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Love Horoscope For The Week Of August 21 – 27, 2023. Taurus Knows What It Wants

This week has a special energy that will be felt by each zodiac sign. It will be seven intense days, with good and bad, in terms of feelings and relationships.

The love horoscope announces a lot of cosmic events that have a greater or lesser influence on the signs.

From Wednesday, August 23, 2023, Mercury retrograde in Virgo brings difficulties in communication and the desire for change in terms of relationships with others.

Also on Wednesday, the Sun enters the sign of Virgo, shedding light on pragmatic thinking, the abilities we have, and the desire for perfectionism.

On Sunday, August 27, 2023, the Sun is in opposition to Saturn, which means rigid thinking and a strong desire for authority. On the same day, Mars moves from Virgo to Libra, bringing the art of diplomacy and the possibility to communicate more wisely with our partner and to attract the right person in our life.

Find out how these important transits will affect you and what are the astrologers’ recommendations in the Love Horoscope for the week of August 21 – 27, depending on your zodiac sign.


The week starts with an intense passionate energy, but with the retrograde of Mercury and the entry of the Sun into Virgo on Wednesday, you will feel the need to clarify and order things in your relationship. This is an excellent time to have deep conversations and seek solutions to possible misunderstandings. Until Sunday, when Mars (your ruler) leaves the area of ​​routines and changes its sign in the area of ​​relationships, you are more than ready to share your plans with others. Be open and attentive to the conversations you have with friends and loved ones. On Sunday, the change of Mars in Libra brings you a more balanced perspective on your future. However, the opposition between the Sun and Saturn on Sunday can bring some challenges related to responsibilities and commitments in love.


On Tuesday, the second square takes place between your ruler, Venus, in your domestic zone, and Jupiter in Taurus. Avoid taking on more commitments than you can handle, especially regarding your family. The retrograde of Mercury can make you analyze your feelings in detail and communicate more clearly your needs in the love relationship. The opposition between the Sun and Saturn on Sunday can bring some tense moments related to priorities and values. An important discussion can be defining. Because we are in the season of the Virgin from August 23, expect to find a knot in the rope and to analyze more everything that happens to you, but do not blame your partner or the people close to you. If you are single, this week you could receive compliments from someone you like.


The moment when your ruler, Mercury, performs its complicated reverse dance brings you quite a lot of despair. It doesn’t help either that on the same day the sun enters Virgo, because you will be more critical than usual. If there were certain communication problems in your current relationship, now they will only get worse. Arguments are inevitable, but not unsolvable. It is, however, necessary to be gentler with your partner. With Mars in Libra starting from Sunday, you will be more concerned with harmony and collaboration in your relationship. On this day, make sure you spend quality time with your loved one. Attention, because during this period, an ex may return to your life or resume an unfinished story. If you are alone, you might even think about reconciliation. Don’t be in a hurry to jump head first.


At the beginning of the week, you will feel a strong emotional connection with your loved one. The retrograde of Mercury and the entry of the Sun into Virgo on Wednesday urges you to pay more attention to the health of your relationship and to take care of your emotional well-being. Mars arrives in the home sector and you will feel the need for solitude to lick your wounds. There’s nothing wrong with that, so give yourself as much time as you need to heal. All the more so as it is possible to reopen old wounds from your love past. However, with the help of Mars, you will have the power of diplomacy on your side towards the end of the week, when it is recommended to have important discussions.


The Sun, your ruler, moves into the most productive and resourceful sector of your birth chart on Wednesday. Of course, Mercury also enters retrograde here, but you are not so affected. You get energy and zest for life. You are one of the signs favored by this transit. Get to work setting up your routine, health, and well-being. With Mars in Libra starting from Sunday, you will want to pay more attention to your partner and bring more harmony to the couple. Spend the weekend with your loved one. If you are single, it is a good time to test the ground for a new love.


The week begins with introspection and a deep analysis of love. Mercury’s retrograde and the Sun’s entry into your sign on Wednesday allow you to get to know yourself better and express your needs clearly. With Mars entering Libra on Sunday, you will have more energy for social activities and to develop your relationships, especially friendships. If you are alone, someone from your entourage will have deeper feelings, which they can declare to you. It’s a very good week for change, in general, so take the time to think about those sectors you want to improve.


You are completely upset by the beginning of the Virgo season, but also by the retrograde of Mercury. You will be attentive to details and communication will come to the forefront for you. You will have an unusual openness to tell your life partner what displeases you. This can be beneficial if you also receive from him the same desire to discuss. Otherwise, you might get into arguments. Do not despair, because there is also good news! Mars, the planet of action, arrives in your sign for the first time in the last two years. In the next few months, you may completely reorient yourself, and reorient your goals and desires. It is a good time to make compromises to achieve your goals. You may not yet know exactly where you are going but trust that the path will become clear.


The week begins with intimacy and deep connections in love. The retrograde of Mercury and the entry of the Sun into Virgo requires you to analyze and clarify things, in case you had some confusion in your relationship. No one ever said that relationships are easy. They are mirrors of our deepest fears, after all. Whether it is a platonic or romantic relationship, this week’s transits show you exactly where the balance needs to be produced. Tuesday’s Mars-Neptune opposition demands compromises that happen in your joy zone and the community zone. The Sun-Saturn opposition on Sunday offers you a reality check. In other words, clarify something that has been dissatisfying you for a long time. For you, this week is complicated but beneficial.


The beginning of the week brings humorous conversations and adventure in love. Mercury’s retrograde and the Sun’s entry into Virgo encourage you to pay more attention to your loved one. Spend time together and talk about those really important things. You can reach common dreams or plans, even marriage proposals when the time is right. In addition, Wednesday’s cosmic energy is of such a nature that your path, career, vocation – whatever you want to label it – is calling you this week, as the Sun moves into this sector. Let yourself be carried away a little and the Universe will bring you surprises. If you are single, it is a wonderful time to go out on dates and meet new people.


The week starts with stability and responsibilities in love. Mercury’s retrograde and the Sun’s entry into Virgo encourage you to communicate openly with your loved one. Thursday is your big day this week. With Mars joining your zone of adventure and exploration and Pluto in Capricorn, you have so much power at your fingertips that you hardly know what to do with it. Anything you propose – literally – can be achieved. Use this cosmic energy now, because by Sunday it’s all over as Mars moves into your career sector. From this point, you will need to collaborate more with other people, bosses, or colleagues, to achieve what you want.


On Tuesday, someone – perhaps a lover or a good friend – acts in a way that disturbs you, as Venus in the relationship zone squares Jupiter in the domestic zone. Breathe deeply. The chaos around you should not disturb you more than necessary. You are not responsible for everyone’s problems. With Mars entering Libra on Sunday, you will seek to bring more harmony and collaboration to the couple. However, the opposition between the Sun and Saturn on Sunday can bring certain conflicts. So, be careful how you manage the relationship with your loved one so that you reach a common denominator. This week it is not recommended to start a new relationship if you are alone.


The week starts with intuition and sensitivity in love. On Wednesday, the Sun enters your relationship sector, and Mercury also turns retrograde here. This brings all kinds of fabulous lessons to be learned, not the least of which is how to maintain your position and not get lost in the details. Even if you want to help someone close, maybe even your partner, remember that it’s not your role to solve everyone’s problems, it’s even better to leave your lover on his own. You will have some feeling of co-dependence in the next period, so try to detach yourself. An evening with the girls could help you break the routine. If you’re single, there’s a good chance you’ll meet a man who makes your heart beat faster.

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