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Love Horoscope for February

The month of love comes with important astrological changes, which will have a significant impact on the signs! Find out what the stars have in store for you in February 2023.

February 2023 brings some important astrological events! The first days of the month are quiet from an astrological point of view. Then, Venus will square Mars on February 4th, following an extremely creative Full Moon in Leo on February 5th.

These energies make the first week of the month destined for romance and grand gestures of love.

The middle of February brings Valentine’s Day, but also an important astrological conjunction, between Venus and Neptune, on February 15. This vibration is also very spiritual and deeply compassionate, so you may feel more eager to help others and learn from people.

Pisces season begins on February 18, when the Sun moves into this emotional, poetic, and aquatic sign. A few days later, on the 20th, the New Moon in Pisces brings a wonderful moment for spiritual development, personal creativity, intuition, and instinct.

Use this lunar energy for anything where logic has failed you – let your senses and intuition take over.

On February 20, Venus changes its sign, leaving sensitive Pisces and entering the warlike sign of Aries. This is a real change of pace for relationships – much more burning, much more passionate, but also much more quarrelsome!

Here’s what the stars have in store for you in February, from the point of view of love. Read your zodiac sign, but also the ascendant!


The beginning of February will bring certain difficulties in expressing your feelings. It will be difficult to communicate with your life partner or loved ones. Fortunately, the Full Moon on February 5 illuminates your area of ​​joy – this is the time to make big gestures of love.

Romance reappears in your life from February 15, 2023! The conjunction of Venus with Neptune is intensely spiritual for you. If you are in a relationship, this would be a very good time to spend time together and make plans for the future!

A very passionate influence sets in on February 20, when Venus moves into Aries, your sign. This is the perfect Venus transit for dating because it helps you to be completely authentic, but very open and sociable!


If friendship and money are connected, there will be problems. February brings an important event: Your ruler Venus squares Mars on February 4, creating tension if money was borrowed, for example. On February 5, the Full Moon brings understanding to your family relationships, being a time for happiness and forgiveness.

If you are single, February 15 could promise a Valentine’s Day surprise, when Venus, your ruler, will meet Neptune. Keep your eyes wide open to your close circle, because a friendship could become something more.

Friendship is a key theme of February, this is where all your feelings will be focused. Above the love, the relationships will be friends and close ones. The New Moon on February 20 is the perfect time to join a new group or to look for new friends. If you are in a relationship, you will spend more time together in the gang, in large circles, socializing!


February for you is a month in which information is not power. In the first days, on February 4 or 5, you might find out a secret that will hurt you quite a bit. The feeling of the unknown will persist in your love life until February 18, when it is possible to clarify things. Do not sit with your hands in your chest, but communicate openly with your life partner, trying to solve your problems.

The middle of the month comes with a conjunction between Venus and Neptune, which gives you openness to travel and knowledge. You could use a getaway!

On February 20, 2023, a New Moon will help you set new goals. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious and establish new perspectives for your relationship! Also on the 20th, Venus changes its sign, leaving the area of ​​your ambitions and entering the most sociable area of ​​your map. If you are single, at the end of February you could see how a friendship turns into love – or, the more new people you meet, the more likely it is that someone special will appear in your life.


The beginning of February is a very good time to fix your financial situation because it affects your relationships. More and more, your emotions are tied to how much money you have or don’t have, and that’s not good for your mental health. The Full Moon on February 5th will help you release some of that angst – and should also put an end to at least one financial worry.

It’s time to give more time to your partner, whom you may have ignored precisely because of financial ambitions. There is a beautiful connection between travel and love on February 15, when Venus will meet Neptune – the perfect time for a Valentine’s Day getaway!

The New Moon on February 20, 2023, will take you out of your comfort zone, and now is the time to dare! If you are alone, ask the man you want on a date or, if you are with someone, do something adventurous together!


Your zodiac sign is the most advantageous! The Full Moon in Leo on the 5th gives you a strong boost of confidence! You will feel able to move mountains!

And this attitude will also be reflected in the way others perceive you, so that if you are alone, it is possible to be much more attractive, simply like a magnet for men. If you are ready to be in a relationship, with loneliness you will meet your love in February 2023.

The beautiful conjunction between Venus and Neptune illuminates the area of ​​passion in your birth chart on February 15! Your life will be full of surprises and adventure. Also, the Sun changes its sign and heads toward your passion zone on February 18, bringing intense love.


The month of February begins with some notable tensions in your relationship, especially if you or your partner work long hours. The Venus-Mars square on February 4 will bring you an intense discussion, and you will have to accept a compromise. If you don’t do it, it is possible to break up. The decision is in your hands!

