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Love Horoscope For The Week Of February 12-18, 2024

This is a transformative week. The Cosmic Lovers – Mars and Venus – join the Sun and Mercury in the sign of Aquarius. Also in this sign, at the end of the week, there are conjunctions Mars-Pluto and Venus-Pluto.

Let’s prepare, therefore, for a Valentine’s Day full of love and emotion. The love horoscope for this period generally brings good news. It is a week of healing, deep connections, and important events for our relationships.

However, there is also a dark and oppressive side. A Mercury-Uranus quadrature takes place over the weekend and, together with the other planetary conjunctions, it brings a lot of tension in our relationships, both with those around us and in our relationship with ourselves, where a lot of gentleness and tolerance will be needed.

For each zodiac sign, these events are felt differently, so let’s see what the love horoscope February 12-18, 2024 brings for you!


You will be energetic and full of life, with a lot of desire to do different activities together with your friends or loved ones. It’s good to use your creativity to find pleasant ways to spend quality time as a couple and don’t forget open and honest communication with your partner.

If you are alone, an artistic activity might help you meet new people and a possible love partner.


The influence of Venus will be felt strongly on your astrological chart, and this aspect urges you to fight until the end for what you love. The specific stubbornness of Taurus comes to light, in the best possible way. You manage to express your feelings and show your partner what you feel. If there is someone or something that has been an obstacle for your relationship, now you will fight it successfully.

If you are alone, it is a good time to have the courage to enter into a new relationship, because it is a healing week for your soul and there is a person who can help you along the way.


Love is at its highest for you, because Mars and Venus light a strong fire in your heart. The weekend will be extremely important for your relationship because something special will happen. Chances are high that you will receive surprises or good news from your loved one. Declarations of love or marriage proposals are very possible. You also have a special connection with an older person in your family.

If you are not in a relationship, this week a person will come your way who will change everything you thought about love.


The phrase “good and bad” will now make more sense to you… especially the “hard” part. You might be put in a position to support your partner unconditionally. Be the cornerstone of your relationship and give it the support it might need. It is possible that this situation does not appear only in the love relationship, but also in your circle of friends, where one of them might need your presence.

If you are alone, there are not many chances to start a relationship, so dedicate yourself to the other important people in your life, such as friends or family.


Mars and Venus are positioned in your opposite sign, so in the sector of love for you. Relationships will flourish and connections will be more important than ever. You dedicate yourself completely to others and manage to be with them in important moments. It could be that your life partner needs you and you manage to prove your feelings by your simple presence. In social circles, you get noticed easily.

If you are alone, remember that it is a week of transformation, when the bonds with those you carry in your soul will reach a new level. A friendship can become love or a former love can be rekindled from the ashes.


The placement of the planets in Aquarius will bring you a strong sense of freedom. Give free rein to your feelings and live them to the fullest. Look around and see what are the things (and especially people!) to be grateful for. Your life partner will surprise you in the most beautiful way possible.

If you are not in a relationship, it is a very good week to go out into the world and be yourself. Giving yourself the freedom to be authentic: you will be more attractive to others and you will be able to establish important connections. And what is more beautiful than someone who likes you because you are YOU?


In the first days of the week, certain relationships may be tense and patience is needed to solve any misunderstandings. Especially in the family area, it could be a communication error. Fortunately, from Friday onwards certain aspects seem to resolve themselves and it will be much easier for you to have discussions and clarify things. In a love relationship, there is a lot of romance and your feelings blossom.

If you are alone, you meet someone special who will be like a breath of fresh air in your current situation. A new chapter of your life begins, one full of love and happiness!


A storm of negative energies is approaching you. You are fixed in the shadow cone of the stars. Practically, conflicts from the past, conflicts in the family, and dissatisfaction with love come to light. You feel that all the pressure of the world is on your shoulders and as if everyone expects something from you. You may feel that you are distancing yourself from everyone who matters to you. Cosmic alignments take place in the childhood sector and reveal certain soul sufferings. It is recommended to keep calm during the week.

If you are alone, it is a difficult time, because you will feel alienated from everything that matters to you and you will not be able to find your place. Be patient, because better days will come.


Your presence will be important to someone around you, such as colleagues or friends. You become a support person for someone, and this gives you a pleasant feeling of satisfaction. However, you will tend to think excessively and analyze certain aspects of your life. These two things, together, will exhaust you and make you want to isolate yourself. If you are in a relationship, it is advisable to communicate openly with your partner and not hesitate to ask for his help. If you don’t do it and he doesn’t understand what feelings you’re going through, conflicts might arise.

If you are alone, there are high chance that a person from your circle of friends will deeply approach you and you will start a love relationship. Be careful not to rush.


Venus and Mars leave your sign this week, allowing you to look more clearly at your relationships. It is not exactly a rosy period, because certain communication problems with important people in your life may come to light. It is, in particular, about the relationship with parents or children, if applicable. And in the love sector, things may falter, because you will receive an unexpected blow from your loved one.

If you are single, don’t get into a relationship unless you know you can look at the situation in perspective. The person who attracts you may have many things to hide.


You are still the star of the season. The first weeks of this year put you in front of the spotlight, and this week is your moment of glory. You simply shine. You succeed in anything, without even proposing to yourself. You attract people around you like a magnet. You feel sexy and attractive, and this brings a strong fire in your love relationship. Enjoy the passionate moments you share with your partner, especially since it is also Valentine’s Day.

If you are not in a relationship, you will conquer men on the conveyor belt, and one of them might steal your heart.


The sun approaches your sign and this makes you slightly individualistic. You prefer to spend more time alone and understand your feelings better. It is understandable because Venus urges you to feel a lot and to collect emotions and it is necessary to manage them with great awareness. In a love relationship, conflicts and misunderstandings are possible.

If you are alone, it is not a beneficial period for new relationships, but you may repair a tense situation from the past, which will help you in the future.

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