The stars reveal who are the four zodiac signs that will be particularly fragile in September.

With the approach of September we begin to enter the perspective of abandoning the summer season and preparing to welcome autumn, therefore the first colds, the first rains and with them also the first colds.

According to the stars, four zodiac signs will often get sick this month so they advise them to pay particular attention to their health and why not, to take preventive supplements that strengthen their immune system.

 These four signs will have health problems in September

Mercury retrograde from 9 September, according to astrologers, will cause many health problems to some zodiac signs.   Natives of these signs should be especially cautious and look back on their health this month. This retrograde Mercury will bring them fatigue and a great drop in energy. Choosing a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals and adopting an equally healthy lifestyle could help these signs to overcome this down period very well.

In particular , the ones who will often feel out of shape in September are:


Gemini is usually a sociable and charged sign, but in September it will feel particularly weak both in terms of physical and mental health. The Gemini will feel that he will not be able to leave in September with his usual tone and therefore will have more difficulty dealing with the stress and overwork he is used to and even returning to school. The stars advise the Gemini to rest whenever he feels tired, without straining his body too much. The rest will be enough to get him back into shape by the end of the month.


The most charismatic and brightest sign of the Zodiac will struggle to show off and strut the way they usually do this month. Also for the Lion, a September not up to its usual commitments or its training sessions is expected. The Lion will not be able to practice his usual sports. The stars advise him not to go beyond his limits because forcing things he will risk some injury. The Lion will have to be patient and wait for October to return to take care of himself in the gym, as usual also because his excessive tiredness would not allow him to face his typical sports sessions.


The Virgo native will feel tired especially on a psychological level . Extremely sensitive and short-tempered, he will have the feeling of often being on the verge of a nervous breakdown.   By nature anxious he will feel particularly anxious in September. As if that weren’t enough, Virgo will often have a fever and stomach pains in September . According to the stars, it is mostly a psychological condition that will disappear as soon as this sign learns to shake off many things, in private life as well as at work. Meanwhile, in September it would be better to postpone important commitments and decisions.


Capricorn is a hard worker, usually loaded with commitments and extra work that make him feel at the end of his strength. In September this sign will not be able to maintain this usual rhythm because his physical and psychological health will not allow it. Capricorns will often feel fatigued and unproductive, will not be able to maintain their concentration for long, will lose sight of their goals, will forget some important commitment and therefore will feel that they are not as productive as usual . The stars advise Capricorn to focus on proper nutrition because many of these problems could be due to food. That feeling of being low in tone could be linked to an intolerance.

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