There are people who can jump from one relationship to another and just can not stay with someone for a long time – or even they can not. Above all, these three star signs never stay in a relationship for long – because they all have one thing in common: they love their freedom.


Gemini is an extremely social person. They have an incredible amount of friends and they are always up to something. To be restricted by others, especially by the partner, is for them the worst thing. If you’re in a relationship for too long, you’re getting bored. That’s why they never stay with a partner for a long time but always go in search of variety.


The Sagittarius is a loner. The relationship is not the right thing for him. This zodiac sign may never find the partner for life – they do not even want that. They are closest to each other and are reluctant to compromise. Although they find it nice to feel safe from time to time, in the long run, they are simply overwhelmed in relationships.


His freedom is absolutely holy to Aquarius. Whoever tries to get involved with him, has absolutely no chance. The freedom-loving personality of Aquarius often becomes a problem in relationships. Many partners just can not handle it and try hard to fight for a place in the life of this zodiac sign. A fight that is often futile, which is why the relationship of Aquarius never lasts long.

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