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Peter pan syndrome? Find out with the horoscope if your him suffers from it.

When you live a two-person relationship, in most cases, women are the ones who invest the most mental effort, so much so that they risk being too serious. Yet, the “fault” is never on one side alone. In fact, there are many boys who, for lack of desire or for sheer convenience, tend to avoid growing up altogether, experiencing a sort of Peter Pan syndrome well beyond adolescence. This can lead them to never really want to commit completely or to risk compromising the relationship with wrong attitudes. If you too fear that your boyfriend is in a similar phase, all you have to do is keep reading. Today we will discover how childish each zodiac sign is, identifying the strategy to be implemented to try to fix things. Are you ready?

Find out how childish your him is by analyzing his zodiac sign.

Aries – Predictably infantile
Those born under the sign of Aries tend to maintain a childish way of doing things. This is undoubtedly part of their appeal and is probably what initially attracted you to your him. The problem is that, in the long run, that is, when you start to notice the defects, certain ways of doing it can be quite out of tune. How can you prevent him from pointing his feet and always pretending to have the upper hand? The right solution is to keep it on the rope. If he thinks he has to win you over again, he will work hard to make the relationship work at its best and will fill you with the same attention as in the early days.

Taurus – Extremely Linked to Family
The childlike side of Taurus natives makes them feel particularly connected to family and everything that is part of their routine. For this reason, most likely, you have already found yourself having to rival the dog walk, the game on TV or the Sunday lunch to be done strictly at grandma’s house. Unfortunately, trying to oppose such habits would have the opposite effect, making you look like the bad guy. How to solve, then? Try to enter into the good graces of parents and relatives, make yourself available to share certain routines with him and try to create new ones that he can get used to. In this way you will become part of its sacred spaces.

Gemini – The eternal boy
Who was born under the sign of Gemini is an eternal Peter Pan with little propensity to establish serious and lasting relationships. On the other hand, they are always acute people, with great intelligence and a captivating way of doing things. If these characteristics were what struck you, they are probably also the same ones that push you to stick with your other half. To make the story last and with it his interest in you, you will have to work hard, making you unpredictable beyond what he expects. He always tries to have commitments that keep you busy in order to make you want him. In this way, his interest will remain alive as well as the desire to continue to win you over.

Cancer – The child in search of cuddles It is
useless to go around it, the natives of Cancer are people in need of affection and with a strong romantic nature that makes them eternal children. Your him is certainly linked to the mother figure and this, in the long run, can lead to serious problems of coexistence. In fact, to be together you will have to resign yourself to having to live in constant confrontation with his mother figure, taking care of him and his needs. Of course, on the other hand you will have so much romance and effusions that you could hardly have with a person born under a different sign. To carry on the relationship, in addition to a lot of patience, you will therefore have to learn to play in advance, making yourself indispensable and making sure that he is always looking for you and choosing, every day, to be by your side.

Leo – With a distinctly childlike streak
Those born under the sign of Leo are people with great self-esteem and need to be the center of attention. Your him, therefore, will always try to be in the foreground and to make his ideas prevail, even to your detriment. A way to assert yourself while keeping the relationship intact? Playing cunning, making him feel important, filling him with compliments and giving him the helm of your relationship, adjusting his aim without realizing it. In this way, by feeling treated as he wishes, he will have the right regard for you, giving you the love you want.

Virgo – Not too childish but capricious
If you are with someone born under the sign of Virgo, your biggest problem is not so much his being childish as his way of behaving in certain situations. While this is usually a sign of taking responsibility, his childlike streak emerges when it comes to doting the i’s. Unsolicited and critical judgments risk becoming a constant in the relationship and this can also be combined with a few extra whims when things do not go as you wish. The way to find the right balance? Let him carry out tasks that make him feel important and try to accommodate him in his needs for order and precision. In this way, even the criticisms towards you will be less and your story will proceed on the tracks of tranquility.

Libra – The eternal indecisive
More than a childish streak, the natives of Libra have a disposition that leads them to be rather indecisive. Making him make a decision about a life together is therefore a very difficult undertaking. Your boyfriend, in fact, in addition to being attracted to beautiful things, needs to live in harmony and this means that even the smallest variation can put him in crisis. Let alone if we talk about upsetting the whole existence by changing house and well-established routines. If you really want to keep it tight, a winning move can be to make you irresistible in his eyes. Make him understand that losing you would certainly be worse than changing habits. Be careful, however, because everything must be implicit. In fact, cornering him could lead to the opposite result.

Scorpio – With the need to be “looked after”
The natives of Scorpio, rather than childish, are extremely in need of entertainment. If you are already with one of them you will have noticed how the tendency is to create crisis situations even where there would be no need. For a Scorpio, in fact, the ups and downs are the spice of life. A flat story represents the end while instead they prefer something that can give them a heartbeat. If you want to hold on to the man you love, then, you will have to play cunning, creating situations that are potentially risky but easy to solve. At the same time you will have to make him understand that you will always be there and that you will be faithful to him. Your couple will need to stand united against the world and make sparks in intimacy. In this way, his love will be eternal.

Sagittarius – The eternal teenager
If you are with a Sagittarius, you will already know that more than childish he is an eternal teenager. In fact, his free spirit leads him to shun bonds that could cost him travel, going out with friends and the distractions he needs. It must be said, however, that this sign is also very traditional and sincere and that if in love he is willing to revise his ambitions. If your intention is to make the story last, then, you will just have to know how to wait and show yourself up to his needs. What to do? To make him happy, just give him some freedom and show himself affectionate and always ready to have fun. Being his companion, after all, will help you hold on to him.

Capricorn – An almost adult
It must be said, those born under this sign are not at all infantile, or rather, they are to an acceptable extent. The Capricorn man, in fact, loves responsibilities because they make him feel important. For this reason, if he is truly in love, he is willing to quickly move on to something more serious. His seriousness, however, can sometimes be an obstacle making him too attentive to work and other needs. To be close to him you will therefore have to learn to accept this side of his character, striving never to represent a problem or a distraction. Being next to him and supporting him will in fact be the only things he will ask you.

Aquarius – Not very childish but very particular
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are definitely not childish. Their temperament, however, leads them to be very particular. The Aquarius man is in fact in need of his spaces and his freedom, which is why he does not like to bond or swear eternal love. Do not worry, however, if he is already involved, it will be enough to gradually enter his life to make him understand what he would lose without having you by his side. Obviously, to be a couple, you will also have to be able to accept his ways of being and the many times he will lock himself in his private space in order to charge the batteries. If all of this doesn’t scare you, being together will be easier than expected.

Pisces – The eternal dreamer
Man born under the sign of Pisces is not infantile in a conventional way. His being a child is expressed mostly in an artistic form or in his way of experiencing the world. Even the romantic aspect is strongly influenced by it, so much so that it mostly pushes it towards impossible stories or for which it is necessary to suffer and fight. Flat situations, in fact, are not for him. On the other hand, the sign of him also leads him to seek the great love to which he is indissolubly linked. If you want to be the right woman, all you have to do is stand next to him and tidy up his chaos, all without making him sit down too much. A dynamic story is in fact what he needs to be happy, along with lots of love, of course.

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