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It Is Difficult To Be Friends With Women Of These 2 Zodiac Signs

There are women with whom it is not easy to be friends, given that they see competition, competition in every gesture, in every word, in our every behavior. Some say these women have competition and the desire for success in their blood.

But we don’t want to end it here and instead want to talk to you about it in a more widespread and lengthy way, in our way, as we have always done. But let’s start this particular review right away. Let’s start from the first on the list.


If you have ever dealt with her you will immediately realize that competition is one of the traits that most distinguishes her. It is a surprising sign, for better or for worse, capable of giving us everything as well as putting a spoke in our wheels when we least expect it. One of her best characteristics is romanticism: it is no coincidence that she is a very territorial woman towards partners and even friends.

When someone surpasses her in a field in which she believes she is the best, it is as if she is no longer at ease, she initially sulks, but then does everything to take back the wand. Well, you don’t get bored with someone like her!


The other sign of the day is Libra, a sign that always seeks a condition of outstanding balance in the most diverse situations. Sometimes, when she feels cornered, she lets envy take over and she feels the need, the need to compete with the person next to her.

Usually, however, everything turns out in the best way, because after a while, even though he continues to compete with the other person, his hot spirits cool down, thanks precisely to his temperate character.

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