On February 5, the Full Moon shines from the most spiritual area of ​​your birth chart and is a sign to let go of past attachments. If you had unresolved situations in your former relationships, now you can end everything.

When the Sun also moves into your opposite sign, on February 18, you can start manifesting the love you want to have in your life. Your positive attitude and open heart will attract the right person for you. If you are single, the New Moon in your love zone on February 20 is one of the best moments of the whole year for your love life, bringing love. If you are already with someone, this is a time to celebrate your partnership!


Start the month of February in a party spirit, under the light of the Full Moon in Leo from February 5, which puts you in a very sociable mood! When Mercury changes sign on February 11, you’ll want to focus on fun for a while. Make time for a hobby or a passion you’ve been putting off for a long time!

There is a beautiful conjunction between your ruler Venus and Neptune on February 15. Although a day late for Valentine’s Day, this indicates that a loved one will take care of you, and overwhelm you with love and affection – enjoy!

The New Moon on February 20 is an opportunity to think about time management. If you’ve paid more attention to work and less time to love, it’s time to make a move! Your partner needs your full attention because you are at a turning point.


Mercury changes its sign on February 11 and heads toward the family-related part of your chart. Try spending some time taking a trip down memory lane or reconnecting with an old friend – you need a little nostalgia in your life.

If romance is what you’re looking for, then that will happen right after Valentine’s Day. On February 15, 2023, Venus makes a conjunction with Neptune in your joy zone, unleashing a spectacularly romantic vibration, perfect for falling head over heels in love.

The magic doesn’t stop there. On February 18, the Sun also moves into this area of ​​your chart, encouraging you to get creative, play and do more of everything that makes you smile. Towards the end of the month, it is possible to live a love story like in the movies!


Families can be difficult at times, and for you, the month of February begins with some tensions with your loved ones, especially on February 4, when Venus and Mars collide. Try to be patient while the opposing parties have their say. According to astrologers, February announces good news after the middle of the month!

Brilliant ideas come with great force starting on February 11, when Mercury changes its sign and energizes your mental agility. If you are alone, you will conquer someone with your intelligence!

On February 15, a beautiful Venus-Neptune conjunction in your chart brings back many happy memories and could be the healing influence you’ve been waiting for. All the problems with the family will be fixed now and it’s time to celebrate together and reaffirm those bonds of love. February 20 is likely to be memorable: Venus moves into your joy zone this time, making this a fantastic time for dating or rediscovering the magic in your existing relationship.


The month starts quite difficult, with certain problems in your relationship as a couple. Older wounds come to light, and both of you will suffer.

When Mercury changes its sign on February 11, you will feel more able to communicate and share your values ​​and dreams with those around you. The middle of February promises to be a crowded and pleasant period, with a lot of auspicious excitement around you. There is a very romantic Venus-Neptune conjunction on February 15 in your intelligence zone – if you want to make a good impression on your partner or a potential partner, try a date that involves training the mind; can you visit her at the escape room?

After the middle of the month, the emphasis on love will be more on the family area. Venus changes its sign on the 20th, filling your family life with peace, happiness, and a true sense of well-being.


If you and your partner don’t agree on financial issues, the beginning of February could be a bit rough – especially on February 4, when Venus and Mars shake up this area of ​​your chart. The Full Moon on February 5 could create a categorical atmosphere: fight or flight. Therefore, it is possible either to solve your problems or to separate them for good. Communication will be the one that brings the solution!

If you stay together, things will calm down completely after February 20, when Venus leaves the area of ​​money – helping you to adjust the budget problem – and reaches the area of ​​communication. Keep talking, keep comforting each other, keep working on your finances – and keep loving each other.

If you are single, the month of February is not favorable for a new relationship. It is better to solve your inner problems first!


February announces a Venus in Pisces that brings out your ethereal, gentle, and sensitive nature. The February 5th Full Moon emphasizes your well-being—and that includes making the conscious choice to rise above any family discord. You will be able to overcome old conflicts, which brought you a lot of anxiety.

Enjoy these favorable astral aspects, which announce a lot of harmony in your relationship. One of the most romantic days of the whole year is February 15, when Venus in Pisces is in conjunction with your ruling planet Neptune, and magic is all around you. Enjoy this influence and turn any love fantasy you have into reality.

If you are single, keep in mind that the New Moon in Pisces on February 20 is a mini new year for you – a second chance to set your intentions for 2023, with a clear vision, firm ambitions, and a lot of cosmic power behind it. In other words, you have a good chance of meeting someone special who will change the course of this beginning of the year!

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