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If You Play Like That With The Heart Of That Sign, You’re Going To Lose It

They say that no one has patience with those who do not want to. Sometimes, the signs of the zodiac endure, because they are in love or involved in unhealthy relationships, which they do not dare to let go of and that hurts. However, everyone has a limit and once they pass it, nothing is ever the same again. I tell you honestly if you play like that with the heart of that sign, you are going to lose it.


If your intention is to expect Aries to sit idly by while you do what you want with his life, let me tell you, you are with the wrong person. His personality is sociable, fun, and risky. He is one of those who prefers to be alone before saving the desire for something. If you want to chain it, you will lose it.


It’s true, Taurus likes to be in control, but only when he decides what to do and with whom. His list of activities is immense, don’t you dare put his decisions between a rock and a hard place because you will lose out. That does not mean that he does not love, he gives himself like any other, but he will never put his dignity at stake for anyone.


One thing Geminis can’t deal with is the idea that they have to be limited in doing what they like. He can’t stand being pressured, he is used to going through life being a sponge, absorbing everything that enriches his intellect from him. If you start demanding that he change or save some of his opinions, he will walk away.


It is practically impossible for you not to relate Cancer to the emotional, he does not like to pretend that he does not feel when in reality he is capable of giving his life for the people he loves. Of course, he’s not perfect, but he strives to be fair in everything he does. However, if you play on his trust, you break the bond completely. If you don’t believe what he says, what are you doing there?


A sign that has its feet firmly planted on the ground, knows what it loves and what it hates. The people who make him waste his time are not to his liking and as soon as he detects them he stays away from them. The crumbs are no longer included in their day-to-day. If someone tries to treat him with the tip of a shoe, at the same time he signs his farewell to him and Leo is not one to return.


There is no doubt that Virgo loves depth, he is not one of those who gets wrapped up easily, and he needs something more than physical appearance. She prefers to stay alone before surrounding herself with people who don’t contribute anything to her. Words are nice, but it’s the facts that keep you in a relationship. If you don’t keep what you promise, forget it, he won’t stay.


Loving is something very delicate for Libra. And it is that it is very difficult for him to trust people because he has realized that there are those who pretend perfectly and the only thing they do is ruin his stability. It is a sign that he already understood that it is not up to him to save anyone, much less to please people. If you seek to manipulate it, you are going to waste your time.


Although he is an expert at hiding behind a pretty face, Scorpio cannot help it, the goodness in his soul gives him away and if he believes that the person in front of him is worth it, he is capable of breaking his fearful side and betting everything. in the name of love and friendship. If you break his loyalty and trust, he won’t give you another chance, even if you cry.


If Sagittarius is very clear about something, it is that it is impossible for them to win the approval of all the people around them. However, his intention is not to please, what he wants is to build genuine bonds and that is why he loves to meet people from all over the world. What he cannot tolerate is falsehood in people, liars make him sick, and there is no more.


Unstable relationships are not an objective for Capricorn, on the contrary, at the first red flag they take action on the matter, and they are not there to deal with someone who does not want to change. That is what he hates, that they take it as if it were an emotional garbage can, why does he have to carry other people’s traumas that are not healed?


An honest sign, they do not like to play with the sensitivity of those around them and that is why they put so many barriers in their relationships. He doesn’t do it out of pride, he’s simply very cautious and can’t stand it when they get close just to release their negativity. If you call him selfish and you are not able to listen to the dreams that flood him, better go.


A daring, romantic, emotional lover, one of those who leaves a mark for life and takes you by the hand to appreciate the stars. Pisces, he loves you, takes care of you, and defends you. It can be a little intense, but never unfair. Therefore, he would not tolerate being attacked from behind. He’s going to hurt, but he doesn’t stay with someone who doesn’t value his company.

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