional kissers.

Taurus: fourth place

Even the Taurus is a sign strongly influenced by Venus and, for this reason, particularly skilled when it comes to kissing.
Not a bad fourth place, don’t you think?

Those born under the sign of Taurus often hide decidedly overwhelming sexuality and sensuality under a particularly harmless aspect. It is no coincidence, then, that they are extremely good at kissing! The Toro is people who can surprise you with their business skills… hotter. If you know one, we are sure that you will look at it with different eyes, from now on!

Scorpio: third place

You understood that those born under the sign of Scorpio are extremely sensual and passionate people, right?
All their energy and their way of doing are authoritative outside the bedroom but it remains so also between the sheets!

The Scorpio, then, is a sign that he knows kissing and is also very good! They are great at letting you experience exactly what they want and it is said that a Scorpio kisses us hardly ever comes back.
In short: you have been warned!

Aquarius: second place

Even those born under the sign of Aquarius are particularly fiery and passionate people: strange, right?
Or rather, you might not have expected it but it is true that Aquarius are particularly good people under the sheets and also … very good at kissing!

In addition, Aquarians are also people who often think about the well-being of others, putting it first even before their own.
No wonder, then, that they are good at kissing: they do practically nothing else from morning to night!

For Aquarius, then, it is very important to communicate their love to others: although they are quite emotional, those born under this sign are not very good at expressing their feelings in words.
Here, then, that physicality and kisses become quite important substitutes for feelings: they will not easily tell you that they love you but they will kiss you leaving you with trembling knees!

Aries: first place in the ranking of the best kissing zodiac signs of the whole horoscope

Well yes, dear Aries, you are the kings and queens of the horoscope kisses: are you happy to find out?
You already know that you are particularly passionate people, capable of igniting for nothing and therefore also creating passion practically from scratch.

It was impossible that you weren’t also good at kissing!
The Aries are people who manage to make any kiss a real invitation to sensuality. You would never want to break away from them!
After all, those born under this sign are truly sensual people, capable of attracting even people who, at first, do not like them.

It’s all in the energy and enthusiasm they put into doing everything: they drag others into a real vortex and their kisses can melt even the iciest heart. If you have an Aries partner, then, know that his kisses are very precious: you will never experience them like this again!

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