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Let’s discover all the characteristics of the zodiac sign of the month: Gemini.

Gemini card
 From 22 May to 21 June
Dominant planet: Mercury
Color of sign: Yellow
Lucky stone: Topaz
Lucky day: Wednesday
Flower indicated: Cornflower

All about the sign of Gemini

The sign in general
Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. The natives of the sign are characterized by an extreme variability of mood. Communicative as few love to be among the people and can fascinate anyone thanks to a good gab that, combined with their always jovial ways, make them a more than the desirable company. Completely contrary to the concept of boredom, they love to experiment and live ever new experiences. For them, everything becomes old in a short time and consequently boring. This often leads them to be hectic and often dissatisfied.
Humor like few people can go from being excited about something to depressed and all in no time. When they are not in the mood they tend to withdraw into themselves and become silent, which is why their mood is easily recognizable. Usually, however, these are short moments after which the sunny and perky people always return.
In life, they dream of surrounding themselves with people who can understand them and give them what they need. At the same time, they always try to follow dreams that can motivate them and make them feel alive.

Study and work
Often fickle, they do not like to work too hard unless you feel conquered by the subjects of study. The same can be said of the work they do enough to go well but not get too crazy. The situation that changes if it is their dream job or if they feel particularly motivated. In that case, they will give their best and experiment with every possibility to understand how much and how far they can like what they do.
Thanks to their character they can be excellent leaders and are inclined to dynamic jobs that can put them in contact with people.

In love, Gemini natives are often moody and constantly looking for something special. From a certain point of view, they are not made for a lasting relationship unless it is with someone who can keep their interest alive thanks to a constantly evolving character and ways of doing things. On the other hand, their duality pushes them to dream of a prince charming able to satisfy their every need and to change together with them while remaining himself. Fickle and sometimes with their heads a little in the air, they need someone who knows how to be innovative but patient and who never overshadows their way of being and the need to always give vent to passions and emotions. Even in friendship, the natives of the sign know how to be very demanding, surrounding themselves with people who can understand and support them and be able to cope with their sudden mood swings. It must be said that when they bond with someone they give their all to know that they are happy and in their best moments they know how to win their affection.
More generally, we can say that they are people able to be among the people and to conquer everyone with sunshine and ways of doing.

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