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Christmas 2021 – Pandoro or panettone? Here is the most suitable dessert for each sign of the zodiac.

In these days of festivities, the times in which you will find yourself in front of slices of pandoro and panettone will be so many that you cannot count them. If you have a clear idea of ​​your preferences, choosing one dessert over another will be more than simple. But what if you are particularly greedy and do not know which one to choose when faced with several proposals? Do not worry, because the stars come to our aid by revealing which is the most suitable dessert, between pandoro and panettone, for each zodiac sign and in which variant it would be good to choose it to eat with taste. One more option so as not to delay too much when the dessert arrives and at the same time experience something new with the almost certainty of meeting your taste in what you choose to eat.

After seeing what 2022 will be like for each sign of the zodiac and qual is the special gift that every zodiac sign would like to find under the tree, today we will find out which dessert is best suited to each sign of the zodiac for this Christmas. Since this is a detail related to the way of being and feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant to have two options to choose from and thus go without fail.

Pandoro or panettone? Here is which one is best for you and in which variant

Aries – Panettone with chocolate creams
If this year too the choice of the dessert to be given priority at Christmas seems more difficult than ever, the advice of the stars is to bet everything on the chocolate panettone. To be more precise, the idea is that of a panettone covered with chocolate and with soft chocolate cream inside, even better if slightly alcoholic. It will be a way like any other to live Christmas in joy, savoring tastes that remind you of your childhood but at the same time also speak of who you are today. And then, betting on chocolate is always a winning idea, right?

Taurus – The classic pandoro with cream to add
For you who are always a little retro and who love above all else the elegance that is found in small things, a classic pandoro is the most suitable choice. The one able to bring you back to your childhood while making you savor that atmosphere of serenity typical of Christmas. In a typical evening with friends, the ideal would be to be able to add a classic cream to your slice of pandoro to eat as an accompaniment or to spread directly on your slice. An atypical but certainly impressive variant that you could show off in case of guests or treat yourself if someone were to choose it as an option. This way Christmas will be sweeter than ever.

Gemini – Panettone with mixed creams
For you who always love to vary, choosing a single dessert would be a real madness. If in doubt, however, the best choice is a nice panettone filled with different creams than usual. Those with exotic creams or those that contain custard mixed with other ingredients are fine. In this way, you can experiment with new flavors, without giving up the goodness of a classic dessert that will bring you back to the happiest moments of your childhood. Finally, if you want to be daring, you can ask for more than one slice by halving the portions. In this way, you will experience something different and able to make you feel even more fully the atmosphere of Christmas.

Cancer – The classic pandoro
For you who love living in the past, a slice of classic pandoro is always the best choice. Its sweet taste will remind you of the best moments of your childhood, allowing you to combine past and present without too many traumas. Even better if you manage to add a cup of hot chocolate to sip while reliving pleasant and melancholy memories. A way like any other to feel the mood of Christmas with greater force and to live it as you like it, or with calm and serenity, eating something that you are sure to appreciate and that will in no way reserve you any nasty surprises.

Leo – Pandoro with alcoholic creams
Your ideal dessert for Christmas? A pandoro with slightly alcoholic cream. Ideal for tasting something new and feeling the thrill of the pungent taste of alcohol that you can enhance by accompanying it all with a glass of your favorite alcohol. A way to give yourself a tone and get noticed even during the holidays and to experiment with different flavors and able to meet your tastes. In the absence of pandoro, a panettone will also be fine. What matters is the presence of sophisticated and different creams. Able to tickle your taste buds and give you that extra boost compared to the classic desserts you know all too well by now.

Virgo – The classic panettone just out of the oven
For you, staying on the classic is the best form of comfort food, the one able to make you feel good and let you fully experience the Christmas mood. In front of many desserts, therefore, the best is always the panettone, possibly freshly baked and still hot and fragrant. A way to lose a few moments between flavors that can awaken ancient and distant emotions that you, who are so rational, like to experience now and then. Adding a few pieces of chocolate to this experience will surely be an extra touch to consider.

Libra – Panettone without candied fruit
For you who love to savor tastes in a way that is always different from how others do, the classic panettone is always the best choice among all. You can then choose to remove too many candied fruits to make the typical Christmas dessert less heavy but still good to eat. An option that becomes even more interesting is if you have the opportunity to experiment with panettone with different candied fruit and that you can taste as you go by removing them from your slice of cake. In this way you will live a slightly different experience than usual and that you will certainly find more than satisfactory.

Scorpio – Panettone with pistachio cream
An excellent choice for this Christmas is that of panettone with pistachio cream to be inserted later. In addition to those on the market you can always opt for a version of classic dessert but without candied fruit to which you can add some soft cream. It will be a way of making a dessert that you have been eating for years different, and all without running the risk of not finding it to your liking. The touch of class? Glaze it with chocolate to melt on top before cutting it into slices or if you are at a friend’s house, add white chocolate to your slice (which in this case you could choose a bit smaller). The mix will certainly be effective.

Sagittarius – The exotic panettone
For you who love to always be surprised by life, the dessert that suits you best is a panettone with an exotic taste. Greenlight therefore to cedar-flavored desserts, goji berries, or filled with creams that you have not yet had the opportunity to taste. It will be a way to feel catapulted to distant places even without leaving home. A practically perfect solution for you who love more than anything else to travel and have new experiences. A panettone shared with friends and relatives will be even better.

Capricorn – Pandoro with chocolate chips
For you who love classic but slightly revisited flavors, a nice option is that given by the pandoro filled with chocolate chips. It is simple but rich in taste dessert that, if you wish, you can also experiment in the form of panettone. What matters is the presence of chocolate chips, able to give flavor to your dessert without making it too heavy. The special touch? Give it a warm-up before eating it. The chocolate will melt just enough to enhance the flavor and give you more pleasure in eating it.

Aquarius – Panettone with fruit
Panettone filled with candied fruit made with different fruits than usual or boasting the presence of well-combined fruity creams is undoubtedly the most suitable choice. For you who love to always experience new things, it will be like eating a completely different dessert and all without having strayed far from the original. In this way, you will live a different taste experience than usual but always able to make you feel at Christmas.

Pisces – Panettone with cappuccino cream
A panettone covered with chocolate and which has a soft cappuccino cream inside is an unusual and particular option for your Christmas. It will be a way to eat something different but able to give you a feeling of practically perfect comfort. Alternatively, you can always opt for the more classic panettone filled with milk cream or dark chocolate. What matters is that you have the opportunity to experience a sweet and pleasant taste that will make you feel like a child again and at the same time give you a taste experience to share with the people you love.

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