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Love Horoscope For The Week Of July 24-30, 2023.

The last week of July brings transformations on a personal and relational level. How the signs are targeted.

This week is full of fiery energy. It is normal because we have just entered the season of the fiery Leo.

First, Mercury meets Venus in conjunction on Thursday, July 27. This is the first aspect of the week, so it’s an important one. Although Venus is in retrograde, the meeting with Mercury will soften her energies and bring a lot of love. Our minds will turn to fun, play, and creativity. What brilliant ideas are coming to you now? See how easy it is to inspire others? If you feel the need to open your heart to someone, now is the time.

Also on Thursday, the Moon moves into Sagittarius, bringing us feelings of expansion and enthusiasm, positivity, and the ability to see the good in any situation. No matter how bad we think something is, the Moon in this sign reminds us to have faith, see the lessons and embrace the good times.

Mercury moves into its natal sign, Virgo, over the weekend, Saturday, July 29. This three-week stay will trigger all kinds of intelligent solutions to older problems. After all, Virgo is the sign that always finds solutions. The inspiration I received while Mercury was in Leo and dancing with Venus will be translated into concrete actions. We will think more and feel less.

Let’s see how all the signs will feel these influences, in the love horoscope July 24-30, 2023.


A good week for you, because your energies are favorable. Mercury and Venus play in the relationship and romance sector. So allow yourself to have fun. Build your confidence through flirting, you will feel the need to give free rein to your charisma and attract men. If you are alone, take the initiative and tell the person you like, you might be surprised. There are good chances to start a beautiful love story. You will feel a strong attraction towards someone who will spark your imagination. If you are in a relationship, a surprise comes from your partner, who will impress you with a unique declaration of love.


Mercury’s conjunction with Venus, your ruler, takes place in the family and communication sector, bringing easy, loving, and fruitful conversations. This energy makes this the perfect time to address what might have been a taboo subject in the past. You will have a week in which all feelings will come to the surface. An unexpected moment of sincerity and intimacy with your partner will strengthen the emotional bond between you. However, be aware of jealousies and misunderstandings that can lead to tension in the couple. If you are alone, a pleasant surprise awaits you at work, where you will meet someone special.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, shines and smiles, especially after it connects with Venus in your communication and finance sector, bringing inspired conversations and amazingly creative ideas. You are usually the flexible type, happy to follow the example of others. However, this energy will make you the leader. Take the lead in your relationship and direct it to where you always wanted to be. Mercury will move towards the sector of family life and foundations the very next day, Friday – further strengthening your position and helping you plant these ideas and root them in reality. If you don’t have a relationship yet, it’s not a good time to try to hook up. Be attentive to communication and avoid getting involved in secret affairs or relationships, which can lead to betrayals or separations.


You are looking for stability and a long-term relationship. If you are already in a relationship, your bond will be strengthened. Your partner may surprise you with a special gift or special attention. In general, it’s a very fun week for you, where you spend more time than usual with your friends and family. This brings you calm and perspective, especially since on other levels (such as the financial one) things are not going exactly as you would like. The good part is that you have someone to rely on in difficult situations. Enjoy the love you receive.


With the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in your sign, this week will be an astrological party. Everything shines in your life, literally and figuratively. You are like a magnet for all the people around you. So use your charm to your advantage. If you are single, you will attract the man your heart needs. If you are with someone, you can expect to be pampered, to receive gifts and surprises. In your other relationships, friendships, family, or work, everything goes like clockwork and you manage to communicate the most important things for you. Rejoice, for this is one of the best weeks of the year for you.


You have a week full of communication and sincerity in relationships. You will be open to express your feelings and listen carefully to what your partner has to say. You manage to resolve certain conflicts from the past, with the help of communication. Also, you become more open at work. If you are alone, you can expect advances from a colleague or a collaborator. From the weekend of July 29-30, 2023, an extremely beneficial period begins on all levels. Your ruler, Mercury, arrives in your sign at the end of the week, and this means that your critical thinking is encouraged and supported by the stars. Any problem will be solved like a miracle, thanks to your attention to detail.


Socially, you are the star of this week. You will have contact with a lot of people and spend time with dear friends. You are charged with energy from conversations and manage to receive valuable information for your development. In terms of love, things are not so rosy. Be aware of possible misunderstandings and keep your mind open for compromises, if you want to avoid a painful separation. Certain conflicts must be resolved urgently because misunderstandings due to communication will be difficult to fix later. If you are alone, you might meet someone interesting through your friends.


In the next period, the most important relationships will be those related to work and business. Thursday, in particular, brings a brilliant opportunity to talk to the right people at the right time. However, if we refer to love, quite a lot of passion appears in your relationship. This can be both good and bad, depending on the moment you are in. Either we are talking about flames in the bedroom, where you and your partner will connect better than ever, or we are talking about burning jealousy that will get out of control. If you are alone, the surprise of the week comes from a mysterious person who attracts your attention. However, avoid the temptation to reveal your feelings, because you risk being disappointed.


Mercury and Venus unite on Thursday in your sector of adventure and passion, inspiring you to spread your wings a little. This can happen through a simple conversation, which will turn into something more. If you are single, this can mean the beginning of a beautiful love story. If you are with someone, the discussion will be related to your future. Yes, it can even be about a marriage proposal. Besides, it can also mean plans for moving or traveling. In any case, the news is good for you, things turn out unexpectedly well and you receive all kinds of confirmation that you are on the right track in your life.


The week brings stability and harmony in relationships. Together with your partner, you will find solutions to any misunderstandings. The cosmic energies of Mercury and Venus gather in your sector of resources and relationships. Either you give or you receive. There will certainly be an exchange between you and an important person in your life. Don’t forget to have a moment of gratitude. As Friday unfolds, Mercury, the archetypal planet of communication, moves into your expansion sector. You will be inspired, creative, and have a lot of ideas. Your pragmatic spirit will be combated by this feeling of freedom and you will be able to relax.


On Thursday, Mercury and Venus connect in your sector of routine and relationships, in a warm conjunction. As such, someone close to you – perhaps a lover or dear friend, or a family member – has something inspiring to share. It may be about surprising news or it will open a deep topic that touches your heart. The idea is that this discussion will give you the chance to open your heart and bring something extremely valuable into your life. Communication will be extremely important in the next period, in all your relationships. Take advantage of this astral opportunity and say everything on your heart, because things will align as you always dreamed. If you are single, it is not the best time to start a relationship.


If you are alone, in the next period you will be more sensitive and vulnerable, increasing your chances of falling in love. Look in your circle of friends, because your soulmate might already be close to you. On Friday, Mercury moves to your sector of negotiations and compromises, bringing you the chance of an additional gain. The biggest danger with this transit is to speak your mind. Remember that you have a voice and that it is very valuable. In your love relationship, if it exists, a strong team spirit appears, which will help you solve a problem that has been bothering you for a long time. It’s a good week.

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