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Zodiac: The Signs That Will Have The Worst 2022

Astrologers often give predictions about the New Year. Check out the signs that will have the worst 2022. Find out if yours is one of them…

One of the oldest knowledge of humanity appeared before writing: it is Astrology. Soon, the sky became fascinating to men. Whenever they looked up and saw the lights, the need to strengthen the connection with Nature increased.

There are patterns in the sky that have been identified. The regular movement of the sun and the correspondence of the different phases of the Moon with some phenomena that occur on Earth was verified and made knowledge about the sky essential, either for survival or for orientation (finding the north).

Astrology is a knowledge that arises as a result of the sum of diverse knowledge that emerged from that time, when people looked at the sky and questioned the phenomena they witnessed.

Astrology has developed over time, and today it is an area that allows one to obtain knowledge both at the collective and at the individual level.

Astrology is particularly known for having experts who give predictions, taking into account the signs. According to astrologers, there are signs that will have a negative new year…

The signs that will have a horrible new year

There are zodiac signs that will have no luck with the planets next year, so 2022 is expected to be a terrifying year.

The year 2021 was lived in a pandemic, so the hope is that the new year will be better than the previous one. However, the horoscope does not obey our wishes.

If there are signs that can breathe a sigh of relief because, according to the stars, they will have a good year (namely: Pisces, Virgo and Cancer/Cancer), there are signs that should prepare for the worst, as there is a high probability of receiving bad news in 2022

Planets decide part of our existence, as their movement has an important influence on people. Therefore, reading the horoscope can be both fun and painful. For example, Neptune rules the dream world, while Mercury rules communication and Venus rules love and money…

Now, the planets move through the 12 signs and take on the energies associated with the signs. For example, while Gemini/Gemini is cunning, Aries/Aries is energetic, Scorpio is mysterious, among other examples.

In astrology, it is from the positions of the planets that everything works. There are signs that will have the “worst” 2022, compared to the other signs, which does not necessarily mean that the new year is absolutely nefarious. Not everything will be bad. There will also be positive aspects.

Zodiac: the signs that will have the worst 2022


Brenna Lilly, astrologer at Style Caster, an expert in the field, says that 2022 will be the “Year of Truth”.

According to the astrologer, Libra/Libra is a sign that tends to hide their feelings. Wears a ‘mask’ of detachment and intellectuality.

The astrologer warns people of this sign: “with Venus in Capricorn retrograde squaring your sign until January 29, there is nothing to do but face people and the past as honestly as possible. Pretending to be fine will no longer work.”

Thus, the astrologer recommends counteracting this tendency to mask. People of this sign must act very intentionally, choosing the moment well to tell the truth.

The specialist went on to say, “your words can and will be easily misinterpreted”. The astrologer argues that Mercury retrograde can cause bigger problems in the material world, while Pluto retrograde proves to be more subtle and profound. Something that, according to the expert, has consequences: “a person of this sign is likely to feel out of place and question their purpose. It must bear. Everything will pass. The challenges of 2022 will make people of this sign come to the truth and an amazing year 2023.”


For Leo people, the “Year of Discomfort” is expected. Brenna Lilly is an astrologer who likes to delve into her ideas and argues that: “2022 will turn you around, shake the world of Leo people and teach you that in fact these people can even withstand more discomfort than they think. Thus, the year 2022 will undeniably be difficult for these people, but it cannot be said that it will be a useless year. The work you have for the difficult year is to learn from the annoyances and frustrations that the stars will cause you in 2022.”

The sign Leo, after the 1st cycle of eclipse of 2022, will have the unfortunate luck of being influenced by Mercury retrograde squaring your sign from May to June. Now, this particular time of year is a time of introspection and inner work.

The astrologer argues that this time should be used to learn to deal with discomfort. Brenna Lilly argues: “The discomfort of silence when you prefer to talk about yourself, the discomfort of being alone and the discomfort of perhaps being without the luxuries you tend to take for granted.”


Aquarius sign people will be blessed with the “Year of Understanding”. Brenna Lilly asks: “With all the eclipses of 2022 squaring your sign and with Mercury’s multiple setbacks working against people of this sign, what kind of learning can you take away from so many impediments?”

But the astrologer argues: “The energy of Aquarius proves to be a beautiful combination of Capricorn’s drive and Pisces’ intuition. So when the Aquarius sign is prevented from achieving its goals, it reacts aggressively and emotionally.”

This is what can happen to Aquarius in the new year. Therefore, the astrologer recommends: “use your experiences from this year 2022 to cultivate a better understanding of the ‘struggles’ of others and transform the deep feelings lived into good deeds.”

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