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Is she a good friend? Find out from her zodiac sign.

The friendship between women, when true and sincere, is one of the most beautiful relationships that can exist. Incredible alchemy is created that manages to make every moment pleasant. A dear friend is always there, both to rejoice and to share moments of discouragement. Giver of advice is also the best criticism that can be found, always sincere and at the same time able to act as a conscience helping to understand parts of us that we would hardly be able to analyze from things. For all of this to happen, however, it is important that the friend is right for us. For this reason, today, after having seen if we can trust our sweetheart and how sophisticated we are from one to ten, we will try to grasp the characteristics of our friends based on their zodiac sign. In this way we will know what to expect from each of them, in order to understand if our best friend is actually the right one for us. Obviously this is a rough analysis. The character and the feeling that can be established between two people, often goes beyond or exceeds even the greatest differences. It is useless to deny, however, that a basic affinity can often make a difference and that is precisely what we are going to discover today. Obviously, also in this case, it is preferable to also check the profile of the ascendant (if you know it) in order to have a clearer picture of the situation.

Horoscope: Find out if your best friend is the right one for you

Aries – The crazy friend
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who love to have fun. For this reason, a friend of this sign will be the ideal company in the darkest moments and when the only right thing to do is to try to distract yourself, perhaps doing some little madness. A little superficial, she will know how to listen to you but only up to a certain point. For this reason she is the perfect friend for you if you don’t need to talk at length about your problems and if you are someone who prefers a nice shopping session to consoling words.

Taurus – The friend who confides
A friend born under the sign of Taurus turns out to be practically perfect for those who love to chat over a good cup of tea, perhaps talking about men or problems of all kinds. Lover of conversation and moments to pass in peace, she will always be ready to welcome you and show you her friendship with her, not without dispensing advice that most of the time will also prove useful. Perhaps she is not the most suitable person for a weekend of madness but she is certainly an important presence that she knows to be there in times of need and that she knows how to make her feel close to her even when she is far away.

Gemini – The fickle friend
Having a Gemini person as a friend is a constant source of surprises. Her fickle character and the cheerfulness she knows how to instill in those around her are the ideal mix to feel more alive and serene even after a date for two. Of course, sometimes his mood swings can be destabilizing but if you can get used to them his friendship will be an added value that is difficult to do without, especially in moments when you want to laugh and put all sorts of worries aside.

Cancer – The possessive friend
If your best friend was born under the sign of Cancer, for sure you already know that she is a highly possessive person and that she always needs confirmation from you. Apart from this small flaw that can sometimes make things quite tense, especially when she is jealous of other friends, she is a person who knows how to give herself 100%, who she knows how to listen and be empathetic. A friend of whom you will no longer be able to do without and that you will be willing to accept even among the many defects. Of course, unless you are a person in need of space and freedom.

Leo – The motivating friend Those
born under the sign of Leo are active and always in turmoil. Having one as a friend is a constant challenge because she will always try to make you participate in her thousands of initiatives, encouraging you to give your best. That said, they are a great person at motivating you and giving you confidence when you need it. On the other hand, she may not be used to listening to your outbursts which she will always try to minimize by focusing instead on everything you could do to change things. In short, she is a friend who can be precious or unable to give you the attention you ask for and it all depends in particular on you and on what you actually need from a friend.

Virgo – The hypercritical friend
Having a person born under the sign of Virgo as a best friend isn’t always easy. Hypercritical, she will always point out every slightest flaw, telling you without half measures if something about your way of doing or how you dress does not please her. Put this detail aside, if she is your friend she will be unconditionally, always putting herself on your side and making your enemies of her her as if you were companions in the trenches. A particular person who is well suited to those who are not looking for the classic friend relationship but a relationship made of give and take and, why not, also of constructive criticism.

Libra – The relaxing friend
Those born under the sign of Libra are quiet people, who love everything that is beautiful and who seek perfection in everything, including friendships. Having one as a best friend therefore means always having to pay attention to how you behave, especially when it comes to good manners. However, these are also people who are always ready to listen and very wise when it comes to giving advice, which is why friendship will always be full of important ideas and moments of reflection.

Scorpio – The faithful
friend A friend of the sign of Scorpio is forever. She is faithful as few, she will always give 100% to the relationship, always showing herself available when it comes to giving advice, acting as a shoulder or helping to solve difficult problems. Of course, there is always that little detail about her being a highly vengeful person and that it is better never to have as an enemy, but if you have no intention of betraying or hurting her, she is definitely the best friend you can hope to be. find.

Sagittarius – The solar
friend A friend of the sign of Sagittarius will always be smiling and positive, able to bring a ray of sunshine into your days and make you see the positive side of things. On the other hand, it is the most liberal sign there is, which is why you may see it disappear for days and then discover it around who knows where. For her, in fact, friendship is something profound but it doesn’t have to be a bond. A way of thinking that can be understood or not, but that to get along with a person of this sign it is necessary to accept.

Capricorn – The serious friend
Those born under the sign of Capricorn are serious people who always think about duty before dedicating themselves to pleasure. Having one as a friend will therefore be like having a talking cricket on your shoulder, always ready to give advice and remember what should be done at any given moment. Seriousness, however, also has positive implications such as being able to always receive sensible advice and knowing that you have a person you can count on at any time in your life. Because a Capricorn friend will always be ready to rush to your aid, considering friendship one of the most precious things in her life.

Aquarius – The whimsical friend
Having as a friend a person born under the sign of Aquarius means never getting bored. Eccentric as few will always be able to show you an unexpected side of life, helping you to see things in a different and sometimes constructive way. Of course, it is a person who, in need of her space, can sometimes be distant. If that doesn’t correspond to a problem, though, her friendship will truly be something precious.

Pisces – The empathic friend
A Pisces person will always be willing to listen and understand you. Sometimes too deep to be fully understood, she turns out to be the ideal friend just when she feels most vulnerable. Her ability to understand and support you without ever asking for anything in return is something hard to find around. Something that can make you feel lighter as if she were carrying your burdens too. Sweet and always ready to lend a hand, she will be your balm for every sad moment and of course she will also be willing to share every joy with you, feeling pure happiness for you, because when she is friends with someone she does not know things like envy or jealousy.

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